When Silas confronted Lynsey in her flat, what if he had a blade in his hand and stabbed her. There was only one person that she wanted to rescue her. My first hollyoaks fanfic so please be nice. M x

He dropped the bloodied knife to the floor before making a quick exit, Lynsey grunted before looking down at her hands covering the wound where he'd played the final part of his "game". She stumbled out of her bedroom, to the hall her vision becoming increasingly painful and blurred, she fell onto the sofa weakly reaching out for her phone that lay on the table, she rolled onto the floor with her phone in hand, her hands bloodied, she was starting to loose all hope.

All her contacts blurred, she had only a few people she could talk to.

Cheryl- She's at the club.

Brendan- He wouldn't understand

Ethan- Maybe, but he's working


Her fingers started loose all nerves, she was getting weaker by the second.

"Hello?" She faintly heard Doug's american voice in amongst a crowd of people.

"Hello" Lynsey's sobbing voice rang to Doug's ears.

"Lyns? Where are you?" His voice in a straight forward consern.

"At...home...been...stabbed" Lynsey sobbed.

Doug turned off his phone and ran out of Chez-Chez.

He took off like a lighting-bolt, Silas had got to Lynsey before he could protect her.

Once at the flat, he realized that the door had been jamed.

He smashed the door open to find Lynsey on the floor half sobbing and half screaming in pain.

He dropped to the floor, picking her up and cradling her, her head sitting in the crook of his arm.

"I knew you'd be here" She whispered, wiping a tear from Doug's cheek that sneakily ran to him.

"You know I'd never leave you" He stroked her hair, watching tears fall mindlessly down her cheeks.

thats only just the begining.

will Doug get Lynsey to hospital before its too late and tell her how he feels?

M x