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O/Flashback(or is it)/O

Blonde. Just long flowing hair. Correction. Long beautiful blonde flowing hair.

That was all I remember of her… Of my mother. Well before I was taken here.

Here? No body knows where it is. Not even the one who brought me here. My aunt Lauren.

She keeps letting that mean lady give me shots. Today I think I'm getting more. But I can't help but wonder where daddy is?

Oh well. Here I go.

*After Shots*

"That's a good girl Chloe." Said the nice blonde lady.

"Thank you. I'm sorry but I seem to have forgotten your name." The little blonde girl said. The lady started to tear up.

"My name is Lauren, but you can call me aunt Lauren if you want." She looked at the mean women in the room.

"I thought the effects weren't going to be effective in a while." She sounded like she was crying.

"She has already had 5 treatments. You can't expect her to not have some sort of memory lose can you?" The mean lady stood there.

"What am I losing?" I questioned. And they just stood there.

What am I doing here? Wait who am I?

What's happing to me?

So what's going to happen? And my Guest review please review again?