Waking Up - Tiva

Ziva grumbled to herself as she rolled over in bed. It was far too early in the morning to consider getting up properly.

Admittedly she had already jumped out of bed at 0500, flung clothes on, completed her usual eight mile run in her usual time (without even allowing extra time for the snow), stood in the shower and cursed the lack of hot water after Tony had used it all last night and then some, and snuggled back under the covers, but it was Christmas and she did not have the energy.

She did not celebrate Christmas in the true sense, but since marrying Tony and becoming a mother to two rambunctious boys and a rather shy girl, she joined in with their fun every year. Despite all her Mossad training and experience, nothing had prepared her for becoming a parent. Getting everything ready for Christmas was exhausting – presents and cards to remember, a whirlwind of parties to visit, the sheer energy her children had and their enthusiasm for everything festive…

Tony grunted in his sleep as she rolled over again, and she pressed a soft kiss to his nose to placate him. She sighed, wanting to go back to sleep and unable to settle down.

Without warning, the bedroom door flung open. Ziva automatically reached for the gun beneath her pillow, but let go when her three children came barreling through the door and leapt onto the bed. She grinned, while Tony groaned and tried to cover his face.

"Merry Christmas!" she greeted her children. "Mommy's going to have a nice warm bath while Daddy cooks you all breakfast."