Sonic Unleashed, Again?

Chapter 1-Power Abuse

It has been almost a full year since Sonic, with help from his then-newest ally Chip, defeated Dark Gaia. With his defeat came the mending of the planet's shattered pieces, the breaking of a nocturnal curse, the resealing of two ancient beings, and most importantly, the formation of an eternal friendship. It seemed that, as Sonic adjusted the collar-turned-bracelet on the cuff of his glove, green gem adorned at the top, the troubles of his days (or rather, nights) of the Werehog were over. Those were his thoughts. They he sped through a Green Hill loop-de-loop in pursuit of his one and only real, true enemy-who had now retaken a liking to his old badniks.

Sonic was not sure why he was, nor was he sure what his enemy's intentions were for building a large tower in Green Hill Zone. Obviously, he knew too well whatever the resident mad scientist was thinking could only lead to trouble, but still. He'd like to know what scheme had crossed this moustache's genius mind this time, if only to mock and ridicule his futile and constant attempts to best him before he crushed it like every other time before.

Sonic, as always, was pushing the height of his speed, boosting through badniks, feeling a little too lazy today to actually take the extra few seconds to homing attack them, as he kept his shiny green eyes on the big, fat, egg-shaped prize as it tried to hover away and out of sight from the blur. Sonic had been feeling quite lazy in regards to his personal safety recently. Despite his natural disposition towards such tendencies, it seemed as though recently, he had just completely forgotten any fear he had (once again, not out of the ordinary for him most of the time, but still odd given the new circumstances), and for very obvious reasons.

Eggman turned back towards Sonic, shoving his index finger down on a large button. A small hatch in the back of his Egg Mobile immediately slid open, sucking in a small, bluish pink flicky into its machinery. After a minute or two of loud, clanking machinery ticking inside the small hover vehicle, another hatch immediately slid open in the front, spitting out a badnik-ized flicky, jet boosters protruding from its body where wings once were. Its dark red eyes automatically locked on Sonic, firing two small, yet precise pinkish red lasers towards his feet, burning a pair of scorch marks into the green grass. Sonic, now feeling completely languid, decided to just let his new power take care of it, as he had been doing so quite increasingly. Just as the lasers were to touch his shoes, now worn and dirty from his long runs of the day, the bracelet on Sonic's arm began to shine intensely, bathing Sonic in a green forcefield; The new, powerful shield only allowed the laser a moment of any sort of impactful pressure before easily letting the laser ricochet off it and right back at the flicky badnik, blasting it free of its new robot form. The small bird glided away, tweeting joyfully as Sonic sped by, his trademark smirk growing ever larger on his face.

"Please, Egghead." Sonic rolled his eyes as he dodged a familiar free spinning, brown and light tan, checkered ball swinging uncontrollably from the Egg Mobile. "Badniks? And that ancient wrecking ball? What happened to, "Out with the old, and in with the new?""

Eggman still blasting through the Zone at top speed, spun his Egg Mobile to face Sonic again, an even larger smirk partially hidden by his bushy, orange moustache. "Heh, I've gotten quite fond of the classics," Eggman sneered as he stroked his 'stache, "Not that a walnut-sized brain such as yours could comprehend, Rodent." He sucked up another flicky and hurled it at Sonic.

Sonic, hopping some spikes as he allowed his shield to bounce the flicky's lasers, chuckled, speaking in a mocking voice, "Sure I do! You're an old relic who likes even older relics!"

Eggman tugged on one side of 'stache angrily, his sneer turning to a scowl. "Some things never get old!" Eggman countered as he unchained the ball, allowing it to freely barrel towards the small blue blur.

