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A Stray

~Chapter 1~

Haruhi made her way back from the grocery store, juggling the grocery bags and her umbrella all at once. She tried her best not to get wet. She wouldn't want to get sick. She has school tomorrow… but it was the last day before summer break.

Haruhi sighed. If it was already summer, why in the world is it raining? The world may never know.

She turned the corner, dodging the extra water that the leaves of overhanging trees gave off. She didn't feel like getting pounded with extra rain water.

All of a sudden, Haruhi's ears picked up a noise. She swore she heard something following her. She spun around quickly, trying to catcher her pursuer off guard. But, she saw nothing; just street and rain.

Haruhi turned back around and shook her head. The rain must be getting to her.

She continued towards her home, wondering if her father were to come home that night or stay at his work until early morning. After all, they did need help at the Tranny Bar.

Haruhi shrugged. She'd call him when she got home.

And again, she heard it: the distinct, light padding of feet behind her. But, the odd thing was that it didn't sound… human.

Haruhi spun around, almost falling over her own feet, and looked around once more. And, finally, she decided to look down at the ground.

And she was met with a different (and adorable) sight. Dripping at her feet as it shivered from the cold, was the cutest Golden Retriever puppy she'd ever laid her eyes on.

'Oh, no,' she thought. 'We do not need a pet. Especially in this economy!' And as it shivered and let out the smallest of sneezes, Haruhi felt her resistance to un-needed pets crumble.

She kneeled down, putting down her groceries underneath the small halo of her umbrella. And she carefully plucked the puppy from the watered down ground and pet it to calm its nerves.

"Shh," Haruhi cooed, petting the puppy softly as it started to struggle. "I'm not going to hurt you. It's okay."

The puppy visibly calmed as it cuddled into Haruhi's warmth as she opened up her jacket and placed the puppy in front of her stomach. She picked up her groceries, tried to get a hold on her umbrella, and stood up, supporting the puppy with her free arm.

Quickly, Haruhi went home, trying her best to keep her, and the puppy dry. Well, as dry as they could get with the already soaked puppy cuddling into her abdomen.

She struggled to open the door, her hands overly full with all of her things. It was already bad enough that she had to climb up the stairs of her apartment building. But now, she had to unlock her door? The world could be so cruel.

Somehow, by some great miracle, Haruhi was able to unlock the door. She stumbled inside, quickly placing her groceries down in the kitchen and putting her umbrella down, making sure not to get anything wet. With no other place to put her umbrella, she put her wet umbrella in the sink as not to soak the floor or any piece of furniture. And as she felt the puppy shiver, she took the puppy towards her bathroom, running a nice, warm bath.

As the bath filled, she placed the puppy in, grabbing soaps that could cleanse the puppy. And as the time in the bath wore on, the puppy stopped shivering and listened to Haruhi's soft and gentle commands, leaning into her comforting touch.

While Haruhi was drying the puppy off, she realized something. What in the world was its name? She already knew its gender (because it was pretty obvious), but she couldn't just continue calling or referring to the animal as 'the puppy'.

"What am I going to call you?" Haruhi muttered, staring at his big, violet eyes.

And, as she stared deep into the small pup's orbs, she could hear the faintest whisper of a name.

"T-Tamaki…?" Haruhi repeated after the voice that had resounded in her head.

It seemed like everything snapped into place as the puppy wagged his tail in pure joy.

"Tamaki, huh?" Haruhi muttered, putting the towel away. "Like that guy that went missing?"

Haruhi turned to see the puppy staring at her contently… if they could do that. She wasn't sure yet. She'd never had a pet, let alone a puppy.

"I guess I'll call you that," Haruhi smiled, picking 'Tamaki' up and off of the floor.

The puppy, or Tamaki really, wagged his tail once more.

Haruhi made her way to the kitchen. And as she entered, she placed Tamaki on the ground, grabbing her groceries to put away in their proper place.

