Familiar Places

Happy new year guys! This chapter is basically the last two chapters of The Soul Fades combined just encase you haven't read that one. But I kinda suggest you do even though it's not necessary, though I suppose it is when it comes to the darkness. For him read chapter 18 of The Soul Fades.

Summary: An enemy unseen. A familiar place in a familiar time. Shadows that could consume Ichigos second chance. Will the new Ichigo be accepted? Who is Amatsu-MikaBoshi? (Name tbc) And what is his quarrel with Ichigo? Time-Travel fic. I suppose you could say there is hinted romance between Ichigo and my OC, Chie.

All rights to bleach go to Tite Kubo.

-Shiro thinking-

*Zangetsu thinking*

-Luna Neuva thinking-

'Darkness thinking'

"Shiro talking"

"Zangetsu talking"

"Neuva talking"

"Darkness talking"

The Beginning…

They left the shop. The one that looked the same as ever, apart from the doors that hung on their hinges. It had been a somewhat base of operations whenever a new enemy appeared, or a place for shinigami to stay like Renji had frequently. It had bristled with so much life back then and now it had the aura of a haunted house. Shiro had already gone of taunting the Onis ad he did so even if he was uneasy about it all.

"Come on Ichigo, when I said we've got to go. We have got to go." Chie grabbed his arm and began dragging him away. "Shrios already taken many of them away and I don't think he'll last long away from you."

"I know, it's just…in the end I couldn't do anything. I couldn't protect anyone…" There was meaning behind his words but his voice was a monotone. Too much was at stake now for his emotions to get in the way. He still had a chance to save the others.

"Don't worry Ichigo, they're all with you now." Chie soothed jumping into the air using a barrier to raise Ichigo with her. "Come on we best get their soon."


Their made their way silently under the battles that was raging in the sky. No one saw them. No one even glanced in their direction. Many of the battles were 2 on 1 but everyone was managing to hold their own. Ichigo dared not look too closely at the battles in fear that he may see someone else go down. The only battle he looked at was his fathers, but even that was a passing glance. His dad was fighting near Aizen so Ichigo couldn't help but look over. The old soul reaper was taking on 3 Oni at once. He was covered in cuts from previous battles but they didn't seem to hinder him. Thankfully the Oni he was fighting weren't all that strong. Two were of lieutenant level while the other was just above captain. Ichigo glanced long enough to his see dad take one down with a strike through the heart. With that he continued on towards the smug figure that was Aizen.

The man stood in what could be described as the middle of the battle. A smile was plastered across his face that was the same as it had been before he'd fused with the hogyoku. Said item was still embedded in Aizens chest in all its sparkling purely-green glory. The one thing Ichigo noticed was that the hogyoku didn't appear to be giving Aizen any power.

"Aizen!" Ichigo roared charging at his sworn enemy.

"My, isn't it Ichigo Kurosaki, I thought you were too far gone to be of any threat." Aizen said lazily. He turned to a few Oni that were milling around them, "Battle him."

The charged, but Ichigo and Chie were ready. In an instant Chie raised the barrier around them and Aizen, no one was interrupting. The Oni who attacked the barrier exploded into showers of blood and gore.

"I never knew they could to that.." Ichigo raised an eyebrow at Chie.

"They don't always. I just modified them a bit. Anyway those guys were weak." She said drawing her zanpakuto, "we best attack now."

"Yes." Ichigo agreed he was already in his bankai so there was no time wasted on the transformation. Both he and Chie charged at the same time knowing he could bock only one of the strikes.

"Hado #31 Shakkahō!" Aizen called firing it at Chie while bringing his zanpakuto round to deflect Ichigos strike.

Pushing Ichigo back Aizen disappeared and reappeared beside Chie thinking she would be to slow to react. He was wrong. In an instant Chie had brought her zanpakuto up in defence and the proceeded to kick Aizen in the stomach sending him flying into the barrier. The barrier burned at the skin on his back making Aizen scream in pain. He quickly recovered and pushed away from the wall of fire, anger stark on his face. In a flash he was next to the unsuspecting Chie as he intended to bring his blade across her chest. Chie managed to block some of the damage but a deep cut had found its way onto her stomach. Blood poured from the wound as she attempted to counter only to have Ichigo appear before her. The orange-haired boy launched a big Getsuga Tensho without uttering a word. Having an idea Chie quickly recovered and appeared behind Aizen who was barely blocking the mass of Ichigos reiatsu.

"Cero," was all Chie whispered before a giant mass of purple light engulfed Aizen. Believing it was over Chie sonidoed over to Ichigo. What a mistake that was. Aizen who had barely managed to flash-step out of the way appeared before her and stabbed her right though the chest.

