Naruto of the Swarm

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"This is speech."

'This is thought'

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"This is the speech of a demon-host merger."

'This is thought from a demon, animal summon or Inner Persona.'

"This is speech from a demon, animal summon or Inner Persona."

Chapter Three: Tales of the Sensei

Meditation, it was the one time that Naruto could truly think straight (well outside of battle, at least). It was a time where Naruto was at peace with himself; for reasons he didn't know, his mind always seemed cloudy outside of this activity and in the heat of battle. He figured that it was because meditation was a calming exercise; something that was supposed to help one think straight in times where they normally couldn't. The effects of meditation would often stick around for an hour or so after meditation, prompting Naruto to meditate more often. These repetitions of meditation lead to Naruto becoming more and more calm, and not so hyperactive.

Naruto had first learned to meditate from Hinata, who meditated to help her focus on her healing (and to not faint around Naruto). He had come into her room (or rather a Kage Bunshin did) and found her meditating. He had asked her what she had been doing, and she had replied that she was meditating. Naruto had, again, asked her why she was doing something as boring as meditating. She had stated that she was meditating because it was a way to help focus on her mental energies, which would help boost her chakra reserves and control. She had also added in, after seeing the shocked look on Naruto's face, that meditation was a way to help a person think more clearly and was often used by the Hyuga to keep their ever present calm.

Naruto had soon after, meaning the next day, asked Hinata if she could teach him how to meditate. Hinata had eagerly replied with a yes (as it was a way to guarantee that Naruto would come back and visit her). This had led to Naruto's first meditation lesson, and many funny accidents.

Author Style: Flashback no Jutsu

"Ok, so how do I do this" Naruto eagerly asked, "Do I just sit down and empty my mind? Oh! Oh! Do I sit cross-legged on the ground like the monks in the movies? Come on and tell me what I have to do already!"

"N-N-Naruto, y-you have t-to calm d-down first," Hinata replied, "Y-y-you have to j-just sit down a-and relax. A-after you have done t-that, you just f-f-focus on y-y-y-yourself." At this part Hinata blushed a little, probably at the reference to focusing on Naruto, but pushed it down so that she could continue to teach Naruto. "Once y-you have done that, you focus on your center," Hinata started to leave her stuttering behind as she entered a comfort zone, her teaching zone as it were, "I was told by my sensei that a person's center is different and specific for everyone. An example of this would be that while my center might be in my chest, your center might be located somewhere around you collar bones, or your tail bone."

"Ok, I got this, Believe It," Naruto exclaimed, before taking a few calming breaths. He put his hand into the Kage Bunshin hand sign and created a few dozen. This resulted in Hinata looking up from her own meditation, which she had gotten into while teaching Naruto the basics of meditation. She was met with a few dozen Naruto, all in a circle around her hospital bed and in a meditation pose. She started to turn a bright red before fainting, with a small nose-bleed. Surprisingly, not one of the Kage Bunshin or Naruto himself noticing until twenty minutes passed. By that time she had woken up already.

She would then congratulate Naruto on having found his center. He would just put his hand behind his neck, lightly moving his hand back and forth across his neck, and say "It was only because I had you as a teacher." This, in turn, would cause Hinata to faint, again, and Naruto to panic and repeatedly ask her if she was alright until she woke up again.

Author Style: Flashback no Jutsu: Kai

Now that Naruto now always had a Kage Bunshin meditating at his place, so that he could think clearly in an appropriate manner. Whenever his thinking process started to dwindle, he would create a Kage Bunshin to go to his apartment and replace the meditating one, after sending a mental command to the meditating Kage Bunshin to pop. So far this process had worked, improving the learning speed of both him and his Kage Bunshin.

Right now, though, Naruto was a flurry of emotions. Why? Well, it was because the perverted sage had come back to offer him training. Learning that the white-haired geezer was his God-Father didn't help any either. Now, this Jiraya character didn't mean to let the God-Father fact slip out, but it had when Naruto had asked why the hell the sage had come back. In the flurry of emotions that clouded his mind, Naruto had sought out the one place that he had found the most comfort in recently. That place would be Hinata's hospital room.


Hinata was shaken from her sleep when Naruto had rushed in. She looked at him to try and understand why Naruto had come to visit her at this time, it wasn't visiting hours yet. Having cast her gaze to him, she could make out what appeared to be tears forming in his eyes. Concerned about her friend and secret crush, she reached out to grasp his shoulder. Having done so, she was immediately engulfed in a hug from said boy. This, of course, caused hero to blush out in a shade of red (if one were to look, they would discover a new shade of red). Getting over her shock, in a record time for her, she started to ask Naruto what was wrong.

