E/O Challenge

WoW : Kit.

Word Count : Oh what the hell, it's New Years eve. HAPPY 2012 EVERYONE :D

Spoiler alert for S7


My view of what else should have been said when Sam left Dean after Dean killed Sam's friend – who was also a "fugly".

"Here we go again…Run Sammy Run."

Sam stopped. Kit bags in hand he turned to face Dean,


"When the going gets tough, Sammy goes running. Getting a little repetitive there don't you think brother?"

"Fuck off Dean!"

"Ah….give it up for the mature response from Mr "I'm an adult." Sam….I know, you're angry…I lied; and we know that never ends well, does it Sam?"

"Dean! You killed my friend, broke my trust! Clearly though, that means shit to you."

"I know what I did, and I wish I'd been honest with you. But, Sam? Leaving again? I thought we'd be beyond that by now. But then….I guess you're still a runner at heart."

Sam turned, walking away in silence.

"Sam…I'll be here, you know? When you're ready…like always."

There was no sign from Sam to show he'd heard.