"Chie!" Ichigo cried, he wouldn't let someone else be taken away by Aizen. He knew the wound wouldn't be fatal if Chie could get into her resurrection and that he intended to make happen. Using his new hollow powers Ichigo sonidoed right at Aizen bringing Zangetsu round and into Aizens left side. The blow swept Aizen away and left a significant gash in the traitors side.

"Are you okay?" he asked without thinking.

"Better than being dead I guess." She coughed her airy voice broken and blood filled.

"You best go into resurrection. You know we heal quicker like that." He said passing her zanpakuto to her.

"Best stand back," she heaved herself up. Ichigo moved back a few meters as he heard her yell, "Strike! Culebre!"

A brilliant purple light surrounded Chie as her figure changed. Silver dragon-like wings grew out her back and black claws formed on her hands and feet. Her half mask was now mirrored on the other side of her face and the rest of her skin was back to shining silver scales. She rolled her eyes behind her mask and the giant wings shrunk back into her back. Only to be replaced by flowing silver scarf. The tips of the claws that she had were coated in a violent purple poison while her mask emitted purple smoke from the mouth.

"Well I quite like it," She grinned, her airy voice now a low rumble of power.

-I'm back kingy! Woah, look at that resurrection. Now you can join in too!- The over excited Arrancar called.

'Thank you, Shrio.'

"Glare! Luna Nueva!" Ichigo roared as black and red twisted reiatsu surrounded him.

…Of An End

The reiatsu cleared from around Ichigo revealing his resurrection. He'd kept the long orange hair which cascaded down from two forwards facing horns. There was no full mask covering Ichigos pale white face. Only sharp black teeth formed over his mouth extending to just under his cheekbone into plain white bone that reached up to the horns. The top of his bankai outfit had extended black markings which extended out from the hole in his chest. Retractable claws extended from his toes and hands. A final touch was black chains that hung from his wrists and ankles making no sound when they moved.

-Woo! How nice it is to be out and about! Wait what's that…-

*It looks like whatever it is Shi was talking about has decided to appear.*

-Don't worry king we'll hold it back for the battle.-

'Careful guys, we're still not sure what it does.'

-You're telling us to be careful? Man the number of times you've died…-

*Just hurry Ichigo it becomes more volatile by the second!*

'What a nice place it is here I think I might stay… Oh? Company.'

-Get Lost!- After that the mental link was cut off. Ichigo wanted help them but there was another matter at hand that refused to wait.

"So you have a resurrection," Aizen mused. "I guess that would make sense, you were a hollow after all."

"I don't care for your musings Aizen! This needs to end now!" Ichigos semi-distorted voice roared.

"Why? Because you want to save them? Who is left for you to save?" Aizen paused, "Your father? That shop keeper and his cat? The only two friends you have left? Or the remaining Shinigami?"

"All of them, I will protect what is left. Even if I have to go down with you!" Ichigo answered as Chie took up her position behind their target.

"But what if you survive? Do you think they will forgive you?" Aizen taunted a smile creeping onto his face.

"I don't expect them to." Ichigo nodded to Chie. It was the signal to attack and she did. In a flash she was right behind Aizen the silver scarf was now twin blades which were poised forwards ready to impale. Black fire brimmed from her mouth ready to turn Aizen to ashes and her poison claws dripped with killer intent. She launched it all at once believing Aizen had no idea she was there. Her momentum was to strong and she had no time to turn to where Aizen had moved. He used this to his advantage.

"Hadō #90 Kurohitsugi." Aizen murmured and instantly a black box surrounded Chie. The outer lining of the box flared out and the dispelled quickly leaving Chie covered in cuts that were gushing blood.

"It seems I can still not quite master it," Aizen sighed looking at the fallen form of Chie.

"You bastard!" Ichigo growled turning to Chie, "Chie can you keep the barrier up?"

"There will be no need." She coughed as explosions echoed everywhere killing many of the Oni that were left. "Your friends shall deal with the remaining two."

Nodding Ichigo turned back to Aizen charging a cero between his horns. It felt much like a Getsuga Tensho only smalled and filled with more energy. He let the blast loose on Aizen and soindoed behind him to deal another attack. When he brought his blade down he hit a barrier, the one that stopped sneak attacks. Ichigo could have kicked himself, how could he have forgotten? Having an idea Ichigo charged quick cero just as Aizen turned around and sent it blasting towards him. Most of it was deflected by the traitors sword but some had managed to scorch Aizens arms, burning away much of the shihakusho sleeves.

