"Kuuuuuuuuuuuurt," Blaine wailed, trailing along behind Kurt.

"Yes dear?" Kurt said.

"Can we take a break? My arms are killing me," Blaine said, slowing his pace as the twenty bags in his arms wore him down.

Kurt stopped walking and glanced around them, he spotted a small bench and walked over to it, sitting down gracefully.

Blaine almost tripped running to the bench and hastily sat down all the bags and flopped beside Kurt onto the bench.

Kurt laughed and pulled out his phone to check the time, "We've only been doing this for five hours Blaine. Plus, you're the one who wanted to come along and carry my bags as an excuse to spend more time with me."

Blaine groaned and threw an arm over his eyes, "I know, but I didn't think you'd want to shop all day. I thought we could cuddle for a while. Now I just want to go home and sleep until after New Year's."

Kurt patted Blaine's head and shot a quick text to his Dad before standing up.

"Already?" Blaine said, standing to gather Kurt's bags.

"Only two more stops to go and then we can go to your house," Kurt said.

"My house?" Blaine said, stopping his bag gathering.

"Yes, your house, your parents aren't home. Which means we can cuddle and watch The Little Mermaid without disturbances." Kurt said, walking away.

Blaine smiled brightly and gathered the rest of the bags and quickly chasing after his boyfriend.