"You know the perverted sage I told you about before right," Naruto asked Hinata. Having been asked, Hinata nodded, remembering that he was talking about one of the Three Sannin. "Well, he showed up earlier today," Naruto continued, having seen Hinata's nod, "He claimed that he wanted to help me, to teach me for the rest of the training month. I had asked him why the hell he wanted to train me, the dobe of my Academy's Class. He claimed that he was my God-Father before covering his mouth with his hand. He tried to get me to forget about that, but I can't. I had a God-Father this whole time, and apparently he never bothered to check up on me, he NEVER EVEN LET ME KNOW HE EXISTED! How, Hinata, how," Naruto asked, no begged of, Hinata. His eyes longer holding back the sorrowful tears, as they flowed free from his ocean-blue eyes; he continued "Do I really mean so little to those that should care the most. Am I nothing more than the dust that covers the ground. Is the grass in the fields worth more to them, my God-Father, then I am? Am I worthless, Hinata?"

Seeing her crush like this, her source of courage, she realized that no man is a rock. Everyone has a crack, a weakness. She saw that even great trees can fall in greater winds. Gathering up her courage, so that she might restore her crush to his former confident state, she comforted him. For approximately twenty minutes, she just sat in her bed, comforting her friend whispering into his ear that he did mean something. That he did exist, and that people did care for him. Later on, when she reflected back on this time she would always blush and do her nervous tick. She would also faint that night when she realized what exactly she did; whispering comforting things to her crush. She would dream of this event for weeks to come, possibly months and during that time everyone would notice that she walked with a spring I her step and she became more courageous during and forever after.

The thing that broke them apart from this little event would be Jiraya, as he crashed in through the window, after having searched everywhere else the boy had gone the last two weeks. Seeing the extended hug that Naruto was getting from Hinata, his perverted side arose and he interrupted this touching keystone moment for the two by saying, "Great job Naruto! Your just li-" He was interrupted mid-speech by having a shoe (where the heck did they get it from anyway?) chucked at his face. This caused him to, in a serious manner, look at the two children in the room with him.

Both Naruto and Hinata were giving him a mega death glare; now normally he wouldn't be affected by it that badly, but this was a glare from his God-Child and the Hyuga Heiress. Naruto's glare shut him up as it was coming from someone that was proclaimed to not ever glare at anyone other than the Uchiha boy. Hinata's glare shut Jiraya up even more because of two things; the first one was because it was a Hyuga Blizzard Death Glare™ (which is guaranteed to shut up any person with its sheer frigid temperatures it causes), the second reason was that it was coming from the supposed black sheep, timid girl of the Hyuga clan.

The shock at being glared at by the two most unlikely people to do so let Naruto walk up to him and push him out the window. After having done so, he waved good-bye to Hinata and left the room. Jiraya popped back in through the window moments after Naruto left. Rubbing his eyes when he didn't see Naruto he asked Hinata where Naruto went. She gave him the directions to go in the opposite direction she predicted Naruto would go. Having gotten the information that he needed, Jiraya leapt through the window, leaving Hinata to ponder what had just happened.


Naruto was kept busy leading Jiraya on a wild goose chase throughout the whole village, creating Kage Bunshin left and right. He had each Kage Bunshin go to an undesirable spot, leaving a trail behind it so that Jiraya might follow. Upon their dispelling, Naruto would go towards its last location. He was following the logic of 'he won't check the location he just searched at,' so that he could slowly make his way to the Hokage Tower in order to get his Jiji to order Jiraya away from him. He got bored of this game of Cat and Mouse an hour and a half after the Toad Sage had interrupted his and Hinata's little 'moment.'

'Ah, screw it. I'm going a make a run for the Tower. It's not too far from here, so if I run at full speed and use my head start well I should make it, Believe It,' Naruto thought before he raced out of the trash cans that he used for cover. Climbing the walls of the building using the Atsu Ayumi no Jutsu, Naruto sprang from the wall onto the roof of the next building.

Jiraya quickly noticed the orange blur that was hopping roof to roof and heading to the Hokage Tower. Aiming to prevent Naruto from getting there, at least without giving him an answer to the earlier proposed question, he raced off after him.


Sarutobi Hiruzen was having a blast watching his crystal ball; he would later swear that it was better than any movie out at the time, if he told anyone that is. Currently, he was observing the fight of wills that was currently happening between Naruto and Jiraya. He found it to be quite like the soap opera type movies that his belated wife use to watch with a passion. It had all of the elements that those movies had… not that he would know that since he NEVER watched those movies now a days, too much paperwork.

