Author's note: Well, it's a new year and a new story! This story is my tribute to Power Rangers Dino Thunder, which will be airing on Nicktoons on January 6, 2012 at 7pm (just to let you know)!

Please enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own Power Rangers.

The Way of the Dino

Chapter 1: The Problem Starts

It was a beautiful spring day. Everything in Reefside, California was as it should be, until one of Mesogog's monsters called Spineoraus attacked the city. Spineoraus started out by becoming a mega-monster and he began whipping out buildings with his long spikey tail. That's when the Dino Rangers stepped in, "OK guys, let's take out this loser," said Conner after the Megazord had been built, "sounds good to me," replied Kira, who loved mega-battles, "I just hope Spineoraus doesn't hit us with his tail," commented Ethan, which prompted chuckles from his teammates.

The battle was going well for the rangers, until something went horribly wrong, "guys, I can't get the Megazord's legs to move," said a confused Conner, this never happened before and Hayley had just upgraded the zords technology, "I can't work the weapons!" Kira began to panic, "hey guys, I think we've got bigger problems," said Ethan. At that moment, Spineoraus flung his tail at the Megazord, making it fall to the ground. Then, from out of nowhere, the Dragozord flew in with the Brachiozord at its heels and together they defeated Spineoraus.

Mesogog's palace: "Elsa, Zeltrax, you have once again failed. I hope you have a good explanation for this," said Mesogog in his calm and creepy way of talking, "Master, indeed Spineoraus was a failure, but I have some interesting information that we might use to our advantage," said Elsa with a confident look on her face. Mesogog, who was sitting on his throne, cocked his ugly and slimy head and leaned forward in his seat, "what information might this be?" Mesogog asked, Elsa took a few steps forward, as if to gather her thoughts, then she answered, "today we almost had a victory, had it not been for the Black and white rangers. The ranger's megazord stopped operating during the battle, allowing us an advantage. I happened to be there and I saw three former rangers leave a building just as the zords lost power and the three ex-rangers seemed pretty upset when they saw the zords. And so Master, I assume there will be a bit of a divide between the rangers anytime soon which we can use to our advantage," Mesogog seemed pleased at the prospect of the rangers feuding, "and who are these former rangers, Elsa?" Asked Mesogog, a sly grin spread over Elsa's face when she answered, "these former rangers are..."

So there's the 1st chapter of my tribute to PRDT. Sorry it wasn't that great and I left you all hanging as to who the three ex-rangers are, but that's the fun in writing like this. Tell me in a review who do YOU think the three ex-rangers are?

And in the 2nd chapter, I'll reveal who the three rangers are! Stay tuned.