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~Chapter 1

He was cool. He had the looks, the crew, the girls. He had it all. He was Puck. And Sabrina hated him for it. He was the thorn in her side, the very bane of her existence. And he was currently heading her way. Flashing smiles to all the girls he passed, his gaze finally landed on Sabrina.

"Wow, Grimm," he said loudly, making sure his entire group of "jocks" heard. "How you manage to get uglier and uglier everyday never ceases to amaze me."

Sabrina growled, crossing her arms over her chest. Puck had some pretty good tricks up his sleeve, that she'd give him credit for. But she had a few tricks of her own.

"Ah, Robin." Sabrina said, making sure to use his school name. "If I were you, I'd keep that pretty little smirk off my face."

This comment only caused Puck's smirk to grow."Really? And why is that?"

"It's about to be missing a few teeth." Sabrina said, as she headed in the other direction down the hallway. She could still hear the comments coming from Puck's friends:

"Dude, she's so hot! If I were you, I'd hop on that!"

"I'd like to show her the backseat of my car…"

Sabrina rolled her eyes, disgusted at the way a group of high school students could act. But hey, it was high school. Two more years and she'd be home free.

As Sabrina reached the school cafeteria, her group of friends were already waiting for her. She may not have been as popular as Puck, but she was certainly.

"Sabrina!" Adrienne squealed, waving her friend over. Sabrina smiled in return, and walked over to her friends.

First and foremost, there was Adrienne. Adrienne was Sabrina's closest friend. She was Korean, with long black hair, pale skin, and dark brown eyes. Captain of the cheerleading squad, she was pretty- and she knew it.

Next in line were the twins, Rachel and Jordan. They looked similar in every way; light brown hair, green eyes, freckles, and slightly tanned skin. The only difference was their personalities. Rachel was loud, and loved to cause drama, while Jordan was more reserved, with a calm attitude.

And finally, there was Jeff. Jeff was one of Puck's best friends, though with his current crush on Sabrina, he was constantly around her instead lately, which meant he had to sit at their lunch table.

Now, these weren't Sabrina's only friends. She was very popular, being friends with all the girls on her lacrosse, softball, and track team. But since these girls were usually following Puck, she rarely spent time with them.

"Sabrina! Can you buy me a cookie?" Rachel asked, fake pouting. Sabrina rolled her eyes.

"Chocolate chip, or sugar?"

"Surprise me," Rachel replied, smirking. Sabrina rolled her eyes one final time, before walking over to the food counter.

Once she had gotten a sugar cookie, Sabrina walked up to the cashier, only to find her sworn enemy buying his lunch in front of her. Puck. Sabrina growled loudly, drawing his attention.

Puck spun around and smirked. "What are you, an animal? Humans don't growl, Grimm," he said slowly, as if speaking to an infant.

"Watch it Goodfellow," Sabrina said, surprisingly calm. "One more comment like that, and the whole school will know about the real Robin Goodfellow." Sabrina was of course, referring to the fact that Puck was a 4,000-year-old fairy, not a human teenage boy. Puck narrowed his eyes.

"You wouldn't." By now his lunch had been paid for, as well as Rachel's cookie. Puck stood glaring down at Sabrina, his 5'11 stature towering over her 5'6 height. It was then that Sabrina realized how tall Puck had gotten over the years. But she wasn't fazed in the slightest by his height.

"Oh really? Watch me." Sabrina opened her mouth, ready to shout to the entire cafeteria who Puck really was, when his hand tightly clamped over her mouth.

"Stop it!" He hissed, pulling her into chest. They were so close, Sabrina could smell his cologne. Pine and… rain? She didn't like it. Sabrina pushed Puck's hand away from her face and stormed back to her table, still holding the sugar cookie. She could feel Puck's eyes on her back the entire time.

"What was that all about?" Adrienne asked Sabrina, eyebrows raised. She was referring to her and Puck's exchange from moments ago.

Sabrina handed Rachel the sugar cookie, sat down, and sighed. "Nothing. That's just Robin Goodfellow being Robin Goodfellow."

"Doesn't he live with you?" Jeff asked, not bothering to hide his curiosity.

"Yeah. My grandma adopted him when we were eleven."

"Oh? So you guys are like brother and sister?" Adrienne asked.

Sabrina turned scarlet."Well, kinda. But my grandma adopted him as her son, so in a way he's-"

"He's your uncle!" Rachel exclaimed, drawing the attention of the people nearby. "Robin Goodfellow is your uncle!"

"Shhh!" Sabrina hissed. "He's not really my uncle, 'cause we're not really related. But yes, if you want to think of it that way, than yes, Robin is my… uncle." This caused hysterical laughter from everyone at their table. Sabrina rolled her eyes. "Okay, okay. It's not that funny."

Adrienne wiped her watering eyes, suppressing another laugh. "So, why do you guys hate each other so much then?"