Anyway, he quickly put his crystal ball back into its spot on the shelf, seeing as Naruto would be showing up at the door at any moment now, while Jiraya would unexpectedly jump through his open window. Just as he predicted (he really just watched them race to his Tower with his crystal ball), they both showed up in his room seconds of each other. Each one was trying to communicate with him about one thing or another, it is really hard to tell with their words blurring into one another. Motioning with a hand for them to stop, he silenced them. Starting with Jiraya to talk about what had happened, as if he didn't already know, he got them started.

_Two Personally Biased Tales Later_

"Jiraya, Naruto," Hiruzen started, "I personally expected more from you. I expected that you two would be able to talk this out like civilized people over a hot bowl of food, say ramen, but apparently that was too much to expect from you two. First of all, I expected that you, Naruto, would listen to this man's reasons to not having made contact with you until this point of time." He had stated this fact because it pointed out how much Naruto had changed recently and he wanted to guilt Naruto a little about this sudden recession back into his old self. "Second of all, Jiraya," the Sandaime continued, "I expected that you wouldn't be such a bone-headed baka. I mean seriously; you don't go around telling an orphan that has little social interaction that he has had a God-Father for the past thirteen years when you haven't made any attempt, to this point of time, to be there for them. It just isn't done." Stopping to take a breath, the Third returned to his little rant "Now I expect you two to talk out this situation. I will mediate when I deem it necessary. You may now start."

"Naruto," Jiraya started, "I apologize for not contacting you till now. I wish to train you for the remainder of the Chunin Exam's training month. If I found you to be satisfactory at the end of the training month, I would take you on as an apprentice." Here Jiraya paused, hoping that the following benefits would convince Naruto to let him train him for the remaining time, as well as to create a dramatic effect. Seeing that his dramatic effect plan had failed, as one could clearly see boredom on Naruto's face, he continued, "This would guarantee you excellent training, excess to a Kuchiyose contract, and a higher ranking among your peers. So, what do you say kid?"

Both Jiraya's and Hiruzen's full attention was cast upon Naruto. Seeing this Naruto made the intelligent and responsible choice, for possibly the third time in his life, and replied, "I can see that this offer has great benefits, but I would like some time to think upon this offer. I would like to ask that this offer not include the Chunin Exam's training month as I already have a training schedule that has proven successful so far. I would like to ask if this teaching period could happen sometime after the Chunin Exams; after all this is a major event and I would like to have the full month with you teaching me, not just two weeks. Is this alright with you, Hokage-sama? Jiraya-san?"

Hiruzen, looking on in a veiled pride at Naruto's intelligent choice, replied, "Yes, I find this an acceptable deal. Do you, Jiraya?"

Jiraya, looking somewhat disappointed, answered solemnly, "Yes, this arrangement is alright with me Sensei. Looking forward to teaching you after the Chunin Exams, win them alright? I'll be watching them to see just how well your training schedule has worked out. I would like to see how well you can work when you're by yourself." With that done, the Toad Sage leapt out the window.

The Fire Shadow looked over to Naruto, who looked slightly triumphant at his victory, and started to talk with him about Kakashi and his teaching methods; in an effort to learn just what Kakashi had been teaching his genin. What he learned, was less then pleasing. Far less.

Atsu Ayumi no Jutsu: Surface Walking Technique. This technique allows for the walking on walls and ceilings with chakra. It does this by acting as a glue or a hook and clinging to both the user and the surface they are walking on. It is similar to the Atsu Ayumi no Jutsu in that they both enable the walking of unusual surfaces. They differ, though, in that chakra acts as like a hook or glue for the Atsu Ayumi no Jutsu while the Mizu Bou no Jutsu acts like a floating device for the user.

Mizu Bou no Jutsu: The Water Walking Technique. This technique allows for the walking on top liquids. It does this by propelling one's self mere millimetres above the water using chakra. It is similar to the Atsu Ayumi no Jutsu in that they both enable the walking of unusual surfaces. They differ, though, in that chakra acts as like a hook or glue for the Atsu Ayumi no Jutsu while the Mizu Bou no Jutsu acts like a floating device for the user.

Kage Bunshin: Shadow Clone Technique. This jutsu creates a physical clone of yourself through pure chakra manipulation. Some speculate that the user of the techniques uses their memories as a base for the technique so that it has substance. They are sentinent and are able to feel pain and the like. They have many uses; ranging from scouting, to house work, to training, to fighting partners.

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