Hikari searched long and hard for the one spot she knew where to find the Crystal.
Don't worry, Takeru, she thought firmly. I will find it. Hold on. The Digital World was
a pink forest below her, reflecting off the pink color of the force field she was in. Gently
flying over the clouds, she sat herself down on her balloon-like ride, massaging a cramp on her leg that crept up while standing this whole time.

She looked at her watch. Five hours have past? Fifteen hours left? No way...
Hikari glanced up at the rest of the sky above her, but only saw pink. She could not seethe darkness outside of the bubble, but her body, reacting to time, suddenly became weak. Her eyes started drooping.

No, she thought to herself, shaking her head awake. I can't sleep. I have to get
the Hope Crystal. Fifteen hours. I have to find it. I have to save Takeru. I have to see
him again....Augh...
She let her hands support herself as she looked down at the world
below her. Crystal, crystal, where are you? she thought, rubbing her temples. The pink
of her force field suddenly became too bright for her to see. I'm seeing too much pink...
And I thought I was used to it from being in my and Mimi's closets...
She smiled, as she remembered her family and friends back home on Earth.

Then, her smile faltered. "They must be so worried about Takeru and me," she
said aloud, hugging herself. She suddenly felt very cold, and looked down at the Light
Crystal in her hand. Pink. Symbol of Light. Seven pedals...

She shivered, remembering when she touched the symbol of Light-look-alike
flower. One pedal flew off. Takeru's pedal. It was to remind me, she thought. It was to
remind me that I don't have much time. That lost pedal will really be Takeru if I don't
find the Hope Crystal now.

Hikari remembered the words that were spoken to her. Takeru was gone. His
body was not found. She must retrieve the Hope and Light Crystals, the sources of their energies, the links that linked them together. She must find them, and reunite them. I must find them... Takeru must be saved! Her eyes narrowed down towards the Digital World, suddenly revived with a whole new energy. A new energy of courage. Taichi's praying for me. Oniichan knows I can do it.

Suddenly, from down below, there was a clearing of rocks and ruin. The
7-pedaled Light Crystal was reacting. This is my stop, she thought to herself, looking at
her watch. Fourteen and a half hours left. I can do this. With that, she stopped right on top of the clearing. Then, the force field popped and she ended up hurtling towards the ground, in an earth-shaking scream....


"Damn!" Taichi cursed, pounding on his door. "Damn it, where is she???"

Meanwhile, as Hikari was on her journey, the rest of the Chosen Children were at
Taichi's apartment at his college. His roommates were out of town, so he had the whole apartment to himself. The parents that were at the quarry have went home, and the friends promised that they will contact them as soon as they have heard from Hikari.

"Calm yourself, Taichi," Sora said softly, taking his hand. A lone tear slid slowly
down her face and onto the hand.

"Gomen... It's just that.... She should be home by now!" he cried out in anguish.
"Who knows what demon-infested place she was taken to? What if she's dead? What if she's lost? Starving? Lonely? Scared? In trou- ?"

He had got cut off by a familiar hand to his face. Yamato's familiar, but still
strong, punch had snapped Taichi back to reality.

"Taichi, cool it," he snapped. "Hikari is a great girl. Brave, strong. She has light
and power. And since she really is 'spiritually connected' with Takeru, she has hope,

"Yamato's right," spoke up the soft-spoken Iori. Even as an older man, he is still
the reasonable little boy from six years ago. "We should believe in Hikari. You know
she'll be okay. We all know she'll be okay."

Taichi held a hand to his face; the spot where Yamato hit him. He closed his eyes,
wondering what Hikari was doing now. He wondered if she hadn't given up hope, or lost
her light. He felt his fire burning up inside his heart. Hikari... if you can hear me... Please don't be afraid... Never give up. I know you can do this. Please, Hikari. Save Takeru, and come back safely...

"Well, I just got off the phone with Mimi..." Miyako said, coming back from the
kitchen. She had a tray in her hands, and offered everyone cups of tea that she had made. She stirred her own cup. "She said to contact her as soon as we know what's happening. She's really worried. Ken said the same thing."

"Ken?" inquired Jyou. "Isn't he in vacation in Mexico right now?"

"Hai," she replied, cleaning out her glasses. She put them back on. "I called his
hotel." She smiled at Taichi. "Don't worry. I'll pay for the bill when it comes."

He gave Miyako a weak smile. "Arigatou... But you don't have to do that." He
sat back, and slowly drank his tea. "I wonder what she's doing now..."

