Happy New Years, Sherlock.

"There are people everywhere. John, why are there people everywhere. Has he created a crowd to throw us off? This is impossible?"

What was really impossible, was how on earth the world's only consulting detective had somehow missed that it was new years eve.

"New Years, Sherlock. Honestly, how did you miss that?"

"I don't know, maybe I was using my brain for all the important things. Like catching a murderer."

"You're not going to catch anyone tonight. Seriously, I thought you observed. In about three minutes, fireworks are going to go off all over London, and there's going to be cheering and drunken running around until about 5 am."

"You have got to be kidding me."

"Nope. Sherlock, it happens nearly every year. Or every year. I've spent too much time with you, I can't be certain."

"Well then, what are we going to do?"

"Not chase him until tomorrow. You don't even know if it was him. He could have just been a random guy. Why did you think it was him again?"

"Carrying loads of bottles of very strong alcohol, a lighter, and a newspaper filled with chips covered in vinegar. Arsonist."

"Hungry smoker celebrating new years with his pals. That wasn't a difficult conclusion Sherlock."

"That's exactly what out guy would use."

"Is it really? I could think of many other things."

"Like what? A candle? A small bomb? Don't be stupid."

"I'm not. And if you wait about 10 seconds, you'll find out exactly what it was."

"Huh?" Sherlock could not say anything more, for it would have been drowned out by the crowds that were now enthusiastically counting down.

John smiled at Sherlock, not quite joining in the countdown, more concentrating on the Sherlock's hand, that was still holding his. Sherlock apparently found it a great way to make John run in the right direction.

As the countdown ended, at exactly 12, fireworks exploded into the sky, a mix of purples, and greens, and silvers, and reds. John squeezed Sherlock's hand. Fireworks, that's how the guy did it.

"John, that's brilliant!" Sherlock leaned down, capturing John's lips in an ecstatic kiss. John Kissed him back, softly, then laughed as Sherlock ran away to tell Lestrade, who was about two rows of people behind them.

Sherlock sometimes had absolutely impeccable timing.

It was the first time John had had anyone stick around and be his new years kiss.

"Happy New years, Sherlock." He said this into the crowd, though he knew Sherlock couldn't hear him.

A/N- They have no previous relationship. Just a short little thing about how they get together. (And I've always liked fireworks, but I can't be bothered to go outside.) R&R.