My Little Powerpuff: Teamwork is Magic

Written by: Self-Proclaimed KingofDDR

Chapter Six

A Royal Escort!

As Mojo Jojo was slowly gaining power deep within the Everfree Forest, The Powerpuff Girls and their new friends were heading back towards Ponyville. It was peaceful for the most part (except for Rainbow Dash and Buttercup giving each other glares the whole way), but Rarity noticed something during the walk.

"Excuse me, darlings, but I simply must know. How do you manage to stay afloat like that without any wings?" The fashion pony questioned.

Twilight, who had been quietly conveying a letter for Spike to send to Princess Celestia, perked up at this mention. "I must admit, I'm rather curious as well. Is this one of the things that this 'Chemical X' granted you?"

"You bet your butt it is!" Buttercup stated smugly, giving a shark-like grin towards an unimpressed Dash. "But that's not even scratching the surface! There's a whole lot more that we can do!"

"Oh, oh, can you eat ten cupcakes at once?" Pinkie asked.

"…Sure, but I'm talking more about cool powers," Buttercup said, staring at Pinkie Pie like she had a screw loose.

"We'd be happy to demonstrate them for you if you want," Blossom said.

"If you don't mind," Twilight said, thinking that it would be good to see what these strange creatures were capable of…and if they could be a threat to Equestria.

"Very well then," Blossom said. "Do you girls want to show them?"

"I'll be happy to!" Bubbles giggled.

"Sure. I'll bet these girly ponies will be in awe of my awesomeness!" Buttercup said with a smirk.

"Yeah, keep telling yourself that," Dash snarked, earning a glare from the tomboy.

"Well, you've seen that we can fly and use laser beams already…" Blossom said to herself, tapping her head in thought. "How's about we show you just how fast we can go?"

Rainbow Dash perked out of her bored state at that. "Heh, give it all ya got! I doubt you'll come anywhere near close to me, though. After all, I'm the fastest in all of Equestria!" She said with a smirk and smug pose.

"Is that right? In that case, I can't wait to prove you wrong!" Buttercup sneered challengingly.

"It's on, buggy!" Dash sneered back.

"Fine! Let's have a race then, frilly!" Buttercup declared. "Just name the time and place, so I can get there earlier than you!"

"You really wanna go through with this? Fine, just don't cry when I beat ya!" Dash smirked. "We'll race from Ponyville to Canterlot and back! First one back to the starting line wins! Hay, I'll even give you two days to practice!"

"Make it one day, 'cause that's all I'll need! Hope you'll be hungry for a big ol' piece of humble pie, 'cause I'm gonna cram it down your throat by the time I'm done!" Buttercup smirked back.

"If'n ya ask me, both of 'em could stand to share that pie…" Applejack whispered to Rarity, who hid her giggle behind a dainty hoof.

"Anyway, why don't we show you girls just how fast we are? I'm sure that Bubbles would like to demonstrate," Blossom said.

"You know it!" Bubbles said with a big smile. Before anyone could do anything else, Bubbles seemingly turned into a blue bolt of energy as she zipped towards Twilight. Faster than the other ponies could register (other than Dash), Bubbles was carrying Twilight in the air, giving her a big hug.

"What in tarnation?-!" Applejack said in surprise, jaw hanging.

"Wow! That was like, super-duper fast! I could barely see her move at all!" Pinkie cheered.

"I must admit that you are indeed fast. I dare say that you might give our Rainbow Dash a challenge after all if you all can go that fast," Rarity agreed.

"That was pretty fast…" Twilight said, feeling a bit awkward about the strange girl hugging her. And judging from the way that she felt her ribs straining a bit, she was clearly stronger than she looked. "But why did you choose me to hug? I thought you wanted to give Fluttershy a hug first…"

"Oh, I gave you a hug because you're the one who wanted the demonstration in the first place, silly!" Bubbles giggled. "Plus, I feel really drawn to you for some reason. I'm not sure why, but I do. But that's okay, because you're adorable in your own way as well!"

"Um…thanks?" Twilight said, awkwardly patting the beaming Powerpuff on the head.

"And if you think that was fast, just wait until you see me in action!" Buttercup bragged. "Bubbles is pretty strong, but she's the baby of the three of us."

"Oh yeah? Who's the one that beat Mojo all on her own, huh? Not you," Bubbles mocked, sticking out her tongue at her sister before putting Twilight back down onto the ground. Buttercup just scoffed in response.

"Humph, not bad. But that was just a short distance. You don't stand a chance against me unless you can keep that up through the whole race!" Rainbow said.

"Girl, I take on monsters and supervillains on a daily basis back home! All it takes to move as fast as Bubbles did is tons of endurance, and sadly for you, I've got plenty to spare!"

"Talk is cheap! After we introduce you to the rest of Ponyville, we'll see if you can put your bits where your muzzle is! And after I win, you'll have to admit that ponies rock!"

"Fine! But when I win, you'll have to be the first one to refer to me as the new Fastest in Equestria!"

"You're on!"

With that, the challenge was made. Only one of them would win, and they would do anything in their power to assure that.

"Okay, moving on…" Twilight sighed, before looking towards Utonium. "I can't help but notice that you're wearing quite the outfit. I've never seen anything so…white before. Is there a reason that you're wearing something like that?"

