TADA! SHINY NEW PROLOGUE! (Due to my extended hiatus, I thought you all deserved a treat. And besides, this prologue needed reworking anyway :P) I own none of the characters, except for my lovely chorus/self, because Shakespeare was awesome enough to include this character.

And if you're new to this story, enjoy, and I hope I don't fry your brain too much! *evil grin*

Act I


(The lights dim in the theater, and a petite girl with green hair and a very absurd flashy cape enters.)

Hello there folks, and welcome to this presentation of Kurtio and Lariette at the *insert name here* Theater! I am Wyverndragon, the playwright, and your lovely prologue-a-teer!

(She strikes a "dramatic" pose)

A few quick things before we begin...
Our production uses special effects such as strobe lights and fog. If you have a condition that will prevent you from seeing this production, please leave the theater now, and your ticket will be refunded at the front desk. We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience.
Also, this play contains violence, mild language, and character death, which may be unsuited for small children, and absurd humor, which may be unsuited for adults. And when we say "mild" language, we mean anything milder than an F-Bomb. See, we're sophisticated damn kids that won't get off your lawn!
If you have an awesomeness allergy, please hand your emergency medication to the person next to you, should you need it during the play.
One more thing: At this time, all cell phones, pagers, and electronic little beepy devices should be turned off and remain off, because shiny lights distract me. Yes, that means you

(She gives a random person in the front row the evil eye)

Wyvern: We ready? Great!

(She pulls out a paper, unfolds it, and continues, reading from it, in a voice more befitting of an old man in a powdered wig than a teenage girl)


*clears throat*

Many apologies to those
Who watch these ill-developed scenes
Bored was I, when inspiration
Struck like a bolt of light upon me

"What would happen?" wondered I
"If Kurtis and fair Lara
Were to live in the realm
Of Romeo and Juliet?"

Thus born was this play
With its non-existant meter
One of the worst parodies
To ever mar the stage of my muse

Before we begin, I shall disclaim
That the plot is William Shakespeare's
And the characters of Eidos
I am but the combiner of the two

This story does begin, as stories do
With two great households, proud and true
They were rivals from long ago,
The houses Heissturm and Croft

Heissturm was the proudest
Of the Lux Veritatis warriors
Kurtis, though he wished otherwise
Hero of light, he did become

The house of Croft, darker did turn
Sir Richard did work for the demon queen
Natla was her name, the enemy of light
But Lara did not follow such paths

Our story starts where these lovers meet
In Paris, the city of lovers and lights
The two are doomed, as is their love
Cursed upon them for the greater good

(Wyverndragon exits as the curtains open)

Much better, and now it actually reads like it could be performed! Huzzah! Now go read the new chapter, it took months to write the thing! xD(If you could leave a review on your way that would be awesome, and replied to via hugs and cookies ;D)