Dearest Readers,

I want start by saying you are wonderful. You never cease to make me smile, react or laugh along with you. I hope that never changes. With that being said, I wanted to let you know that I have been advised by that my stories violate their no MA rating policy. I am forced to pull my stories otherwise they will. It makes me sad since I have been writing on this site for years now,but whatever.

The Space Between holds a special place in my heart and because of it I am reworking it to be Org Fiction. When I say pulled to published I mean I hope to present a better stronger story, not the cut & paste job of changing names & locations like what is often the case. My pen name if you are wanting to follow the progress of that and a few other fics that will be pulled to published is Scarlet L. Miller. My blog is scarletlmiller dot blogspot dot com. It's new and nothing posted, but I promise to have updates and what not as I take this huge step forward with this story.

I hope you will follow/find me on this new journey and if you don't then please know it has been a pleasure.