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Chapter 5: Distance makes the heart grow fonder

I got out the car and followed her to the bar. As I entered the pub the first thing I heard was TEQUILAAAA TIME! I immediately smiled.

The first thing I see is Cook carrying a tray of tequila shots moving toward Effy. He had not seen me yet. I took this time to look at him. He looked just I like I remember but at the same time he looks different. Even if I had not heard his "tequila time" signature call I would have recognized him immediately. He had the same hair cut from college. He still used his polo shirt buttoned completely. He looked almost the same since the last I saw him. But there was something that had changed in him. His eyes, although they held the same color from seven years ago now bear some maturity in them, the type of maturity that came from hard losses. God I had missed him. I had miss sexual innuendos, his crazy party spirit, and his occasional wise words. I guessed I had really connected with him, even deeper than I thought.

Cook kept walking until he reached Effy, he still hadn't notice me, or maybe he didn't recognize me.

"Effy, c'mon bottom's up, let's see who finishes first" Cook said with a huge smile.

He took the first shot and drank it all rapidly. As he reached for the second shot, he noticed Effy had not even touched the tequila shots.

"What's going on?" He asked confused, finishing his second shot. Immediately grabbing a third shot.

"Hey Cook" I said, speaking for the first time.

He looked up and noticed me for the first time in the night. His first reaction was dropping the glass in his hand. I followed the glass' journey and I felt everything in slow motion. I saw how the glass came to contact with the floor only to break in several pieces afterwards. I watched as its contents spread through the floor, making a mess which I knew would had to be cleaned later. All of this reminded of my life lately, metaphorically at least, I have not broken any bones. It feels like my life collided with my past, and now all the things I left behind are spreading rapidly, making a mess of everything. Just like the tequila shot Cook dropped. The question is who is going to help me fix this mess?

"Blondie!" Cook said and grabbed me on a bone crushing hug. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he twirled me around once.

"Hey Cook, this is Naomi but I believe you two have met before, right?" Effy said with a smirk "Naomi here is the newest editor in chief of Kromos."

Cook put me down and placed an arm around my shoulders. "Newest editor, eh? Nice one babes" he said closely, his breath smelling mostly of alcohol.

"Yeah, since Wednesday" I said with a shy smile.

"Well congrats, now it's time to celebrate your new job, yeah?" Cook said walking toward the bartender.

"Sheila how 'bout those drinks I told you about" Cook said winking at the bartender.

I looked around and spotted an empty table. I walked to the table and sat down in one of the chairs available. I waved to Cook as I saw him searching for me through the bar. He nodded at me and joined me at the table. He was carrying three weird looking shots in his hands. I grabbed one and started smelling it. I didn't recognize its smell, as I was about to ask what it was, Cook interrupted me.

"Believe me, you don't want to know, just drink it" Cook said grabbing his drink.

"Ok" I said

"Trust him; you are better not knowing what you're drinking" Effy said reappearing again. She grabbed both drinks and handed me one.

"Because distance makes the heart grow fonder, and because friends no matter the distance or time, will always be friends" Effy said clinking her glass with mine.

"To friends" I said and drank all the glass' contents at once. I took a few seconds to get over the awful taste of the drink.

"Fuck sake, that's strong" I said wiping from my lips any remain of the drink.

Cook laughed while Effy just smirked.

"When did you become such a light weight, eh blondie?" Cook said teasingly as he ruffled my hair.

"I'm not a light weight" I said slapping his arm away.

"Aww, c'mon Blondie no love for Cook? I promise it'll be fun" Cook said wiggling his eyebrows.

"C'mon Naomi, you know her Cook, she's a… how did you put last time? Right a cock cruncher not a muff muncher" Effy said with a smirk.

Cook laughed loudly and I blushed.

"I just don't like labels. I am, you know, open minded" I said, trying to disguise my blush.

"Your mind is not the only thing that's open." Effy said which caused Cook to release a howler of laughter, while I just frowned

"I'm going to get more drinks" Effy said standing up.

"So, you come here regularly or is this the first time?" I asked trying to change the subject.

"Nah, we come here every Friday, and then we go clubbing. We do this with our gang" Cook said grabbing one of the beers Effy was carrying on a tray.

"Thanks, Eff" he said as he took a sip.

"So how is the job going?" Cook asked

"Well what can I say? I bloody well love it" I said grabbing one of the beers.

An hour later the whole gang appeared. The gang consisted on several models and photographers of Kromos. Cook took care of all the introductions and in less than twenty minutes we were gathering all our things and going to a club nearby. The models were stunning; everyone would just stare at them as we moved from the bar. There were three models, two gals -Abigail, Gabriella- and a lad, Rick. Both Gabriella and Rick had brown hair, while Abigail was a blonde. Rick had blue eyes just like Cook's. Gabriella had brown eyes while Abigail had green eyes. They were all very fit and they were all dressed with a great sense of style. There were three photographers as well, but one had not arrived yet, or so I was told. The two photographers present were lads, Christopher and Benjamin. Christopher had black hair with dark brown eyes. Benjamin was a redheaded with green eyes as well. Both of them were just as handsome as Rick was. They were all easygoing, smart people. Twenty minutes after I had made small talk with everyone we decided to leave to the club. Benjamin texted the friend missing to let them know we were moving.

