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"Uh, what are the guys doing with Wally?" I nervously asked…"

…Artemis and I just stood there, Me being kind of pissed. Come on, now they're talking behind our back in front of us!

"So not cool" I said while crossing my arms.

Then all of a sudden all the guys stood up simultaneously, which was kind of scary looking, since they were both glaring at me. Kaldur and Supes headed towards me and before I could even react they lifted me up from the ground by my arms and started carrying me away, Robin in the lead. What the hell was going on?

"Wait, what are you guys doing? Guys, let go of me! Dudes, this is so not cool!" I shouted as I was "carried" away.

"Ow! Supes, kind of a hard grip!" I yelled while still, giving him my best glare, which he promptly ignored. Am I really being kidnapped?

Oh god, I was in trouble.

Once I saw where we heading, I calmed down a bit. The Zeta Tubes.

With the Zeta Tubes, I could easily get out of this mess, since the Zeta Tubes only carry one at a time. They would have to let me go, Right? I could easy escape.

Once we reached the room with the Tubes, Robin gave them a signal to stop, with me still dangling in the air, awkwardly. Dang, the guys grip on my arms were going to leave a nasty bruise.

Getting out his minicomputer thing he has on his arm, he started typing up random letters on it. He grinned in satisfactory as large metal doors started to lock down the room's entrances and exits quietly.

"What the heck are you doing?" I exclaimed, still noticing that the Zeta Tubes were still on, I only needed my chance.

"Locking down the place, duh" He said with his mischievous grin. He gave Aqualad and Connor a look, they simultaneously dropped me, onto the floor, with no warning what so ever.

"Ow!"I said as I hit the metal floor, even though it wasn't that bad, I wasn't expecting that at all.

God, I hate that bird so much and when did he started looking like a mafia boss, with Kal and Supes in his lead?

I looked over to the still open Zeta Beams, humming alive with energy. Don't they realize that the Zeta Tubes are like, right there? This is perfect!

"Sooooooo…" I said while starting to stand up as inconspicuously as I could. "Why'd you kidnap me?" I asked as casually as I could.

Robin, cutting to the point, automatically responded "Why is Artemis pregnant?"

I stood up, and before any of the guys could say anything, I raced over towards to Z-Tubes, shouting "See Ya!" over my shoulder.

Once I reached it, I ran inside, ready for a flash of light to get me the heck out of here. But all I got was "Access Denied, Good Try Wally." It replied in its monotone voice. I couldn't believe this, as I shot my best Wally glare (Note to self, work on my glare name later) at Robin.

"You really think I wouldn't have thought of that" He said more seriously this time, appearing out of nowhere with Supes and Kaldur flanking him on either side of him. Even through his glasses, I could feel his glare on me.

Aqualad spoke up. "Wally, isn't it inappropriate for your kind to be… pregnant at an adolescent age?"

Since I didn't answer immediately, Robin did for me. "Yes, yes it is Kaldur" he said while plainly looking at me. "The question is why she's pregnant in the first place?"

Ok, I was starting to get tired of this really quick, what right do they have to kidnap and interrogate me? "Guys, I didn't mean to get Artemis pregnant." I said in my most sincere voice, hoping they would drop it already, it's been like what, 5 minutes? That's a lot of time to be interrogated for a speedster.

"Then why is she?" Conner said, anger in his voice, repeating Robins question.

"I don't know!" I said a little too fast ,F*******, I hope none of the guys noticed.

But of course, being raised by The Bats, Robin automatically picked up on it. "Your lying" he flat out said, looking straight at me with a glare that could match Batman's, god, when did he become a Mini Bat?

"No I'm not" I responded, avoiding eye contact from any of the guys, probably making me look even guiltier.

"KF, you do realize I'm the only one who can open these doors right?" Rob said, reminding me that I'm trapped. "You're not leaving until you tell us what happened."

A moment passed of completely silence, not a single sound, just the three of them staring down on me. Then my stomach growled just loud enough for everyone to hear. Crap, I hadn't eaten like in… 30 minutes.

"The sooner you tell us, the sooner this is over KF, and I know Megan just made some fresh,homemade cookies." Robing said, clearly taunting me. "And they aren't burnt this time."

A few more agonizing slow minutes passed, until I caved in.

"Fine, you wanna know what happened?" I said, snapping the dead silence in the room, having everyone's full attention on me. Great.

"I forgot" I said sheepishly, in my weak attempt at avoiding to answer.

"Forgot what?" Robin replied back angrily not missing a beat, probably already having an idea on what "it" was.

Did I really have to answer this? It was embarrassing enough being kidnapped and integrated by a 14, 17 and 18 year old, mostly by the 14 year old, and now this?

