This is our first, and probably last, Twilight fic. (Yes, I wrote 'our' on purpose. Don't worry! She's not crazy! However, I am crazy.) Anyway, as we have warned in the summary, the humor in this drabble is extremely caustic. If you believe that the logic presented in Twilight shouldn't be challenged in any form or fashion, stop reading this now. This drabble will give you an aneurysm.

Edward couldn't even remember what he had argued with Emmett about. Whatever it was couldn't excuse the fourteen car pile-up.

Only a minute ago, they were on the interstate, speeding of course. Then Edward and Emmett started arguing fiercely.

Suddenly, Edward realized that he was about to crash into the car in front of him. He braked, but—despite the amazing speed of his reflexes—his Volvo couldn't stop fast enough to avoid a crash. To make matters worse, cars were on either side of him. He was trapped.

The atrocious wreck wasn't even the worst part.

Their eyes were now blood-red.

Yes, we don't buy into the theory that super reflexes allow you to drive as fast as you want. There's still the rest of the drivers to worry about.

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