Everyone in the grade- heck, everyone in Ferryport Landing High knew that Sabrina and Puck were sworn enemies. It was like a sacred covenant, an oath they had to follow. Sabrina and Puck could never be friends. Never.

"Sabrina!" Adrienne snapped, waving her hand in front of the blonde's face. Sabrina snapped out of her reverie.

"Huh? I'm sorry, what was the question?" Adrienne snickered.

"I asked why you and Robin hate each other so much?"

"Oh right," Sabrina said. "I don't know, we've just hated each other since we were little." The lie slid smoothly of her tongue, for Sabrina had told it many times before.

"Oh, okay."

The bell rang, signaling that the lunch period had ended. As the group said their goodbyes, Sabrina found Jordan, and they headed to their next class together; English. Puck and Sabrina no longer had every class together like they had in middle school- Sabrina had personally taken that up with the Principle.

As the two friends walked down the halls, a group of Puck's friends made their way towards them. Sabrina inwardly groaned. For some reason, these "jocks" were infatuated with Sabrina, constantly surrounding her whenever they could. Jordan caught site of the group and gave Sabrina a worried look. It wasn't the boys heading towards them he was scared of- he was friends with all of them. Jordan was more worried for Sabrina, knowing how much she hated the boys.

"We could just take the long way to class if you want…" Jordan said, thumbing the opposite direction.

"No, its fine." Sabrina said. "Go to English without me. I'll deal with these stalkers myself." Jordan gave her a thumbs up, for good luck, and walked past her to their English class.

As the "jocks" caught sight of Sabrina, they all started wolf whistling. They came closer, now surrounding her.

"Hey Sabrina, what's up?"

"Hey I know a great place we can-"

"What's your favorite color?" Sabrina gave a strange look to the boy who had asked her of her favorite color.

"Sorry guys, gotta get to English- bye!" Sabrina pushed roughly through them and ran to her classroom. She was almost home free- she could see her classroom door-until the late bell rang.

Sabrina muttered profanities under her breath, hoping her teacher would not be paying attention when she walked in late. But of course, her luck had run thin.

Sabrina entered the room, and her teacher immediately snapped.

"Sabrina Grimm! Why are you late?" Her English teacher, Mr. Kelley asked her.

"Um… I don't know." She said meekly. What was she going to tell her teacher? That a group of jock stalkers had crowded around her, prohibiting her from getting to class on time? Not likely.

Mr. Kelley took a deep breath, and she knew what was coming.

"This is the tenth time you've been late in the last two weeks. I've given you detentions, but apparently that's not enough. No, you need a bigger punishment."

"What kind of punishment…?"

Mr. Kelley seemed as though he had prepared for her punishment weeks ago. He immediately responded. "You now have to be apart of the school's musical production." Sabrina eyes grew wide, as the students in the classroom gave her groans of sympathy.

"Are you freaking kidding me?" Sabrina exclaimed. She immediately covered her mouth.

"Detention, Miss Grimm!"

Puck casually strolled into his math class, late as usual.

"Detention, Mr. Goodfellow," Mrs. Miller said in a bored tone. She was used to giving Puck daily detentions- it was almost like a ritual they had to follow.

Puck shrugged and took his seat in the back of the room, winking at a few of the girls as he passed.

"So, as I was saying," Mrs. Miller said. "What would be the answer to this problem in the substitution and elimination methods?" She pointed to a rather long problem on the white board.

No one's hands rose to answer the question. Mrs. Miller scanned the room, trying to pick a student to call on. It was the best part of her job, after all. Her gaze finally landed on Puck.

"Ah, Mr. Goodfellow! What is the answer to this problem?"

Puck shrugged his shoulders, mumbling something about math being pointless under his breath.

"What was that? I didn't quite hear you," Mrs. Miller said, smirking. She thought she finally had him.

"I said," Puck started, speaking louder. "Math is stupid and pointless." The entire class started cracking up.

Mrs. Miller's face turned red."Oh really? And what do you want to be when you grow up?"

"A billionaire with tons of money, duh." Puck didn't bother to explain to her that he was in fact, fully grown, and 100 times her age.

"Well, you need math to count all that money!" Mrs. Miller said.

"Uh no, I don't. I can just get someone to count it for me. For a teacher, you don't really think," Puck muttered the last part under his breath, but the teacher still heard.

"That's it!" She exclaimed. "I've had it with all your sarcastic remarks, and your non-participation in this class. I'm done giving detentions." Puck gave a sigh of relief.

"Oh, good. 'Cause I have gotten quite a few detentions from you-"

"I wasn't finished." Mrs. Miller said. "As well as serving the detention I gave you earlier, you will now be participating in the school play." The class became deadly silent.

Puck's eyes widened. "Are you joking?"

"I don't joke, Mr. Goodfellow."

"Well, what's the play topic this year?" He asked.

Mrs. Miller smirked, as if she couldn't wait to let him know. "Romeo and Juliet. I'm sure you'll have a splendid time."

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