"You mean..." Sonic, using the last of his reserved energy to give a hard, vertical air boost to avoid the ball, came up fast on the Mobile with a homing attack, immediately shutting a left booster off, causing the Mobile to teeter awkwardly. Then, punting it sky high with a left as he fell to the ground, he casually took a few steps back as he watched the Egg Mobile shatter like glass against the green floor, bits of parts spewing from various spots on it in every direction. " watching you..." Eggman, who soon followed his Egg Mobile's trajectory, landed in a tangled knot on top of a mangled heap of what was now scrap. His fat cushioned his fall, much to Sonic's obvious disappointment, so his fall wasn't nearly as much fun as he thought it would be. A grin quickly reappeared on his face as he approached Eggman. "...face-plant the ground? Totally agree with ya there, Eggman."

"..." Eggman was rolling around slightly, trying to push himself upright, but he was failing miserably; He honestly did look like an egg on his side, rolling like a slightly shaken ball back and forth and every which way.

Sonic, his already large head swelling from his growing ego, pridefully put a shoe on the Eggman, leaning on his bent knee with his arm, his face positioned downward so that he could allow his gaze to meet Eggman's. "Seriously, though, I gotta ask," Sonic began casually, his smirk now widening, holding his other hand up next to his face in thought, "What's with the sudden nostalgia?"

"..." Eggman didn't respond, but Sonic could feel him chuckling quietly under his sneaker.

Sonic snapped his fingers in front of the Doctor a few times, followed by waving his hand in front of his face. "Helloooooooo? Doc? You knock your head too hard against the floor?" As Sonic waved his hand, he felt a heavy, bowling ball-sized object hit the back of his shoulder with a loud 'ch-thunk!' Sonic paused, immediately checking the area behind him. To his surprise, there was nothing. He checked around once more; Positively nothing but the animals resting peacfully under the twilight sun as it began to set, far off into the distance. As Sonic turned back, he felt something rub up against his cheek. He put his hand on his shoulder-or at least where it should have been. The only thing he saw there, as he turned to look, was a large hunk of Egg Mobile debris fixed tightly to his shoulder. He immediately began to pull at it, lifting his foot off Eggman and wholly devoting his concentration to tearing the oddly fixated piece of junk off his shoulder.

Suddenly, several more pieces of junk flew seemingly from out of nowhere and latched onto Sonic's arms and legs, the new weight on his body now forcing him onto his back as Eggman's chuckle began to rise in volume. A couple more pieces jumped and latched onto his chest as Eggman slowly stood up, laughing with an apparent expression of smug satisfaction on his face, no doubt due to the fact that Sonic had ran headlong into his clever trap. He strode up to Sonic, carrying a small remote in his hands as he watched Sonic continue to struggle with the machinery, and he placed a large boot on his small chest.

"Ohhhhohohohooo! How very kind of you Sonic, to be so concerned about my well-being!" Eggman complimented in a false sense of sincerity as he pressed the upper right button on his remote, causing half a dozen more pieces to fly at Sonic, covering his entire body (save for a slit so that he could still see the Eggman sneering at him) in several layers of blunt metal. "Unfortunately," Eggman continued as he pressed the center button, "I'm not that forgiving, least of all to you!"

"Oh, I'm hurt Eggman," Sonic glared, a sort of angry grin present underneath his layers of metal restraints, "You couldn't even show your strongest enemy a little generosity? So much for being a 'gentleman'."

Eggman raised a finger in protest as he took his boot off Sonic. "Ah! But then what sort of person allows their enemy the honor to be the first prototype in their latest series of brilliant experiments?" Eggman questioned as Sonic's scrap metal casing began to lift him upright and slightly into the air, but still high enough to be a few feet above Eggman's cue ball head. "I'd say that's very gentlemanly."

"Except for the part where I'll just let Chip break this junk off," Sonic countered, already beginning to feel the bracelet's warm glow.

Eggman paused, a look of confusion on his face. He pushed it away, refocusing his attention on the machine again, an over-confident look on his face. "Whoever this 'Chip' is, he won't be able to save you this time!" Eggman assured Sonic as he mashed the center button again, causing the metal to start spewing electricity as it noisily clanked and whirred about. There was a long pause, Eggman grinning maliciously at the machinery, Sonic looking down at it and then back up at the Doctor, a bored expression on his face. The pause continued to lengthen, Sonic's face growing increasingly bored and impatient, Eggman's still frozen in place with no clear, visible change, as the machinery's electricity and inner workings clanked and hummed to fill the silence of the tense moment.

