Part one

"Quick! Shut the door!" Vinnie exclaimed, dashing past the Kotters into the apartment. "I don't want nobody to see me!"

Gabe stood back and grinned, amused, at Vinnie as he took in the way he was dressed. He decided to take the tan trench coat, matching fedora and dark sunglasses as an excuse to enter an impression.

"Barbarino are you dressed for the late, late show?" He asked, sounding much like Humphrey Bogart. "It's midnight, sweetheart. Did you bring the falcon?"

After a brief repartee, which included Vinnie's typical dumb act, Vinnie went over to the couch to sit. He removed his hat and sunglasses, then explained to Gabe about Freddie and Vernajean wanting to get married. After Vinnie asked Gabe to stop his friends from getting married, they heard a knock on the door. Vinnie looked up in a panic towards the door.

"I don't want nobody knowing I'm talking to a teacher. You gotta hide me."

"Quick, in the bathroom." Julie said, guiding Vinnie to his hiding spot.

Once Vinnie was safe inside the bathroom, he stood in front of the closed door to listen. Hearing Rosalie's voice, he smiled to himself. He listened to the conversation between Rosalie and the Kotters, realizing that she wanted the same thing in regards to their friends getting married. Excitement rose within him the moment he heard another knock and then the panicked tone in Rosalie's voice as she announced that she needed to hide.

"I'll hide in the bathroom!" This caused Vinnie to smile

"You better not! Vinnie's hiding in the bathroom." Gabe replied

She smirked, waggling her eyebrows. "That's ok."

Vinnie's smile broadened and he stepped away from the door. When she saw him, Rosalie laid her finger across her lips. She then turned back to the door to listen. He stood behind her, smiling and taking in the way she looked in her dark blue trench coat and floppy hat. Turning to face him again, meeting his eyes, she mouthed, "It's Epstein!"

"Who cares?" Vinnie whispered. "C'mere."

Matching the grin on his face, Rosalie walked over to him. He placed his hands on her hips, bringing her closer at the waist. Even though she smiled, she lightly pushed him away from her.

"What are you doing?" She whispered through her grin.

He smiled, trying to appear innocent. "What?"

"You know what."

They were distracted by the sounds of Horshack entering the apartment. Turning back to look at Vinnie, she smirked.

"You think I'm that easy, Vinnie?"

"Well I was hopin'…"

She laughed. "You ain't gonna get me that easy just 'cause we're alone in this tiny room." She pulled Vinnie's hat down over his eyes and pushed him away.

"Hey!" Vinnie exclaimed. (What he did not realize was, his reaction came in perfect timing, in reply towards Horshack's comment about stopping him from stopping the wedding.)

Rosalie, trying to hold back laughter, shushed Vinnie. She pulled Vinnie's hat off his head and tossed it to the floor. Then, signaling for him to be quiet and to stand back, she opened her trench coat. Again, she tried to hold back her laughter as she lifted her shirt to reveal she did not have on a bra. Vinnie's eyes widened and he smiled over the sight of her exposed breasts. When he reached out to touch one, she backed up and pulled her shirt back down.

"Uh-uh. You ain't getting them that easy."

"Aw, come on, Hotsie! You can't show a guy your tits and then say he can't touch them! You're such a tease!"

"So I'm a tease." She shrugged. "I'd rather be known as a tease than to be known as easy."

They paused their conversation when something in the living room caught their attention. They listened for a moment, as the Kotters seemed to be fighting over a shirt and tuna casserole. Both students stifled their laughter as they heard this. As they listened to what sounded like Freddie and Vernajean telling the Kotters they knew the fight was not real, Vinnie wrapped his hands around Rosalie's hips to bring her close to him. She tried to get him to back off by nudging him with her elbow, but this only caused him to move in closer to kiss her on the neck. Again she nudged him but with a smile on her face. Even though he kissed her, they both still listened closely to what was happening in the next room.

"We can see that you really love each other, and you're only play acting." said Vernajean

"Right." Freddie replied

"Right!" All the other students shouted in unison from their hiding spots.

This caused Rosalie and Vinnie to cover their mouths in order to keep from entering a fit of laughter. Vinnie then turned Rosalie around to face him and attempted to move into a kiss on her mouth. At first, she resisted the kiss, trying to push him away like before. She, however, could not resist much longer, and wound up giving in to letting him kiss her.

