(AN: I wrote this a while ago and posted it on youtube, I got the idea from a poem that someone on youtube wrote. It was originally a different people though, but it doesn't really matter because there not described in detail.. Enjoy! :)

She was my sister, my best friend. The one I told everything to. After the accident I pushed everyone away, my friends, my family, everyone. I couldn't believe she was gone. I guess you could say I was in denial, or even depression.

The accident, it all happened that one unfortunate summer day. We had spent our day at the mall, shopping for school. When we were leaving, as we exited the parking lot. We went down the ramp and as we were turning into our lane a drunk driver came almost out of nowhere, as it was nearing us it suddenly swerved hitting her side of the car.

The witnesses called for help a soon as they saw it happen. But help didn't get there in time.

I was trapped right there next to her as she died, because of how hard the impact was. My best friend, and so much more had died right there before my eyes. It was like god was punishing me for all the mistakes I had made in my 16 years, and the drunk driver, what terrible thing did he get? His license taken away, that's all he got for murdering someone.

No one knew how badly the accident had affected me. They didn't know that I would go over and visit her grave every night.

There were 4 specific words that haunted me every time I went to visit: "I want to die." I wanted to die just to see her. I wanted to be with her. She was why my life was amazing. She was the one who kept me happy, and helped me through everything.

Then there was that one day that changed everything. It was the day I met him. He was amazing, he was tall with dirty blonde hair. He was always understanding, and listened. He was the one that helped me get over her. No one could ever truly replace her, not even him.

But he was my new best friend.

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