"Uh," Sonic began, breaking the steady rhythm of the machine's various noises, "Do you think you could speed this thing up a little or somethin'?" He could feel the bracelet's strength slowly increasing, but not fast enough to his liking. "'Cause I kinda wanna just-"

"You'll just sit right there and wait!" Eggman snapped, the conversation now sounding like a parent versus kid fight. "I couldn't find some way to make it go any faster!"

"So then was that whole IQ of 300 thing just a joke all this time?" Sonic grinned, sensing Eggman's building frustration.

He grumbled what sounded like, 'Geniuses have their off days, too,' but Sonic couldn't be sure since Eggman had his back turned for a minute or two as he fiddled with the remote. He spun back towards Sonic, shoving the remote in a small pocket. "Well, seeing as you're going to not remember anything in a few minutes, I may as well wipe that smug smirk off your face."

"With what? A bar of soap and a towel? While floating mid-air? I didn't know you had super powers, Eggman...," Sonic mocked, "And who ever decided I was going to lose my memory in the next few minutes?" The bracelet was glowing bright enough that a few ribbons of green were starting to leak through the machine's cracks.

"Heh, didn't you hear me before?" Eggman's smile was wider than ever now. "I said that your precious 'Chip' won't help you now, and neither will that bracelet!"

Sonic rolled his eyes at Eggman's stupidity. "Why? Because you said so? Or is there actually some method to your madness this time around?" The bracelet's light was filtering through the machine's cracks quite regularly now. He just had to keep him occupied a little longer.

"Oh, there's a method," Eggman assured, "and it is quite mad, even more so than my genius!"

"Could you skip the banter and get on with it?" The bracelet was vibrant. Just a little more.

"Maybe if you gave me a moment to speak, I would!" Eggman growled, taking a breath to regain his composure, "Now then, don't think I'm an idiot, Sonic, not noticing the light flowing from your bracelet right now and every other time something gets close to you. Like I said, neither that nor 'Chip' is going to help get you out of this. On the contrary, it will be the fuel to your destruction."

Sonic didn't say anything-he just simply smiled his typical smirk again. "Yeah, you keep thinking that. In the mean time...," Sonic trailed off as he felt the bracelet reach full strength, "I'm outta here!" The bracelet, now bursting with blinding green light, began to ripple throughout the binding machinery, erupting from every little crack. He could feel the weight of the armor slowly lifting off of him, literally, as the machinery began to loosen with every large wave of energy pulsing from the bracelet, which was now following a steady rhythm. As it pulsed, the pieces of machinery grew looser, looser, and looser still until finally it was ready to just fall apart. Finally, with one last pulse, the wave of energy was stopped midway through, seemingly by the machinery, forming its typical shield. To Sonic's surprise, the shell did not collapse and fall apart, rather, they began to emit high levels of electricity, turning the once bright green to a dark reddish purple, immediately following by contracting and clamping tightly onto Sonic once more, perhaps even tighter. "Gnnnrk!" Sonic grunted in shock, "Wh-what?-What just happened?"

"Ohhhhhohohohooo!" Eggman took a few steps closer and looked up at Sonic, his eyes clamped shut from the eerie, purple bursts of electricity surging through him and the machine. "Like I said, that bracelet of yours will only seal your destruction! You see, I have engineered the Egg Mobile parts to not only latch onto you upon its inevitable breaking apart, but also to convert that annoying little bracelet's power to the energy needed to build a pod strong enough to hold even the likes of you." He pointed to where Sonic's bracelet should be underneath the machines, which were rapidly increasing their pressure on Sonic. "And since that bracelet of yours only ever reacts to things that get close to you, as long as you're stuck in that pod, I can suck all the power I want from both you and it, turning you into the only living power supply I'll ever need!"