The kiss was deep and the two teenagers came closer together at the waist. Rosalie brought her hands up to Vinnie's shoulders, sliding off his trench coat. Suddenly, she broke away from the kiss and looked at him with a frown.

"Vinnie, stop."

He looked at her in complete disbelief. "What? You can't stop in the middle of making out with me!" he exclaimed barely above a whisper. "No girl does that! I'm Vinnie Barbarino!"

"Well I'm Rosalie Totsie and I just stopped in the middle." She backed away, holding her hands up with a smug smirk.

Not feeling defeated yet, Vinnie snickered and brought her closer to him again. "You ain't getting away that easy, Hotsie."

"Ok, one more, but that's it."

"Right." He grinned. "One more."

He brought her into another deep kiss, pressing his abdomen against her. The kiss did not last very long before she pulled away and moved to the door.

"Alright, Vinnie. Time's up."

"Time's up? But we just got started!"

"I let you have one more kiss." She closed her trench coat and tossed him his hat from the floor. "And you got one more kiss."

They looked toward the door as they heard Freddie and Vernajean leaving the apartment.

"Well fine! If that's the way you're playin' it then I don't wanna make out with you no more."


Rosalie turned the doorknob and looked at him. He picked his coat off the floor and slung it over one shoulder. They both left the bathroom and approached the Kotters, right at the same time as Epstein and Horshack left their hiding spots. The students all lined up together and looked disappointed at the Kotters. Vinnie and Rosalie took a quick glanced at each other, thinking of the kisses they shared in the bathroom, before acting as though they had paid full attention to what had taken place with the absent students.

"Some big help you were." Vinnie said, looking at Gabe. "Now they're getting' married for sure!"

Vinnie ignored the words from his teacher and looked at Rosalie. As he imagined her topless again, he blocked out Epstein's comments to Gabe. He also neglected to notice that Epstein had his fedora and trench coat on backwards, and Horshack held a gorilla head mask tucked under one arm. Quickly shaking his thoughts of Rosalie's exposed breasts out of his mind, Vinnie turned to the door and hastily announced that they had to leave. Luckily, Epstein was quick to open the door to usher all four of them to the hallway. Once they were in the hallway, heading for the stairs, Vinnie managed to break completely away from his thoughts of Rosalie. He looked over at his two friends, finally noticing their comical disguises. Stopping in his tracks, he let out a small laugh.

"You guys look ridiculous. What is this, Halloween?"

Rosalie looked at them and laughed as well. "Hey Epstein turn around."

Epstein held his arms out with a grin as he turned around like she asked. When he did, Rosalie and Vinnie burst out laughing.

"Epstein! You got a-" Rosalie laughed, unable to finish her statement.

Epstein nodded. "Yeah, you like that? You wouldn't believe how long I actually practiced walking backwards, trying to keep that tie and those sunglasses in place. Walked backwards the whole way here with my hands behind my back and everything. Ain't easy."

"Well, Epstein, I gotta hand it to ya." Vinnie snickered and placed a hand on Epstein's shoulder. "If anybody could walk through town looking that dumb, and not have a problem with it, it's you."

"Hey what about me, Vinnie? Huh?" Horshack asked, holding up the gorilla head. "I had to walk all the way here wearing this thing on my head."

"You're right, Horshack. You're ridiculous too."

"Come on, guys." Rosalie laughed, urging the boys forward. "Let's go already."

Instead of pushing the boys ahead of her, she started walking forward and down the stairs. The boys took a moment to watch her as she descended. Taking his eyes off Rosalie, Epstein turned to Vinnie and placed a hand on his back.

"Hey Vinnie. So you and Hotsie in the bathroom, eh?"

"Yeah we was in the bathroom together." Vinnie grinned


Vinnie smirked "Epstein you walked backwards all the way here, right?"


"Why don't you walk backwards down the stairs?"

"I might. But first, tell me what happened with Hotsie."

"You mean before or after she flashed me her tits?"

Epstein's eyes lit up as she smiled. "Oh! Now you gotta tell! Details, Barbarino!"

Vinnie shook his head with a snicker and started to walk down the stairs. "Later, Epstein."

After watching Vinnie leave, Horshack and Epstein looked at each other. They shrugged before walking down the stairs.

"Why do you think Vinnie didn't want to share about what happened with Hotsie?"

"I dunno, Horshack. Maybe he's got nothin'." He gave Horshack a small shove, urging him ahead.