Tamaki sat out of her way in the corner of the kitchen, watching Haruhi's every move. She found it odd that Tamaki acted as if he could actually understand everything and anything that was going on around him. It was as if he were human…

Haruhi scoffed, chucking a bit. There's no way that could be true. He was just a puppy; nothing more, nothing less. And there was no way to change that. Not like she wanted to. No, she's just a normal person. She doesn't believe in that stuff… at least, that's what she thinks…

No, she knows it.


Haruhi sighed when she was finally finished. Wow, she was sighing a lot today, Haruhi noticed. She wondered just what was making her sigh like that. She shrugged. It was irrelevant. She didn't need to know why.

"You must be hungry," Haruhi uttered, pulling out some left overs that she had in the fridge.

As she made some food for herself, she made a bowl for Tamaki. Of course the puppy could eat this right? It wouldn't make him sick, right? Haruhi hoped not. And when Tamaki started eating the food after she placed it down next to the edge of the room, she knew he'd be fine. She didn't know why. But that was irrelevant as well. She could live life without knowing.

Haruhi chewed on some rice, watching as Tamaki awkwardly ate his food. It was as if, Haruhi realized, that he had no idea how he was supposed to consume the food. It was as if he didn't even know how to use his own mouth. Wow. What was she coming up with now?

Without even noticing until it was done, Haruhi felt Tamaki nudge her calf with his nose, snapping out of her thoughts.

"W-what is it?" And now she was talking to him as if he were human.

Tamaki pointed his nose to his empty bowl.

Well he sure seemed to know exactly what she was saying.

"Oh, you're done." It was then that she realized she had finished her own food as well.

And Haruhi started to clean up the dishes used for the two of them to eat. She couldn't shake the thought that she was forgetting something. And when the home phone rang for her to hear, Haruhi finally remembered exactly what she had forgotten.

Wiping her hands on her jeans to get them dried, Haruhi quickly made her way to the phone, picking it up and placing the ear piece to her ear.

"Hello?" Haruhi said.

"Haruhi, I'm going to be working late tonight," Haruhi heard her father, Ranka, say over the line.

"That's fine, Dad," Haruhi replied, looking down at the puppy tugging on the hem of her jeans.

"I just wanted to make sure my beloved daughter knew where I was so that she wouldn't worry," Ranka said. Haruhi swore that she could hear him pouting over the line.

"Oh, Dad?"

"Ranka, get over here!" someone on the other side of the line called, interrupting Haruhi.

"I have to go, Haruhi," Ranka said, already pulling the phone away from his face.

"Wait, Dad, I found a-"

"Bye Haruhi!" and all she heard was a dial tone.

Haruhi sighed in frustration. "Fine," Haruhi growled, "be that way."

Hanging up the phone, Haruhi turned towards Tamaki. He looked… weird. Haruhi's eyes widened. Does he… oh gosh.

Haruhi quickly put on her shoes and coat, grabbing her umbrella out of the sink.

"Come on, Tamaki, let's go potty," Haruhi called enthusiastically, just for the heck of it.

Tamaki awkwardly ran to the door. He must have been holding it in for quite a while if he's acting like that, Haruhi thought.

Haruhi waited as Tamaki ran towards the brush, going out of her sight.

What in the world was she thinking? Taking in a stray? Wow, she must be becoming an animal lover.

And as Tamaki came back, the cuteness of his expression making Haruhi want to coo in delight, she had to agree with herself.

Definitely an animal lover.

Haruhi lay down in her bed, freshly showered and snuggled into her warm sheets. And right beside her, curled up against the crook of her neck, was Tamaki, the tiny Golden Retriever that she had found on her way home.

He was fidgeting a bit, trying to get comfortable but stay warm against her neck. As if sensing his uneasiness, Haruhi reached her hand up and scratched Tamaki behind his ear. He seemed to hesitate as if he were wondering if it was a good idea to get too close to her. But after feeling her comforting touch, he seemed to settle down.

Haruhi continued to pet him until she was sure that he was already asleep. And feeling her eyelids drop, she decided to leave the fact that she needed to find out how to care for Tamaki while she was at school. It wasn't as if she could take him with her…

Could she?

~Chapter 1 End~

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