a/n I decided I should attempt to make a come back with Austin & Ally instead of Sonny With A Chance. Did you know that the same writers that wrote SWAC are the writers for Austin & Ally? No wonder I like it so much! I think this is a cute new show and I have a feeling the two main characters are going to eventually get together. I can't help but write this. I think in ausin's pov he doesn't have much of a… let's say, "academic vocabulary" , but I take it that Ally does.

Austin's POV

Ally stood at the counter of "Sonic Boom" the music store she worked at. Her head rested on her pale hand, her fingers tapped against her chin in thought as she wrote in her book. I found myself staring at her from the piano bench.

When Trish walked in she yelled, "Guess who got a job at the Spinach Garden," I fell off the bench onto the ground, causing Ally to look over and giggle at me.

"A restaurant?" I asked, getting up from where I sat on the cold hard floor.

"Yep! The only thing I need to do is be there, and take people's money." Trish scoffed.

"Just like a mugger!" I laughed.

"Looks like you already forgot the first thing you're supposed to do." Ally laughed.

"Yeah… I took my lunch break at eleven…" she said, as a matter of fact.

We all looked up at the clock that hung over the glass doors. It was 3 pm.

0000000000000000000000000The theme song would go

Ally and I were sitting on the piano bench in our privet practice room, practicing a new song for "The Helen Show" I'm going to be on later tomorrow. We played different tunes at the same time, which was really confusing. We had done this so often we had sort of programmed our brains to pay attention to only our music playing.

As her hands glided gently across the glossy piano my fingers froze, our hands lightly brushed together, and I felt electric sparks shoot up my arm. I made some sort of noise, it sounded sort of like a scoff, and I tried to shake the feeling off my arm through my fingers.

"Are you alright?" Ally asked.

"um…i…uh…" I found myself stuttering, and blushing.

Was I nervous?


I never get nervous! …


Suddenly Dez hit me on the back, and as soon as he did, my answer came out.

"Yeah…" I said.

"Are you sure, Austin? You seem a bit…" she paused to search for the right word. "Nervous." she finished in disbelief.

"Nervous? Austin? He never gets nervous!" Dez yelled, throwing his arms into the air.

Dez, feeling pretty hyper, jumped up onto the glossy black grand piano and sat on the edge, his long, skinny jean covered legs dangling off the edge. His hand reached slowly towards Ally's closed journal, which was sitting on the front of the piano, not far from where Dez was sitting.

"Don't touch my book!" She yelled, rushing to grab the book and hold it tightly in her arms.

If only that book were me.

NO! What am I thinking? I like ally, but I don't like her. Right?

"How many times have I told you guys not to touch my book?" She yelled, not really looking at either of us.

Well, let's have a quick flashback, shall we?

There was the one time I knocked down the violin shelves, and when Dez lost some of the keys on the xylophone, and when Trish lost that bunny in the store, when Ally decided to go to… "book club," and when Dez lost the grand piano. Not to mention all those other times before, when we were just sitting around being bored.

Dez and I looked at each other.

"I don't know." We shrugged.

Ally glared at the two of us, and I let out a small laugh.

"Don't. Touch. My. Book." She warned.

"Hey, do you guys wanna go to the Spinach Garden tonight? I can get us a free dinner!" Trish yelled.

"YEAH!" We all yelled.

As odd and gross as the name said, it had really AWESOME food, it was an expensive, fancy restaurant. It had lobster, steak, caviar, escargot, and all that other fancy food rich people eat.

Later that day Dez texted us that he couldn't make it to our dinner, he had to go to a clown party. Hey, don't ask me, it's not my business.

I stood in front of the counter of Sonic Boom, in black jeans, a white undershirt, my silver dog tag and whistle that hung low around my neck and an unzipped black leather jacket, pacing back and forth, waiting for Ally to come out of her private practice room, where she was changing.

Trish walked in wearing a black sparkling dress, and matching shoes.

A few minutes later Ally finally walked out, wearing a white button up shirt with a thin black sweater over top, a floral red skirt that went down to her knees and black high heels. The way she walked down the stairs made her look sort of like a modern day Cinderella.

I found myself staring at her long legs and the way her medium length chocolate brown hair swung back and forth as she walked down the steps. She seemed to be moving in slow motion. Her lips were red and she had black eye makeup. Her nails were also red and black.

I hadn't noticed my mouth was hanging open until I felt her soft hand close it.

"You look great, Austin." She smiled, showing off her pearly white teeth.