I knew Rob would hold me here as long as it took to get an answer out of me, and guessing from my stomach, that wasn't going to be a long wait.

Taking a deep breath, I said "I forgot the Co-" I was cut off by the Zeta Tubes buzzing noise filling the air. Wait, didn't Rob close them down? I look at him, giving him a WTH look.

He shrugged and plainly said, "I only closed it off to you." Did I mention how much I'm starting to hate Rob?

"Recognized: Red Arrow B0-6" The machine said in its plain monotone. Roy? Really? The universe just lovvveeessss me today.

As a light came into the room from the Zeta Beam, Roy materialize into the room. He was apparently talking to himself before he came went into the Zeta Tube, because he was saying "-st tell them, they'll underst-" He cut himself off mid-sentence once he saw us, not expecting us there. He stood there, a gave us a questioning look. I couldn't blame him, I was practically up against a wall with the guys of the team staring me down, not to mention the giant metal doors blocking all exits of the room.

"Ummm… Do I want to know?" Roy asked, breaking the awkward silence.

Before I could say anything, Robin said "KF got Arty knocked up and he was about to tell us how" I looked down at the kid, really? Was he trying to get me killed?

Roy, obviously not expecting that response, had a look of misbelief across his face.

"You gotta be joking," He said, putting his hand through his hair, obviously looking distraught. What was with him?

Aqualad this time responded back more maturely "Sadly, no, apparently it is true, and Kid Flash was about to tell us why it is true." He said bringing the attention back on me.

I really didn't want to do this, this was getting ridiculous. At my last attempt I quickly said "Ifrgthecndom"

"What?" Conner asked, no being able to catch what I said even with his super hearing.

"He said he forgot the condom" Robin said, being able to decipher my speed talk. He looked over at me see me fidget with me fingers a bit "And by the way your fidgeting, he probably didn't tell Artemis either." Dang, he was good.

Kaldur's eyes widen "Is this true Wally?" Even though by look on his face he already knew it was true. "You didn't tell Artemis?" Roy and Robin were looking at me too, with disappointment plastered on their faces. Did really deserve this?

"Yea" I mumbled in an annoyed tone. I just wanted to get the heck out of here.

"How the heck did you forget it?" Robin asked, really pissing me off.

I was really starting to get annoyed by all this, I never wanted to bring this up at all, and now this? They were practically shoving in my face that I messed up. I snapped.

"Yeah, ok, it's true ok!" I said, raising my voice, seeing their surprised faces from it. "I forgot Ok!I fucked up pretty bad, you don't think I know that by now! Probably mine and Artemis's lives are ruined now! You wanted to hear that?" I was practically at the point of yelling now. "You want me to tell Artemis how badly I messed up? You know how freaked out Artemis is right now? Even if she doesn't show it, she's hiding it. She always does! I'm still freaking out, I'm going to be a dad and I'm only 16! Freaking 16 years old!" I finished, my voice echoing throughout the contained room. The guys looking at me with surprise and shock expressions. I couldn't blame them, only Rob saw me like this before once, and even with all the training from the Bat's, he didn't expect my freak out at all. I really hate this side of me, I'm supposed to be The Kid Flash right? The guy who seems like he never has a care in the world most of the time and that life would work it's self out. I wish. I've been trying not to get stressed out about this, for Arty's sake. One of us needs to be level headed and after my little break down last night, which I still feel really bad about yelling at Artemis, I decide that I had to be it, this is going to be harder for Artemis than me. These guys really weren't helping much, telling me how much I messed up.

Taking a couple of deep breaths, I, as calmly as I could, said "Robin, open the doors." As I looked over to him over my shoulder. He was still a little shocked from my outburst, like the other guys were. "Now." I said a little bit more forcefully. Quietly, without a response, he pressed some keys on his hologram computer and the metal doors started to open. Instead of running which I would usually do, I just walked out. People would think that me walking would be torturous right? That it's soooo slow for a speedster. Really, for me, it's the exact opposite. It makes me feel… normal. That for at least one moment, my life is normal until reality snaps back.

When I was almost out of the room, I heard Robin trying to break the awkward silence I made back in the room by asking Roy "Sooo… Why are you here?"

I walked straight into the kitchen, my stomach leading the way.

As I walked in, I saw Arty, at the little four seater breakfast table in the corner, alone. She had a big bucket of Chocolate Chip Vanilla ice cream in one hand and a huge spoon in her other, scarfing down the contents of the bucket.

