Doug was right, there was nothing Brendan could do about Doug and Lynsey's relationship but he'd find something to do about it.

The couple left the club, Doug's arm still around Lynsey's waist.

They reached Lynsey's flat and fell onto the sofa, Doug poured them both some wine to enlighten the mood. Seen as though they were alone together for the first time since Doug had moved in and Rhys and Jacqui had now taken their flight to Ibiza.

Their hands intertwined, their hearts beating side by side.

The next morning came, somehow they'd got to bed. Their clothes spread around the room, things must have got heated.

Lynsey's arm draped over Doug's chest, his arm around her back.

"You're warm" Lynsey murmered as she woke up, snuggling into Doug's side abit more.

Doug's arm tightened around her back, making her barrier harder to break.

"It's the trial next week" Doug said lightly.

Lynsey groaned. "You had to say this because"

"Because I felt like it"

Lynsey slapped her boyfriend's chest playfully, before getting out of bed, putting her dressing gown on and walked out to the kitchen.

Doug followed, after sending a text to Brendan.

Shes mine, like I said. I'm going to protect her from Silas from now on inwards. D

Brendan smirked, before placing his phone into his pocket.

This wasnt he a fight he wanted to get into but somehow he felt he had to and wanted to.

sorry its a bit late, Ive been rather busy. There wont be another chapter for some time (sorry :( ) M x