Sonic wanted to say something back, something to make him shut up so that he could have a moment to think how he was going to get out of this. Meanwhile, Eggman had pulled the remote out from his pocket, pressing the upper right button with a maniacal laugh. "Now to finish the job!" Another surge of electricity, this time an even darker purple began to course through Sonic as the machines began to lock, slowly cutting off his last bits of sight.

Sonic, continuing the struggle as best as he could, grasped desperately for an idea; Any idea that could get him out of here before he became Eggman's personal hedgehog battery. "C'mon, hedgehog, think it through! This thing sucks up energy from the bracelet, then fires it back so that it can close me up. It runs only on the bracelet; Can I shut it off? Maybe take the bracelet off?" Sonic fought against his steel casing, trying his hardest to get his hands, or even his legs, free for just a second, just one tiny second. The metal wouldn't give an inch. "No. What else? What else is there that can break this thing? Whatever I try, it just takes more of my energy!" Then a thought crossed his mind. It was a crazy thought, but he did ask for 'any' idea. "...S-Should I?..." Another few volts of electricity struck him hard. "Do I even have a choice?" With that, Sonic raised his voice above the mechanical crackles and snaps of corrupted electricity, calling out as loud as he could. "CHIP!" Sonic shouted, "Listen up! I need you to pour all the energy you have into the bracelet right now! Hurry!" As Sonic finished the last of his sentence, the last few pieces of junk slid into place over the weak blue hedgehog's face, forming a perfect egg-shaped pod.

Eggman raised a fist triumphantly. "SUCCESS! Sweet, sweet success! At last!" He chuckled maniacally to the many twinkling stars up in the sky now. He gleefully shoved the remote in his pocket, practically skipping over to the pod and patting it lightly on the side as it lowered to the floor. "I'll just give you a few hours to sit, then we'll take you back to the main base in order to see what your limits are." He took his hand away, turning around towards the rolling hills streaked with bits of orange and red above them. "Then I can put phase two into effect! Hooohohohoho!" As Eggman continued to laugh, there came a loud 'thud!' from behind him. He stopped, checking behind him and noticing the strange noise came from the pod. He walked up to the pod, another 'thud!' echoing against the hollow shell as he put a steady hand against it. There was a pause, so Eggman put an ear up close to the side. Suddenly, a quick series of 'thuds!', each one coming faster and hitting the pod harder than the next, began to ring loudly off the shell. Before Eggman could get the chance to turn and run, the pod had already exploded, bits of even tinier junk flying every direction, as Sonic, corrupted purple pulses of energy coming in increasing speed from the bracelet, screamed loudly over the Zone.

Then, just as suddenly as it had come, the pulses stopped, the bracelet now turned a deep purplish red, as Sonic ceased his screaming and plopped onto the ground with a soft 'thud...' He struggled to lift himself up, ears drooped, eyes halfway closed from sheer exhaustion, grunting under his breath from the amount of pain it took just to lift an arm.

Eggman, face and moustache both equally scorched, jumped up, a frustrated glare on his face as he locked his eyes on the weak hedgehog, still stumbling every time he tried to lift himself up. "gggrrrrRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH! You blasted HEDGEHOOOOOOG!" He screeched in rage, picking up a large gear from the burnt up ground and proceeding to charge full speed at Sonic. "You have ruined my plans for the last-!" Eggman, pausing mid-swing as he hovered over the hedgehog, froze in fear and disbelief. "Wh-wha?"

Sonic was on the ground, on his knees grunting in pain as his body began to grow rapidly, grayish blue fur beginning to crop up all over his shaky body. Sonic could feel a surge of dark energy creeping up his spine in steady rhythm with his slow, shaky breathing rate. His eyes, now completely shut tight again in pain, were already angling themselves into a sharper, more serious shape.