"Hey Arty" I said, getting her attention, she snapped her head up at the sound of my voice. I had to do a double take. Artemis didn't really look like… Artemis. Her hair was out of its usual ponytail, her locks spilling over her shoulders. She had Chocolate and Vanilla mess around her mouth. Her eyes had traces of red, obliviously showing she cried. Artemis. Cried. It's takes a lot for that to happen.

I ran over to her, in front of her in a blink of an eye… literally.

"Whathappend?Areyouok?Areyouhurt?" I said way too fast for her to be able to understand. What the heck happened when I was kidnapped by the guys?

"Wally!" She shouted, stopping me from rambling even more. "I'm ok, don't worry" she said with a little smile of reinsurance, which calmed me down.

Taking a breath of relief that nothing happened to her, I asked again "What happened?"

Rolling her eyes at my worry for her, she answered "The girls had a little talk with me."

"Girls?" I asked, since Megan was the only one with her when I was kidnapped from the living room.

"Megan told Zatanna and she stopped over." She said while trying to dig out another scoop of Ice Cream out of the bucket.

"Ohhh." I said while I walk towards the cabinets to fish out a spoon. "So they had a talk with you?" I asked, wondering if it was as bad as the guy's talk with me.

"Yea, Megan was well… Megan and Z was pissed. We talked and stuff… and I think Megan is doing a baby shower for me?" she said with a questioning tone, probably not knowing herself what actually happened "Then Megan literality shooed me out of her room so she and Z could talk about something, and I came out here to find you but since the Zeta Tubes entrance was blocked..." She looked at me to finish her unasked question.

"Robin" I said in a one word reply as I pulled out a chair next to her's and dug into her Ice Cream bucket with my spoon.

"Oh, what did they do to you anyway?"

"Um… they just… had a talk with me than Roy came in and… yea" I finished off not wanting to explain the rest.

"Speedy's here?" She asked with a mouth full of Ice Cream, not really noticing my unfinished story or wanting to know the guy's reactions.

"Yea, I don't know why though, he looked really distraught" I said, remembering Roy's sudden entrance and attitude. What was with him anyway?

As on cue, I heard Robin exclaim "You did what now!"

And here's the Telepathic Conversation from the last chapter! (Megan's POV)

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Artemis is Pregnant! I can't believe this! And Awwww, I can already imagine Arty's and Wally's kid! This is great!

I looked around the room and saw that Robin, Kaldur's and Conner's faces were kind of shocked. Is something wrong? Is there something wrong with Artemis and Wally that I don't know? So, since the quickest way of talking for me is telepathically, I set up a little chat group with everyone besides Wally and Artemis, so I won't have to bother them.

'Is everyone online?' I asked through the link. The guy's faces turned towards me.

'Yes' Kaldur replied.

'Yup' Robin answered.

'Yea' Conner said.

'Is there something wrong with the situation?" I asked confused by the negtive looks on Kaldur's and Robin's faces. Isn't this great news?

'Um, yea! Didn't you just hear what Aretmis said? She's pregnate! Because of Wally!' Robin said angrily.

'Yes I heard! Isn't it wonderful news!' I replied happily. What can be wrong with this situation?

'Megan.' Kaldur said, getting my attention 'On earth, I believe, being as young as Artemis and Wally are, It's inappropriate to have a child at an adolescent age. Is that correct Robin?' He asked.

'Yea' he replied

'Ummmmm... guys' Conner finally spoke up, getting all of our attenion.

'Yes Conner?' Aqualad said.

'Umm... how did Artemis get pregnate.' He shyly asked.

'Because of Wally.' Robin replied in a obvious tone.

'Yea, but how did it happen?' he innocently asked.

... an awkward silence passed between the link, no one knowing how to respond to that.

"Um, well, you see Conner **One full Birds and the Bees explanation*** , and that's how it happens Aqualad awkwardly answered.

By the look one Conner's face, he was shocked. Then, a few seconds later, it was replaced with anger.

'Wally going to get it' he said with venom in his voice.

'Agreed' Robin said still bitterly

'Yes, it looks like we have to have a little ta-' Aqualad was cut off by Artemis's voice

"Wait, are you guys having a telepathic conversation without us?" She questioned us. By our lack of response, she got her answer.

"So not cool" Wally said, while crossing his arms.

Robin, who you could feel the anger radiating off of him, looked at Superboy and Kaldur and said 'Get him and follow me.'

So Wally's POV Chapter! And a little immature Robin (he's only 14). And yet again, another Wally flip out! And there was no violence in this chapter because of the fact that the guys are heroes. And a little Ice Cream scene at the end. Chocolate Chip Vanilla Ice Cream is me Favorite! And I hope you liked the telepathic conversation. I was in a rush doing it so I hope it was ok!

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