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{10:45 p.m. Wednesday, Wayne Tower}

"Am I blue…Am I blue…Ain't these tears in my eyes tellin' you… Am I blue, You would be too..." went Bruce Wayne's phone.

He groaned softly, I thought I had changed that… His ward must have changed the song, when he wasn't looking. He looked around, hoping no one that was in his meeting heard that. Who the hell would be calling him when he was in a meeting?

He checked his phone. Richard… it read. He walked out into the hallway, instantly becoming worried. Dick only called Bruce on his cell phone if he didn't have his communicator on him, which was never.

"Dick?" he asked


"Where are you?" Bruce said after two minutes went by

More silence. The Billionaire was starting to think that the line went dead. He thought for a second to hang up. But started to hear low coughing coming from the other end.


"Ah!" came a wail of pain

"DICK!" Bruce said loudly, panic in his voice. Not caring that he knocked several of his co-workers to the ground as he fled Wayne Tower, and out toward his car.

He opened the door, heart pounding inside his chest. "Dick, I'm coming to get you-"

"N-No! Leavemealone" cried the thirteen year old, his words slurred together. Sounding like he was eight again.

The vigilante froze. He's heart sank when he heard how scared and broken his son sounded.

"I can't do that Dick" he said lovingly, sliding into the set of his car

Dick gave a small, sad whimper…Beep, the line went dead

"Richard!" his fatherly instinct going into over drive, as his hands shook.

Bruce breathed in deeply. Okay… He thought. Calm down…..How could this have happened? When Bruce left four hours ago, Robin was at Mount Justice. His son told him that he would wait for Bruce to pick him up when his meeting for a new Wayne Tech product was finished being discussed.

Since Dick knew that Bruce didn't have time to drop him off at home and then go to work. So the Dark Knight left, unworried. So then why would he leave? He thought. Unless… He took out his communicator.

"Batman to Justice League"

"Bruce! Finally! I've been trying to get a hold of you for the past two hours!" Flash's voice said frantic, and nervous.

"I was in a meeting, Have-" began Bruce, but was cut off

"Shut up for two seconds, Listen- Mount Justice was attacked " the speedster said

"By who?" his hands staring to shake again

"No one knows right now, but whoever it was, it was able to take down Canary and Red Tornado" replied Flash

"And the kids?" asked Bruce slowly,

Flash hesitated.

"Barry, What about the kids?" using his Batman voice

Barry sighed sadly. "When Canary and Tornado came too, they found all five of Young Justice unconscious, and injured, but alive"

"Five?" said Bruce a lump growing in his throat


"What?" asked Bruce quickly, knowing what was coming

The speedster hesitated again "It got Dick…" he said finally

The Dark Knight bottom dropped out of his stomach. He sat in his car, in a haze-like state, for what seemed like hours.


"Do you know where he is?" he asked not caring at how hoarse his voice sounded

"No not- -Wait! What is it Ollie?- Are you sure? Okay! Bruce, we know where he is! He's at-Ollie are you?- Ow! Okay, okay!- He's at Gotham Docks" Barry answered at last.

"On my way" nodded Bruce turning his car on.

"We'll meet you there" ending the connection.

"Hold on son"

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