Rebecca searched the crowd for Daniel. She saw him standing off to the side talking to Matthew Merriweather. He had his hand on Matthew's shoulder. She smiled and joined Helen at one of the tables near the cooking area. Three of the tables were piled high with food.

"You must have thought me awfully, silly, going on about your husband that way." Helen said to her.

"I have to ask your forgiveness." Rebecca said. "I am so embarrassed that I didn't say anything to you. Can you forgive me?"

Helen smiled, "Of, course. I understand about intrigue."

"I agreed with everything you said about him, anyway." Rebecca said with a smile.

Daniel walked over to her. "You look beautiful!" He said putting his arm around her.

"Well, I must admit that I had grown tired of the color black. And at least this dress matches my eye!" She had traded in her black mourning dress, for her best green satin. Her eye was healing but was now a bright yellowish-green.

"You look beautiful anyways." He said kissing her cheek.

Although, Rebecca had suggested that they go ahead with the wedding, they had eventually confessed that they were in fact already married. There was a collective sigh of disappointment from the settlement, as they had been looking forward to the upcoming wedding and celebration.

"Well, we could still have the party." Gladstone had said after one of his young daughters had burst into tears saying, "No, party?"

"We can celebrate the completion of the fort, and your success. Everyone loves a party."

"We will miss you." Patience Merriweather said softly to Rebecca. Rebecca squeezed her arm smiling at her.

"We will have to come back and visit you." She said to the young girl. "You write me, alright."

Patience nodded and then walked away to find her husband.

"I cannot believe that girl is old enough to be a married woman. She looks like Jemima." He said watching her leave.

"I was that young when you courted me." She said. His eyes grew wide.

"No! That's not possible!" He studied her. "You want to dance?"

She smiled at him and nodded.

They joined the other dancers. He whirled her around, but carefully. Her ankle was not completely healed.

"Ankle, alright?" He asked her.

"It is good for just one dance, I'm afraid." She said smiling up at him. "Looks like it is your lucky day!"

"Oh, Rebecca, since the day I met you, every day is my lucky day." He bent to kiss her as the dancers whirled around them.