While Ichigo was recoiling from the multiple ceros Aizen came at him with his sword raised. Ichigo caught the blade with his bare white hand and tugged Aizen forwards in preparation for another attack. Ichigo brought the sword down slicing downwards through Aizens chests, an almost fatal wound. Even with the hogyoku rejecting him the former captain still retained some healing ability, even if it was slow.

The wound Ichigo had inflicted began to knit together slowly as the two continued at each other. Aizen was purely on the defensive until his wound healed but Ichigo wouldn't let that happen. If he could get the right shot in he could try to slice right through the hogyoku which should destroy Aizen too. Kicking Aizen back Ichigo used one of the new techniques.

"Perforación Luna!" Ichigo yelled. The chains around his ankles and wrists unravelled themselves and began to float upwards. The chains morphed into small white crescent blades that were coated in black reiatsu. Using his mind Ichigo willed the blades towards Aizens chests. Two of the blades were deflected by Aizen while one got him in the leg and the other hit its target, the hogyoku. His face twisted into rage Aizen threw Kyōka Suigetsu at Ichigo determined to take Ichigo down with him. The blade hit Ichigo in the stomach going right through, barely avoiding his spinal cord. He hit what would be floor but Chies barrier kept him from falling to the ground.

A hand wrapped itself around his shoulder. It was Chie. She appeared to be fine her earlier wounds were healing but the bleeding had stopped. Regardless of their victory her eyes were filled with despair.

"I have a feeling we won't survive. You should say goodbye." She indicated her head to Aizens brightly glowing form and then to all the people who stood watching. The crowd was made up of his dad, Uryū, Ryūken, Shad, Urahara, Yoruichi, Suì-Fēng, Byakuya, Kenpachi, Toshiro, Rangiku, Ōmaeda, Hisagi and Yachiru. They all looked happy to see him, but their eyes held the same sadness that Chies did.

"Guys.." Ichigo trailed off not knowing what to say.

"My son, I am proud of you-" His dad was cut off by Chie and a noise of building pressure.

"Ichigo! You have only a few seconds!" Chie screamed as she glanced over her shoulder.

"I guess this is goodbye." Distorted sorrow filled words left Ichigo in a bloody cough, "I'm sorry about everything, I wish this never happened. I-"

He never got to finish. The bright light expanded in a huge explosion that pushed forwards at Ichigo and Chie. Both Arrancars wished that none of this ever happened, that they'd never consumed anyone but most of all Ichigo wished that he could have stopped Aizen before any of this happened. As those thoughts filled through their minds the hairpins they wore began to glow a warm orange as they formed a shield around Ichigo and Chie. When the blast with the hogyoku connected with the shield it listened to the desires. With the force of an explosion that would have levelled Katakura town Ichigo and Chie were thrown back.


Everything was a blur but soon the world around them stabilised as a familiar hill came into existence. The hill where it had all begun.

Chie and Ichigo were deposited in a pile that was mainly coated in blood. After much noise the two untangled themselves and got up. They looked around confused what was happening, after all they should be dead shouldn't they? What they saw didn't instil any confidence in Chie who'd always learnt to fear shinigami. Right in front of them stood the head captain along with a few other captains and their lieutenants. All of them eyed them with suspicion their zanpakutos drawn.

"Uh..?" Ichigo was at a loss.

"Where the hell are we?" Chie roared at him losing her cool demure.

"I'll give you a guess."

"I'd rather not try, I don't want to believe we're here." She paused, "We should be dead! You know the giant explosion when we killed that Aizen guy?"

"I know but form the looks of it-" Ichigo was cut off by a familiar cry that almost made him laugh.

"Ichigo?" Rukia yelled from atop her execution stand, uncertain as to if the long hair orange person was Ichigo.

"Seems like we're back in time…" he trailed off into a fit that involved coughing up blood and collapsed to the ground.

"Oh no you don't," Chie muttered catching him, wincing from her cuts as she did so. "You're staying upright until you tell me where we are."

"I demand you tell us who you are, now!" a cold stoic noble said to them.

"Wait," Chie squinted her eyes trying to pin point when she last saw the familiar man. "Weren't you just covered in blood after fighting Oni?"

Noboday had a chance to respond because the body she was holding began to erupt into a mass of swirling shadows that left everyone feeling cold.

"It's nice to come out and play" Multiple voices called from the blackened form of Ichigo.

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Key of what some of the things mean:


Luna Neuva – his resurrection, means New moon in Spanish, which is Shingetsu in Japanese and means the same thing. The guy is basically the opposite of Tensa Zangetsu.

perforación luna – it kinda means drilling moon but drilling is another word for piercing and it wouldn't translate it back to piercing. I suppose you get the idea though


Her name means wise.

Culebre - A Spanish version of a dragon. Culebre is Hebi in Japanese which just means snake.