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Chapter 27

"Robin!" the team cried, huddling around Batman, Shadow and Robin who was coughing.

What? No one's happy to see us? Now that's a new low.

Batman rolled his eyes. "Now Shadow, you know that they were worried about him. It's understandable."

Shadow pouted. Still, it would have been nice if one had cried "Shadow!" or something.

"Umm, sorry to break up the happy reunion and stuff but aren't we forgeting something?" Artemis said, jerking a thumb towards the hole.

"Oh yeah!" M'gann exclaimed, leading everyone to the hole.

"So what's the big deal about this-" Robin started but stopped when he spotted the scientist.

. . . So who wants to get some revenge on this guy? We can get in a line and-

"No, Shadow. This guy deserves something much . . . worse," Batman said, his eyes locked on the scared scientist.

Shadow gave Batman a look. . . . Fine. But Batman, don't kill him. I want him to rot in Arkham Asylum till the day he finally croaks.

Batman smirked. "I'm not promising anything."

"Come on, guys. I think the scientist wants some time alone with Batman," Robin said with a smirk, staring down at the scientist one more time.

The scientist violently shook his head. "No! Anything but-"

Everyone ignored the rest of his sentence, figuring that it would another plea for mercy and followed Robin back to the Bat-Cave to make sure he was alright.

Once they were gone, Batman jumped down into the hole and stared down scientist. "Now, where were we?"

_The Next Day_

"So how come you didn't spit up blood yesterday?" Kid Flash asked Robin over the phone while he made himself a sandwich in Mount Justice's kitchen.

Robin chuckled. "It was only a few feet so all it did was give me a really bad headache. Nothing major."

Kid Flash rolled his eyes. "Yeah, nothing major. Just a monsterous headache. Hey, that reminds me. Why are you at home?"

Robin sighed loudly. "Because SOMEONE thinks that my injuries are worse than what I say."

"So Batman huh?" Kid Flash said through a mouth full of sandwich.

"Yeah. But I think he wants me here because sleeping off what he did to that scientist yesterday."

Kid Flash raised an eyebrow. "Are you telling me that Batman doesn't sleep unless he knows someone has his back?"

Robin nodded. "That's exactly what I'm telling you."

Kid Flash laughed. "Nice. Hey, what was that scientist's name anyway? You guys never mentioned a name."

Robin blinked in surprise. "You know, I don't know."

"Really? Huh. Anyway, got to go. I've got a sandwich to eat!" Kid Flash cried out and snapped his phone shut without saying goodbye.

That was rude.

Robin shrugged. "You know how he is about food."

Still, it's very rude to hang-up without saying goodbye.

Robin shrugged again and turned over on his bed, laying on his stomach.

. . . The red-head actually asked a good question.

"Huh?" Robin said, glancing to his left at Shadow.

Shadow shifted, stretching out her legs. His question about the scientist's name.

"Ah, that. Yeah . . . What was his name anyway?"

. . . . Bob?

The end . . .

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