Great, she just had to compliment me, which meant I had to compliment her back. UGH! What was I supposed to say? I can't say what I was actually thinking… it was kind of inappropriate.

I can't tell her she looked horrible, because then I'd be lying. And I don't lie.

"Um…" was all that came out of my mouth. And I mentally kicked myself in the butt for that.

I DON'T like ally. We're completely different. She's nervous and shy, I'm cool and collected. She likes reading books, I like having fun. She likes pickles, and I like pancakes!

What's up with me?

"We should go." Trish smiled, noticing how awkward the air was around us.

We walked out the glass doors and down the beach, where the sun was just beginning to set.

The entire time we walked down the boardwalk to the restaurant, I looked the opposite way of Ally. Trish and I had booked a little gig there, because they had a strict "live music" policy. Little did Ally know, she'd be playing the piano up there with me.

I just hope it wasn't like last time.

Once we got to the restaurant, we sat at a circular table with a long velvety white table cloth.

"Hey Austin, why don't you be a gentleman and pull out our chairs for us?" Trish asked me. And when Trish asks something, she's demanding it.

Her wish was my command apparently, so I did.

I pulled out each of their chairs, pausing a moment behind Ally to take in the way she smelt. It was like a mix of cotton candy and vanilla.

I closed my eyes. "mmm…"

"What was that?" Ally smiled.

Oh crap.

"What? I didn't say anything." I twisted. I twisted it because, well, I didn't actually say anything.

"Yeah. Sure, Austin." Trish scowled sarcastically.

I dug through my pockets looking for my cell phone. I needed to tell Trish something… private.

Once I finally found it, I texted Trish immediately.

(bold=Austin Italics=Trish)

I gotta tell u sumthin


You cant tell Ally

Why not

Youll c

Alright tell me

I paused for a second. Was I out of my mind? Trish can't keep anything.

Especially secrets.

And jobs.

After being at war with my brain for a few minutes I finally decided to tell her.

I like Ally

Well duh every1 likes Ally

No I mean I might…

I paused for a second again. Was I really about to tell her this?

You might…

I might love her

I sighed and grimaced, waiting for Trish's response.

She stared at it with wide eyes for a few minutes.

"What is it, Trish?" Ally asked, looking over her shoulder to read our texts.

Suddenly Trish screamed, giggled, and purposely dropped her phone under the table. She ducked underneath and crawled over to where I was sitting.

"Really?" she whispered from underneath the tablecloth.

I nodded my head, giving a sideways smile.

"You have to tell her!" she whisper/yelled.

"NO!" I accidentally yelled out loud, causing Ally to jump back in her chair and everyone around us to stare at me.

"What was that?" Ally asked.

Trish smiled devilishly at me as she got up from under the table.

"Well, Ally…" Trish trailed off.

"TRISH!" I yelled, again. I swear, this girl's gonna get me kicked out of this restaurant.

"Alright, when're you gonna tell 'er?" Trish stood up.

"I don't know!" I stood up, too.

I hadn't meant to cause a seen like this. I was probably ruining Ally's night.

"You have to tell her sometime!" Trish yelled, throwing her arms up, almost smacking Ally in the face.

I sighed and sat down. This was pointless. "I know."

"if you don't tell her, I will." Trish threatened.

"Not now, right?" I asked her, getting really worried.

"Oh yeah." She smiled devilishly.

I looked around, noticing everyone was still staring at us.

"You can't tell her now." I whispered.

"yes I can. Hey Ally-'' she started but I cut her off by throwing my hand over her mouth.

"TRISH!" somebody yelled from the other side of the counter.

"WHAT?" she yelled back as I took my hand off her mouth and she stomped over to the counter.

I finally sat back down, and everyone took their eyes off of me.

"What was that about?" Ally asked, completely confused.

I opened my mouth to say something, but I couldn't think of a word.

I didn't want to lie, but I had to, right?

"The truth." She glared. Was she reading my mind?

a/n I'm sorry I left you at a cliff hanger, but this was getting really long and I wanted to make it chapter by chapter, not all at once. There were a lot of parts in here that I would've definitely used some better vocabulary than Austin did, but again, I figured he doesn't have much of an "academic vocabulary" so… I don't know why, but I have a fun time writing in Austin's POV. I tried writing this whole thing in Ally's POV, but she didn't really know what the heck was going on half the time. And I didn't have Dez in here too much because the way my plan was in my head did NOT turn out on here. But this is a good idea, too, right? Review please. Tell me whatcha think, or ask questions and such. :)