"Hey..." Koushiro said from his laptop computer. He was sitting on the couch
with his computer in his hands, typing away for the past hour. No one knew what he was doing. It didn't seem unusual, since he was always typing at his computer. But now, his black eyes were wide with excitement. "Come check this out, minna."

Everyone crowded around him and his computer. On the screen, there was a
layout of a map, and a pink dot on it, moving slowly across the screen. Off to the side
were scans that went up and down from 0% and 100%, 0 miles and 2000 miles, etc.
Everyone seemed confused by this layout, except for maybe Miyako.

"I have pinpointed Hikari's location," Koushiro explained. "Now, we can follow
where she's going." He gave everyone a self-satisfied smile.

"Koushiro! You're a genius!" Daisuke exclaimed. "How did you do it? Hikari
doesn't have her D-3 with her!"

"Yes, but it seems as though she has gotten the Light Crystal, which is the pink
dot," Koushiro said, pointing it out. "These Crystals are a source of power, just like the
D-3's and the Digivices. I contacted Hikari's source of power, and bingo, I found her."

"So..." Sora said. "She only has to find one Crystal! That's great!"

"Easier said than done, Sora," Miyako suddenly spoke up, pointing at the screen.
"There isn't any mark of the physical appearance of the Crystal. Hikari must've gotten it
spiritually or something. If it was like that for the Light, imagine what it would be like for
the Hope."

"Wait... look at that..." Iori said, his eyes suddenly getting wide. "Her speed is
growing, and the pink light is fading...."


Hikari's piercing scream echoed all throughout the Digital World. I'm going to
die, I'm going to die,
she thought, closing her eyes, feeling the wind rush up to meet her. Then, as if somebody put a mattress under her, she started to float down, gently meeting the ground with her feet. Her eyes widened in surprise and she looked around her. The rocks were bigger than they seemed, and there were puddles of water everywhere. Patches of grass were laying below her feet as she realized how dark the sky was already.

The rocks in front of her looked so familiar. The remains of Spiral Mountain? she
thought, touching one of the big boulders. She had a flash back. She and Takeru were
the only ones not turned into key chains. The others depended on them. They climbed the rope. The rope was cut. They were sent hurtling in the air. Then, Angemon evolved...

Hikari shook her head. "There's no time to go back to memory lane," she said
firmly to herself.

Walking around the rubble, she found herself to grow tired. Her eyes drooped, as
she found a flat rock to lay on top of. No! You can't! Don't go to sleep! Time doesn't
stop when you fall asleep! Go and save Takeru!
her mind screamed. Her eyes wouldn't listen to her mind. I think I'll just close my eyes for a couple seconds.... To regain energy... she thought to herself, laying down in a comfortable position. In a matter of seconds, she drifted off to sleep....


"What? What happened?"

"A dark pink dot? It used to be a light pink dot. Koushiro, what's going on?"

"Her energy level is weakening... It seems like... She's gone to sleep...?"

"Sleep? Sleep?! She doesn't have time to sleep! She has to get up! Save my
brother! Please Hikari, Please save Takeru!"

"Now who needs a slap in the face, Yamato?"

"Shut up, Taichi."

"Now, you guys, calm down... Koushiro, isn't there anyway to wake her up?"

"No... we can't reach her physically. It seems as though she was really tired."

"Yeah, well, I don't blame her..."

Voices... voices.... Familiar voices... Hikari thought dreamily, tossing in her sleep.
Familiar faces were forming in her head. Taichi, her brother. Sora. Yamato. Miyako.
Iori. Jyou. Koushiro. Daisuke. Two others, not home. Away. Ken. Mimi. Another
face... blurry... Can't... make it out... she thought.

"Hey! Hey you!"

Hikari got up and looked around her. There was a field spread out with colorful
flowers, and at the edge, stood a forest. The warm breeze blew through her auburn hair
as she breathed in fresh air once again.

"Hey! Hey! What are you, deaf?"

Looking down, she saw a little bird, moving its beak, talking to her. By the bird
was another one, another color, and the faces of the flowers in front of her suddenly
popped up. The birds and flowers are talking? she asked herself.

"Um.. yes?" she asked, feeling stupid that she was talking to them.

"Are you lost or something? You seem lost," a flower said.

"Yeah. Who are you looking for?"

"Oh, um.. I'm looking... I'm looking for a Crystal," she said, her mind suddenly
fuzzy. "Have you seen one around here?"

