Daniel Boone glanced around the encampment. It was the sort of group you would expect to see: families hoping for a new start, young men for a chance to own their own piece of land, two spinster sisters who'd given up on finding a man to look after them, a debtor or two who had come to start fresh. They were all bright, determined and hopeful; ready for a brand new life. Trouble was, apparently one of them was a spy. And so after receiving a request from the militia, he had told his children to mind their Ma, kissed his wife even as she'd stomped her foot in frustration and joined the new settlement. He'd arrived in the second wave of settlers, one Daniel Brown, trapper, bachelor, and adventure seeker.

He was watching everyone, trying to determine who might be a British spy, when a voice near him said, "Don't bother looking. Of course, we are expecting one more group of settlers tomorrow so their might be better options."

Daniel turned and found a fair-haired young man standing beside him.

"My name's Peter Olsen." He said holding out his hand.

"Daniel Brown." He said shaking it.

"I hear you're a bachelor too. Daniel nodded.

"Well, its slim pickings right now. Where are you from?" Olsen asked.

"My family's in Pennsylvania." Daniel answered truthfully. "But it was too crowded there for my taste. What about you?"

"Oh, I've been all over. No family to speak of - at least not yet." He smiled and then a group of women caught his eye. "Excuse me." He said and walked towards them.

Thomas Gladstone, the leader of the settlement, approached him. "I see you arrived safely, Mr. Brown."

"Yes, sir." Daniel said with a grin.

"I suggest you rest up tonight. I put you on wall detail tomorrow." He glanced at Daniel. "Although it seems to me you are no stranger to work. Some of these men here have never seen an ax or a hammer before."

"I can hold my own." He said. "And hopefully, this next group will have some hard-working fellas in it."

"I hope so. It is just a few more families, a pair of brothers, and a widow. I guess we'll see. Good night, Mr. Brown."

"Good night, sir."

Daniel sipped the last of his coffee. It wasn't very good, but then neither was the meal. Of course, he tended to be a hard judge of cooking. Rebecca had spoiled him completely, and he generally found it difficult to eat food cooked by anyone else - including his own. He watched as everyone scattered to their make-shift homes. He turned in to his own tent, stretching his long legs out on the hard ground. He hoped to unravel this mystery quickly. He'd built a settlement already and knew it was nothing but gruelling, hard work. He shifted trying to find a comfortable spot. He tried not to think of his soft warm bed at home with Rebecca curled at his side. Of course, he didn't imagine she'd be snuggling up to him any time soon. She'd been less than supportive of his coming here. He hoped that by the time he returned, her temper would have cooled some, although experience made him doubt it. He closed his eyes and dreamt of being chased by a red-haired bear who lured him into his cave with warm biscuits, and then ate him.