We moved in two cars, mine and Christopher's. I took Effy, Gabriella, and Benjamin with me. Christopher took Rick, Cook and Abigail. The ride to the club was a loud one. Everyone talking to each other, people asking me questions at the same time, while I had to listen to Effy's directions, was a little difficult. But a few wrong turns and some red lights after, we reached the club. We met with the others at the front of the door. There was a huge line to enter, but Effy just approached the bouncer, said something to him, and we were immediately lead inside.

To say the club was full was an understatement. There were people everywhere, but Effy just grabbed my hand and took me to what I guess would be the VIP room. Cook, Christopher, Benjamin, Rick, Abigail, and Gabriella were already there. They had already ordered the first round of shots and were going to start the second one.

"Oi, Naomikins, come here hon, sit next to the Cook, and have some of these" Cook said grabbing one of the shots.

"Yes Naomikins wouldn't want you to miss the fun, right?" Effy said, throwing herself in one of the bean bags in the middle of the room.

I took the shot, drank it fast, wincing a little as the alcohol burned a little. I took the sit next to Cook, propping my feet on a coffee table in front of me.

"That looks more like it" Benjamin said, sitting next to me.

"Wait till you see what I have" Cook said taking some pills out of his pocket.

"Now this is even better" Christopher said, taking one of the pills.

"And about to get better. Look who's here" Gabriella say nodding toward the VIP entrance, before taking a pill herself.

"Hello everybody" said the voice I was recognized immediately.

I turned around and saw Sydney walking to the sit in front of me. I waved at her and gave her a shy smile, earning me and poke on the ribs from Cook's elbow, and as I looked up I saw Effy smirking, her gazing moving back and forth from Sydney to me.

"Hey Naomi, how's it going?" She asked with a smile

"Good, about to get better" I said smirk

"I bet it will" She said with a wink and took one of Cook's pills. After she swallowed the pill, she took another one, placed it in the palm of her hand and cocked an eyebrow, challenging me. I moved forward, my eyes never leaving hers. I grabbed her hand and covered it with my own. I turned both hands around passing the pill to my hand, and then kissed her knuckles. I took the pill from my palm with my forefinger and thumb, placed it on my mouth and winked to Sydney as I swallowed.

"This shall be fun" Effy said.

Two hours later we were all on the dance floor, or so I think. I had not seen most of them for the last thirty minutes. Not that it really matter, not when I'm still on the effects of tequila shots and the pills Cook had given me. I'm dancing to the beat of the song, or so I'd like to think. I'm not the best dancer in the whole world I admit. The dance floor is full and there are a lot of bodies around me. But I'm having funnnn, I think I'm a little more drunk that I first thought. As I'm about to leave for the bathroom, a hand grabs my forearm, stopping my departure. The slender fingers moved up to my shoulder and I looked up. Green eyes met blue eyes.

"Shall we dance?" Sydney asked with a cheeky smile.

"I would love to" I answered her, a goofy grin plastered on my face.

Her right hand moved from my shoulder down until she reached my left hand. She intertwined her fingers with mine and we moved to the center of the dance floor. She moved in front of me and started dancing. She closed her eyes and raised her hands in the air as her hips and whole body moved to the beat of the song. I was transfixed by her dance. I hadn't realized I was not moving until Sydney laughed and I heard her speak, well raising her voice through the music, "Come here Ms. Perv a lot, we are supposed to be dancing".

She grabbed my hands with hers and moved us closer, but not close enough for our bodies to touch. We started dancing to our own rhythm our hands moving together in different direction, making different shapes. We probably looked like lunatics to the rest of the people on the dance floor, but it didn't matter because we were having fun. We continued dancing leisurely for another thirty minutes more, until I became thirsty. I pulled her hand, to get her attention; once I had it I informed her I would get water. She nodded and I twirled her around before I let her go.

I went to the bar, after waiting a few minutes I bought the water bottle; drank most of it on one go. God I needed it. Once my thirst calmed I went back to the dance floor. As I walked to it I saw Cook dancing, grinding, with a lady with big breasts. He caught my eye as I passed and winked at me. I continued walking and saw Effy dancing, she had a circle of guys and some girls surrounding her, typical Effy. I reached the center of the dance floor, where I had been minutes ago. Sydney was still dancing to herself, her back turned to me. I walked behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist. My hands settled on her stomach. She brought her hands around my own and closed the short distance between us. Her back was pressed against my front and we started moving to our own pace. We stayed like that for a few minutes, enjoying our dance. Sydney moved first. Her hands left mine and moved up to my neck. She moved closer and we started grinding. Her fingers started tickling my neck that made my hands squeeze her stomach automatically. She moved her head and I could feel each breath she took on my neck. I felt her lips press against my lips softly. My hands moved to her hips and pulled her even closer until there was no space at all between us. Her hands moved on top of mine and moved them until they were grabbing her thighs. I felt her inhale loudly and felt her lips kissing my neck. Her hands were on neck again slightly tugging me down. I complied, moved my head down at the same time in which she moved her head up, making our lips join in a gentle kiss. The intensity of the kiss surprised me at first, and my reaction was to tighten my hold of her. The kiss lasted a few more seconds. Sydney's lips moving against mine, so slowly and passionate. Her fingers tangled on my hair, pulling me closer. I felt like time had stopped and we were the only ones at the club, because only the two of us mattered.

A few seconds later we pulled away. I looked into her eyes, which were now a darker shade of green, and I heard her speak.

"You know, I really like you Naomi"

"Good, because I like you too" I said before lowering my head for another kiss. I felt her smiling against my lips before she kissed me back.

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