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Young Justice thought Robin was just a human.

A human who had no powers but could kick massive butt anyway.

They thought that he became Robin because Batman was his father. They thought that was why Robin's and Batman's bond was so strong.

But they thought wrong.

Robin wasn't the Robin they knew.

He wasn't what they thought he was.

Robin and Batman weren't father and son.

They weren't even related.

Robin hadn't become Robin because of Batman.

There was a whole other reason why their bond was so strong.

Robin was someone completely different.

Robin had lied.

Batman had lied.

If only they knew why.

But they didn't.

But they soon would.

All thanks to one mission, one that would have them fighting to keep Robin.

If they knew of the battle that would come with knowing the true Robin, they would have stayed home . . .


Because where was the fun in that?

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