Please give this a try. It's really short, but different. And it means a lot to me.

I don't own Misfits.

In life, time had ruled them both.

What time was that party?

What time was on those clocks?

Waited for the moment when she stopped waiting for him to become him.

Waited for the moment when he stopped waiting for their deaths.

Waited for a time for it to be over.

Waited for a time that had looped before it had time to stop.

Now time didn't matter.

Death didn't have clocks.

Past and future, then and now. Together; happening whenever.

There wasn't a bright blinding light. Nor was there flames.

The only light was the paleness of his skin. The only warmth was her's against his.

Words fail in this place.

A silence like no other.

Could they really hear the other's heart beating out the meaning?

Don't even try to speak. I already know.

I know.

Would you die for me?

I already have.

They kept on falling in love with the wrong version of themselves.

Always too soon or always too late.

Not anymore.

I hope they can be happy here.

Because in the end, nothing else matters.

Because maybe, just maybe, this was what they were fighting for all along.

God, I love this pair. Hopefully they will find each other; sometime, somewhere. RIP.