A crescendo of chaos collapsed around the car. Sirens and distant roars littered with gunfire tore around them as they accelerated towards the others; towards Zoey. All thoughts of anything else were forced from Ellis' mind to make room for the priority. Coach and Rochelle held onto the backs of the front seats headrests, for fear of being thrown through the windscreen because of Ellis's reckless driving. Nick was the only passenger who seemed indifferent to both the speed and the situation.

"We can't stay with them forever Ellis, you know that right?" Nick said, annoyed that they'd had to loop back on themselves.

"I know Nick, I know. I just want them to be safe" Ellis answered, quietly. Nick laughed, and Coach patted Ellis on the back.

It felt like hours, but the drive only took minutes. Ellis catapulted from the car, throwing himself towards Zoey, caring not for the Tank which Francis and Louis were attempting to drive back. Zoey needed him.

The others were in bad shape. Louis was on his back, protecting a seemingly unconscious Zoey, who seemed to be trapped under a flipped car. Blood was trickling from her ear, and her eyes were closed. Francis and Louis were trying to hold off a Horde, and were almost losing. The car on top of Zoey had apparently been flipped by a Tank that lay dead on the floor. Ellis rushed to Louis and pulled him up.

"I'll take over here, buddy" he said, smiling. Louis nodded, and joined Francis, taking down several Infected at once.

"I'll find the alarm!" Nick shouted, motioning towards Coach that he should help him. Rochelle took to Ellis's side, to help him with the small number of Infected that were coming through to him. Suddenly, the siren cut out, leaving them with ringing in their ears. Finally there would be an end the seemingly never ending stream of zombies running towards them. After a while they were left sweating, lighter on bullets, but finished. They were left surrounded by bodies and blood.

"Hey guys!" Ellis shouted, catching everyone's attention "Help me pull this car off of Zoey!" Everybody rushed forward, spread evenly around the car.

"On three. One…two…three!" Coach said, with everyone lifting on three. Rochelle gently pulled Zoey from under the car, pulling her free from danger. After dropping the car, Ellis lifted Zoey and took her into an awkward lift, completely unsure as to how to hold her.

"Where can we go?" Rochelle asked Francis, who was silently watching her.

"We can go back to the control room of the bridge I guess, it's the closest place inside?" he answered, looking to Louis for confirmation. Then the floor started to vibrate, a distant roar getting louder.

"I agree" Coach said, as he moved in the direction of the control room.

"Me too" said Nick, as he started to run, with everyone following them. Slamming into the room, they all quickly shut and barricaded the room, as Ellis set Zoey down gently on the floor.

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