"That's a very good observation, Miss Sparkle. You see, there was one point when the girls and I felt that all of the time they had to devote to stopping the bad guys cut far too much into our family time. So, I designed the suit that you see before you, and became the hero…"

Utonium shot into the air, before striking a (what he thought was) cool pose. "Power Prof!"

The Powerpuff Girls groaned in embarrassment while face palming, while the other ponies tried their best to keep from giggling…except for Dash, who was rolling on the ground in laughter.

Utonium coughed awkwardly into his palm before landing back on the ground. "Anyway, this super suit gives me all of the same powers that my girls have. And it's all thanks to its power source, Chemical X!"

"This Chemical X sounds like powerful stuff indeed. How did you come to obtain it, if I may ask?" Twilight, always willing to learn new things, asked.

"Come to think of it, I never really knew how you had that stuff in the first place as well, Professor," Blossom said, rubbing her chin.

"Well, that is quite a tale in and of itself! I suppose I can tell you. You see, it all started when…"

"WE'RE HERE!" Pinkie announced loudly, bouncing with glee as she pointed at the gate that provided entrance into Ponyville. In front of it stood two Pegasus guards clad in golden armor. They stared ahead stoically, though the very observant could see that their eyes had hardened the second that they laid said eyes onto the Powerpuffs and Utonium.

"Good afternoon, Guards. We were just about to introduce our new friends to the rest of Ponyville," Twilight said, waving a hoof towards the P.P Girls and Utonium.

"Wow…I've never seen ponies wearing armor before…cool!" Bubbles said in awe.

"The fact that this town has guards must mean that it has its fair share of crime…correct?" Blossom said, directing her question towards Twilight.

"Well…to be honest, we don't really have all that much in the way of crime here," Twilight shrugged, before brightening up. "Still, they were hand-picked by Princess Celestia herself, so that has to mean something!"

"Wait…you girls have a PRINCESS too?-!" Bubbles squeed, looking excited beyond all belief. 'Will we get to meet her? PLEASE tell me we get to meet her!"

"You are in luck, alien," One of the Guards said with a gruff voice as they both stepped forward. "Her majesty had assigned us to guard the entrance to Ponyville after the whole Black Hole business, in the hopes that whatever caused it would appear close to here. Now that you've shown up, we must take you into custody and present you to the Princess for explanations on your part."

"But we haven't done anything wrong! It was thanks to Mojo's machine that the whole thing with the Black Hole happened!" Blossom protested.

"That's not our concern," The other Royal Guard said, stepping forward as well. "The Princess has given us strict orders to bring back anyone or anything that looks even the tiniest bit suspicious. And since we've never seen your kind around here, I'd say you more than qualify. It's just lucky that the Elements of Harmony managed to locate you first before you could do any harm."

"'Elements of Harmony'? Whatever are you talking about?" Utonium inquired.

"He means us," Dash said, zipping forward to look the guard in the eyes. "And these guys are no threat! Sure, the green one is a jerk, but they aren't going to hurt anypony."

"Yeah! They jus' came outta that black hole too, so if'n you'd fine folk allow them to rest up for a spell, they'd be happy to see the Princess!" Applejack said.

"They shall be getting plenty of rest on the ride to Canterlot," The first guard said. "Now, enough talk. Are you four willing to come along peacefully?"

"If you're gonna take them away, you'll have to do the same to me!" Mayor spoke up.

"And me as well. After all, we were both humans before whatever happened turned us into ponies…and we won't leave the girls alone. They are our heroes where we come from," Miss Bellum said, both she and the Mayor standing protectively in front of the girls and Utonium.

"Wait guys! This could be just what we need!" Bubbles said. "I'm sure that we can explain to the Princess that this is all a huge misunderstanding, get her help in stopping Mojo before he can do anything bad, and maybe even find a way home! Besides…I wanna meet the Pony Princess!"

"I have to admit, that is a rather good plan, Bubbles," Blossom replied. "Twilight, on a scale of one to ten, how understanding would you say Princess Celestia is?"

"Twenty," Twilight said with the utmost confidence.

"Well, there's your answer," Blossom said. "I say we go to see the Princess. That alright with you, Buttercup?"

"Whatever, as long as she doesn't try to pull anything," Buttercup shrugged.

"I agree," Utonium said. "Besides, the faster we get this done, the sooner we can explore this new world!"

"Very good," the second Royal Guard said before turning to the other one. "Go and get the chariot ready. Let the Princess know that she'll be having company shortly." And with a salute, the first Pegasus flew off at an impressive speed.

The remaining one turned his attention to Twilight. "Miss Sparkle, the Princess requires you and your friends to attend as well…for safety reasons, of course."

Twilight and her friends knew that he was talking about the Elements of Harmony. They just hoped that they wouldn't have to use them. They had only spent a few minutes with the Powerpuffs and their friends, but they all felt as if they could become good friends with each other.

"Well, this is awesome!" Pinkie declared. "You guys can become friends with the Princess, and then we can all come back and throw the biggest, bestest party ever!"

"You're right, Pinkie! It won't be as rad as my race with Buttercup will be, but I can't wait!" Dash cheered.

And with that, the Powerpuff Girls and friends would meet Princess Celestia, and decide what to do from there.

And that's this chapter down. Sorry for the short chapters, but I'll do my best to pick this up during the race between Dash and Buttercup. Let's just say that an unexpected event will change the rules completely. Catch you Next Continue!