So this is Wally's newya ears resolution... I hope you like it.

My new years resolution

"you can do this Wally!" I yelled at myself in the mirror at my cave bedroom.

"come on! Your the wall-man! You can tell Artemis how you feel! Ok, Artemis will you- oh god! Even I think it sounds stupid!"

Then there was a knock at the door.

"come in!" I yelled

"okay, so I've been thinking" she said as she walked into my room like she owned the place

"Megan is obviously going to have us help decorate, so I think the only way we could get out of it is..."

'she's so beautiful when she's conflicted. Well actually she's beautiful most of the time... Scratch that all of the time. Why is it that I'm confident with all girls, but her?''

"Artemis?" I asked


"what are you talking about?"

"Wally!" she yelled

'I especially love it when she says my name'

"Wally pay attention!" she yelled this time more frustrated than the last.

"sorry!" I stood up "yes ma'am you have my undevided attention, Starting...NOW!"

"ok.. Well I was talking about how-" I cut her off

"how are we gonna escape the clutches of the evil decorating Megan?"

"aha, yea."

"well we could sneak off to the beach for a while."

"and what hide in the cavern and play monopoly?" she asked

"yea!" I practically screamed jumping up and down

"fine." she agreed

I pulled on my flash shirt and picked her up bridal style.

'if only'

And we sped off to the little cavern on the beach.

'I love her hair when it blows behind her it's so pretty' I thought as I put her down.

She sat down, back against the wall.

"so baywatch, what's your new years resolution?" she asked me

"secret" I said simply

"oh so now your turning into harms sister?"

"secret" I repeated

She laughed.

'I love her laugh'

A couple hours later the party was about to start so I picked her up again and ran her bridal style up to the cave.

"that was surprisingly fun." she said

"yea, it was" I agreed

She walked over and sat on the couch with Megan and Zatanna.

"she's pretty isn't she?" robin asked walking up behind me

"are you hitting on my women?" I accused him

"your women? Since when is Zatanna YOUR women?"he asked

"oh you were talking about Zatanna. Never mind."

"it's almost midnight" I said changing the subject as we walked over to the girls.

Megan got up and walked towards Connor.

"well" Zatanna said grabbing the collar of robins shirt and dragging him away "I'm thirsty, come robin help me quench my thirst."

"uh, o-okay" robin stuttered

"they are so cute." Artemis said scaring me

I jumped a little and she giggled

"did you just giggle?" I asked half amused half scared

"maybe, I'm in a good mood." she said with a smile

"well, ar-Artemis?" I asked

"yes Wally?"

"I was wondering..." I said

"wally?" luckily she was in a good mood or she would be yelling at me for taking so long

Then the count down started


"your really pretty and smart..."


"Wally your lucky I'm in a good mood"


"and you know I love you"


"yes Wally I know and I love you too"


"and I just wanted to know if..." I tried to kneel down but I tripped and fell on my butt


"Wally are you okay!"


"yea I'm fine, but Artemis..."




"will you marry me?"


Streamers went everywhere, and you could hear fireworks far in the distance.

"Wally?" she asked me completely ignoring my question "what's your new years resolution?"

"to get you to marry me"

She looked at me with an impressed smirk "that was fast."

"well they don't call me kid flash for nothing."

She giggled again "yes Wally!" she squealed and jumped on my knocking us both over.

Well here it is... I don't really like it, it was kinda rushed... So tell me what you think.