"A Crystal?" a bird said dubiously. "There are no crystals around here. Why do
you need it? For jewelry?"

"No." She shook her head, and knelt down beside them in the grass. "I need them
to help... someone."

"Someone? Who?"

"I..." she said, become dizzy. "I... umm..."

"See? You can't even remember," a young flower said, shaking its pedals in
disgust. "Why would you need to find the crystal for someone when you can have it for
yourself? You can't rely on anyone in this world, except for yourself."

"That's not true!" Hikari protested. I can't believe I'm fighting with a flower... "I
have my friends! I rely on my friends!"

"I don't see them anywhere, do you?"

Hikari looked around. The green grass and colorful surroundings disappeared.
She was left floating in gray darkness, in a beach, with gloomy waves of the ocean sitting still in front of her. No friends anywhere... Just myself... Myself... Alone... she shivered as she sunk down to the ground. Why am I doing this? I can't do this. I can't do this mission. I have no friends. They would've came with me. I'm all alone...

"You don't have any friends. You are all alone," the little voice said to her. The
waves of the dark ocean seemed to cover her, choking her with her own sadness. She was falling... falling...

She opened her eyes in the ocean, seeing nothing but total blackness.

Hikari! Please help me, Hikari!

That voice... so familiar... she thought.

Hikari! Help! I need you!

The vision of her friends came back. Taichi, Yamato, Sora, Jyou, Koushiro, Jyou,
Mimi, Daisuke, Miyako, Iori, Ken... Takeru...

"TAKERU!" she cried, shooting up from her spot on the rock. It was morning.
The dark sky had gone, and it was replaced by the bright golden sun of the Digiworld.
She had been asleep for the whole night. Looking at her watch, she noticed that her timer had gone off. Five more minutes left...

I've been asleep... she thought dizzily. Five minutes. "NO!" she cried out, and
dived into the first pile of rocks that she saw. Crying with tears of anguish, she tossed the rocks rapidly, in desperation to find the Hope Crystal, cursing herself for her laziness. Five minutes... I can't do it, she thought. "Somebody, please, help me!!"

Her mind flashed back to when they were younger. When Takeru was needed to
protect her. Then, when they were older, when Takeru protected her from the dark
ocean, bringing her back to the real world. They had saved Earth. They had saved the
Digital World. No way was Hikari going to let Takeru be taken away from her.

"I will do it. I can do it. I have Hope..."

With those words, the rocks in front of her floated up into mid-air. One by one,
they matched into each other, like a jigsaw puzzle, into one big rock. Then, they
minimized so that they were no bigger than the Light Crystal. A yellow light washed over them, making them as clear as glass. Just like the rising sun, it flashed a brilliant gold, and the sign of Hope appeared.

Hikari leaped up to catch it, reuniting the Light and Hope together, as they merged
into one big light as the final minute erupted...



Hikari was floating in the sky, looking down at her home in Odaiba. In her hands
were the crystals of Hope and Light, glimmering brightly against the sun. Turning over
the Light Crystal, she sighed with relief. The sign was on there. The 8-pedal sign...

"You did great, Hikari," Takeru said to her, hugging her closely as they settled
down towards the apartment home where the others were staying. No one was up yet. A new day was dawning.

"Takeru..." she whispered, drawing him down for a kiss. "I can't believe you're
alive... I can't believe... I did it..."

His blue eyes were twinkling. "You did believe. That's why you did it. You
unleashed the energy of Hope."

Hikari's hair was tousled, her eyes were shining, and her clothes were torn and
dirty from the journey, but to Takeru, she looked just as beautiful as she did when he first saw her as a young girl.

"I didn't think I could do it," she whispered. "But... I tried to believe. I couldn't
live without you."

"Neither could I..." Takeru said softly, taking her hand. It feels so good... to be
back from the dead,
he thought, smiling. He knew he could trust in Hikari. He was
watching her from far away. He had tried to make contact with her in her dreams when
she had lost energy and had fallen asleep. It had worked. Now, he was back on Earth,
holding his true love in his arms. "That's why I have something to ask you," he said,
getting on his knee. "Will you marry me?"

Hikari's face widened into a smile. Tears glistened in her eyes. She leaned over
and hugged him tightly until they both fell to the ground. "Yes. I'll marry you."

*~The End~*

Yes, I know, this ending sucks, but I had to get it done ^.^;