Ok this is just a fic on Tadpoles life whizzing past him before he died and if anyone doesn't know

who Tadpole is Sasha had three kits Tadpole, Hawk and Moss and Tadpole drowned in a twoleg

nest (there was a flood).

"Climb! You can do it!" I yowled desperately you must do it I thought "Quick Hawk get onto the sill,

Moss come on I know you can do it" water lapped my fur hungrily, mother hauled Hawk onto the sill

window "Tadpole I-I can't it's too hard" Moss howled clinging onto the drenched curtain "hold on" I

yowled trying to sink my claws into the curtain "I'll help you" I bunched my muscles in my hind legs

and tried to push my way up the curtain "come on Moss" Hawk called "come up here beside me"

cold currents buffeted me away from the curtain rising above my mouth, Hawk glanced back at me

his eyes widened as he saw me begin to sink under the water "TADPOLE!" he yowled, I heard mother

call us "children get out of there quickly" I came to the surface again spluttering for air mother

reached out to me through the window horror-stricken "Tadpole grab my paw! Grab my paw son

you have to-" I didn't hear the next words I sank beneath the water raging around me all my

strength gone I give up on trying to reach the surface I would never make it, my lungs are on fire I

took one last look up at the surface and hear the blurred sound of Hawks howls before closing my

eyes and taking one deep breath allowing the water to flood into my mouth all my instincts tell me

to splutter it all out and swim to the surface... but I know it'll be useless... my senses swan around

me and with my last twitch one thought my last thought is embedded in my head: Hawk... Moss...

look after yourselves...please I remember listening to Mother talking in her sleep I was the only one

that heard her murmuring about my father: Tigerstar and how he was evil and add to that thought

and please... don't become like our father and yet somehow with my last movement I know one of


Ok short yes and I know it doesn't say in the book he listened to Sasha talking in her sleep but it

Never said he didn't did it? Well anyway PLEASE review and tell me what you think thanks!