I watch you
Reflected forever in each other's eyes
Different faces both the same
In a moment of eternal frozen time
What goes through your head
Both your heads
I'm the unseen watcher
But I know I'll feel the hole that's left behind
In your mind

Your red eyes look into your green eyes
Your green eyes return the stare
Half of you knows the answer
Half of you doesn't care
There's only one solution
Only one way to be
There can only be one of you
The one you've got to be

It's time
You have to let go
Half of you shouting you mustn't
Half of you saying you know
Half of you knowing the answer
The other refusing to care
Half of you taking the only solution
Half of you shouting no fair

I watch you
Look into your eyes in your eyes in your eyes
As they sink beneath the surface
Half of you gone from your mind
The other half shouting its name
A part of your heart has gone in a flash
And you'll never be quite the same
You'll shrug it all off when they ask you
You'll always pretend you're okay
But still there's sorrow in your heart
For what you lost today.