"N-n-nooooooooo! Not that-that thing again!" Eggman immediately turned in fear, sprinting frantically as he pulled out the remote again as he scrambled to type in the correct buttons to summon his extra Egg Mobile, which quickly hovered down a few minutes after. Typing in a few coordinates, Eggman rocketed away, disappearing amongst the stars.

"Thing?...," Sonic pondered, now panting heavily as his transformation took hold of his body's mobility. Everything hit at once as Sonic grasped the ground firmly with his gloved hands as they grew larger, tighter, digging into the soft earth with all his energy. His peachy warm muzzle cooled to a gray, fangs quickly beginning to replace his canines. A prickling sensation hit Sonic as he felt his chest become covered in fur. His clawed hands were now a matching grey as they exploded from his gloves. His arms quickly thickened, now covered in a heavy layer of dark blue fur encircled with white tufts. Quills began to turn furred and white-tipped at the same rate of his rapidly elongating ears. Lastly, his shoes, socks now torn and ripped, became cleats with three large spikes across the white straps.

His transformation now complete, the new Werehog turned his head towards the moonless sky, letting out a howl of pain as the last waves of corrupted energy rose up his spine. Now, suddenly beginning to lose all control once again even though he wasn't immobile, he began teeter back and forth, now inching towards a high cliffside with a river of crystal blue water coursing below it. He clutched his head with one furry arm, trying to stop it from making everything spin before his exhausted eyes.

"Nnnngh...Wh-what was...," Sonic growled sleepily as he shook his head, "Where'd that...that howl come from?" He took his hand away from his face as the world continued to catch up with his eyes. He noticed the increased weight to his arms, feeling his fur brush up against his sides. Staring down at his cleats, then at his large, clawed hands, his vision finally readjusted, allowing him to take in the full disbelief of what he was staring at. "I...I...," Sonic continued to stare at his burly hands, then his new, yet familiar powerful arms. "...N-n-no! NO! Not again!" He began to back up, his cleats teetering on the edge of the cliff. "No!...N-" The edge of the cliff Sonic was standing on gave way under the slight new pressure, plunging him down into the river. He clawed at the cliff desperately, trying to get a grip on the sheer, vertical rock, but it was no use. He was too far out to grab anything with the length of his normal arms, and the shock had made him forget of his stretching abilities. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" He hit the water like a cinder block, now out cold as the river's speedy current carried him downstream.

Artist's Comments

For the longest time, I regarded Sonic Unleashed with average interest. I said, "Eh, not much to the game as a whole. Pretty straightforward and shallow..." However, I only ever played Wii's version of Sonic Unleashed. I always thought Sonic the Werehog himself was "Eh". As soon as I played just a bit of Sonic's night play for the Xbox, I instantly became obsessed. What can I say? I love transformation, and the Xbox's superior version was amazing. So I thought, "Hey! Why didn't anyone mess with the bracelet?" The bracelet is the focus point in this fan-fic, as it causes his transformation curse to return. Sorry for the far-fetched plot, if it seems that way that is (lol), but this seemed to work out. Eggman does have a motive, which will be revealed later, and Eggman is scared of Sonic the Werehog because of how he lost to him (thrown out of the Egg Dragoon like a ragdoll), plus a little fear of Dark and Light Gaia and their power-which Eggman knew caused Sonic's condition in Unleashed. So, he thought it was the case here, and it kinda is in a roundabout way. Now, firstly feel free to comment-or review. Whatever is the proper term on this site. Sorry for how OOC Eggman and Sonic may appear. I rarely ever work with anything beyond fan-charries. I will get better quick! Chip is in the plot, but will not appear. Same for Dark Gaia. Kinda. This story has a major plot, but most of the time I'll be just doing funny stories as fillers (misadventures for the win). As the story progresses, more reasons for events will be explained. A good one with a ton of info is the second chapter, unless I change it when uploading it. Sorry for the title being so off-center. I tried to fix it, but I'm still new to this site.