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Tails opened his eyes, before sitting up on the bed and wondering if what had happened to him last night was a dream, with a yawn he looked to the right of him and saw a green haired with pale skin beauty that wore no clothes female beside him as he smiled, seeing that his gloves and shoes as well as socks were gone leaving him in nothing more than his fur.

Stretching to get the aches out of his muscles, Tails turned Cosmo who was sleeping softly causing Tails to grin before he put a paw on her right shoulder and shook her gently, waiting patiently as she opened her eyes then with her eyes half opened smiled at her love before sitting up and yawning.

"Good morning, Tails" Cosmo spoke leaning back into the pillow as Tails sighed softly and with a wide grin.

"Good morning beautiful" he answered causing her to blush before sitting back up and with her left hand gently grab by his Tails muzzle and kiss him deeply as he moaned causing her to smirk before pulling away, allowing their foreheads to touch as she spoke.

"We should see the others today, help repair the damage that the battle caused and show everyone you're alright and calmed down" she said making Tails smile and nod before he frowned remembering that one of his best friend's house was half burned down and distressed a former enemy with his...interference of the mask and refusing to give up such a powerful tool.

For now, he would need to repair everyone's and even him self's broken spirit, which is and would never be easy.

Taking a deep breath, the twin tailed male fox rolled over and upon reaching the floor turned his head to look into Cosmo's eyes as she smiled, blinking slowly. Tails walked towards the restroom and relieved himself, proud that he had such strength to perform the actions, even if they were not much, with Cosmo last night and sighed loudly as he thought of his new girlfriend that he would do whatever it took to keep her happy.

That...he promised himself.

After washing his paws, Tails stepped into the shower and allowed it to run down his fur and calm his already cheerful as he did not want Cosmo to think of him as a pervert if he asked her to join him, wanting to have space for a while not having to deal with enemies and being known as...evil to foes and as far as he could tell friends.

Tails shivered at thinking of the mere word, he did not want to be the bad animal, the one who took lives...but sometimes or perhaps a lot of times...his enemies did not give him much choice in the matter.

Shaking his head to clear his mind of the dark thoughts, Tails began to lather his body with soap before rinsing it off then coming out of the shower and drying off.

As Tails was showering, Cosmo had made some breakfast which consist of toast, eggs, milk and to her disgust and but knowing that her boyfriend would enjoy it, bacon. After she had prayed to the gods that she was sorry for using an animal's life for a meal, she washed her hands and calmly waited for Tails to appear.

Not even five minutes after she had waited that Tails appeared and kissing her on the lips the two sat down and ate. Tails enjoyed the meal that his green haired, pale skinned and blue eyed girlfriend had made for the two of them; she even used meat which she disliked with a passion just for her mate, to Tails that was love.

After breakfast, the two went outside, smiling while the sun shined down brightly upon all of Mobius. They visited Cream and Vanilla who Tails apologized deeply for destroying half of her house and even help restore some of the damage with Knuckles, Bokku and Sonic, none of them speaking of the battle that had occurred a few days ago. Shadow was still nowhere to be seen and Rouge only visited the friends to comment about the half burn down house, much to the annoyance of Tails.

Once they had done their work for the day, the pair then visited the park and spends the remainder of their day feeding the flickys and watching the children play as well as the sun fall.

Tails was glad to have a relaxed, normal and non-life threating day with the girl that he loved with all of his heart, but even he knew that all good things must come to an end and even though he wished otherwise,. He knew that just for one day, he had been at peace and more importantly, kept the demons in his heart and soul at bay.

The sun descended into the sky as Cosmo and Tails got ready for bed, having their fill of supper which was mash potatoes and gravy with water and even though it was not much, it was good for the two of them. As the sun disappeared to the other side of their planet, night took over and the young fox sighed with a grin holding Cosmo in his left arm with a loud sigh of content. Suddenly a harsh white light engulfed his bedroom window as a loud voice spoke over the roar of an engine that was a helicopter.

"Miles 'Tails' Prower, this is a Shadow the hedgehog from G.U.N. You are under arrest for harboring an illegal item, just give us the mask, come quietly and we will resolve this in a peaceful manner, don't make this harder on yourself then it has to be, Tails" the male black and red furred hedgehog commanded with a megaphone forcing the two sleeping members to wake up with a fright as Tails summoned the cursed mask in his right paw.

"Fuck, no one can ever just give me a moment of peace!" he growled in rage as Cosmo tried to stop him from moving from the bed but he ignored her and rushed downstairs until he opened the front door to his house with the mask still in his paw to stare at over twenty soldiers from G.U.N and Shadow in the front of the small armed with their namesake and face guard all but Shadow himself army who had a smirk on his face, Tails knew this was not going to be an easy nor a fair fight.