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"Come on guys! We have to leave soon to go pick him up! The place isn't clean yet!" Shelby screamed at her sisters.

"Shelby chill. Hey look, the Titans are here!" Lea said, becoming side-tracked.

"No! They can't be! We have to leave soon!" Shelby said, still anxious.

"Mabey they could come with us," Madi suggested.

"Alright. Go get them while I start the car," Shelby said, running off to the car. Lea and Madi went to the Titan's to offer to go to the airport with them.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Lea said to them.

"Nothin' much where you all off to?" Robin asked.

"To the airport. Wanna come? Shelby's gonna drive us nuts if you don't," Madi stated.

"Sure. What are y'all going to do at the airport?" Cyborg asked.

"Pick up Shelby's boyfriend. He's moving into town and staying at our place for a few days," Lea said, simply.

"BOYFRIEND!" Everyone shouted in amazement.

"Yeah, I didn't know y'all didn't know. She and him have been together since high school," Lea said. Right then, Shelby honked behind them, waving for them to hurry up.

"This is so glorious!" Starfire exclaimed.

"I know! I can't believe she has someone too!" Raven said, creating the longest streak of not talking. They all made it into the car, excitement radiating off of Shelby.

"So, Shelby, why haven't we heard about this mystery man?" Beast Boy asked.

"I thought I told y'all," Shelby said. They shook there heads saying no.

"Oh, well, that's amazing concidering I try to talk about him all the time," Shelby said.

"Amazing!" Raven exclaimed. The triplets looked at her, more confusion from Lea and Madi.

"Mind telling us why darkness is suddenly light?" Lea said using a bit of sarcasm.

"Sunshine can tell you herself," Raven said as she began to tell them the story. They all exclaimed at how cute the story was.

"That's great, but you know it's going to take sometime to get used to," Madi said.

"It's taking all of us time to get used to," Cyborg said.

"Yes, it's an odd feeling but it is making friend Raven happy," Starfire said. They pulled into the airport parking lot and all rushed inside. When they got to the gate, Shelby was so excited it was overwhelming her.

"So what's this guys name?" Robin asked Madi.

"Jonathan. The two are mad for eachother. You'll see," Madi replied. Shelby started bolting after a guy with brown hair and a blue t-shirt on. He was about a foot and a half taller than Shelby so when Shelby reached him, she jumped into his arms as he slowly carried her to her sisters.

Shelby's head was tucked in his neck so no one could see what emotion she was carrying. Everyone assumed she was crying. He gently set her to her feet and gave her a kiss. When she looked up, she was crying.

"Everyone this is Jonathan," Shelby said, and signed in sign launguage, as she began to introduse.

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