This had been on my mind for MANY months and I just cannot stop thinking about without further ado I give to you...Demon fox and the cursed mask. And very, very special thanks to MajorBalto243 for editing this story, he is helping me improve this story so much.

Unknown voice: It is said that a cursed item can only be given or taken by a demonic, evil soul. That a soul pure of light is forbidden from touching a cruel, evil tool used only for death, greed, and for power...

What if that cursed item did not destroy the innocent soul, heart and mind as it should have done upon contact but increased that person's speed, strength and endurance?

That is a question that is asked many a time during this tragic, heartless tale...the young animal was never supposed to survive.

But forced much to its displeasure to hold a legendary, dark power...a mask that consumes the souls of those that lives it ends...and eventually...may end the very life of the one that freed it from its innocent soul that is offered an unforgiving, bloodshed filled deal; the animal's life for the poor animal's assistance and unspoken violent battles and soon...the animal's soul.