A/N: um…. Yeah… I can explain! So when we packed my moms boyfriend thought it would be a good idea to pack my CHARGER and LAPTOP separately… and I still don't have internet, but that is soon to change.

I love you


This better work. It has to work. I need to penetrate their forces. Is she innocent enough to gain their trust? The harder one is going to be the damn mutt. We really should have killed them off while we had the chance… If only they had listened to me we wouldn't be going through this terrible headache. Why do pathetic creatures always have the strongest will power? Our worlds could've been combined, if it wasn't for the damn wolfs…

I can just imagine his blood flowing down his throat. His look of despair as I lick the fresh wounds, when I take chunks of flesh. His tan body going pale from blood lose. His scream, or what would've been if I wouldn't out his vocal cords. His eyes draining of color, twitching from nerves. If I'm lucky, vomit would have been coated all over his clothing. His guts hanging out, barley by a suck in.

Oh, and her. We're only supposed to use her for information, but I've already promised the boys a go around with her. After they finish with their deeds I'll just kill her. She has trained so hard, it would be the best to break her. My hand would feel absolutely fantastic coated in red pulling her guts out through her back. Just thinking of it makes me want to penetrate their forces sooner. Just a little while longer…