Chapter 1: The Most Non-Ideal First Meeting

"George! Come here now!" Koenma waved the thick report in his hand wildly.

"Lord Koenma, sir?" George tripped to the toddler's side in alarm, "What's wrong?"

Koenma slapped his hands on his desk, "Retrieve Botan this instant! We have a new crisis on our hands: we must act immediately!"

George scratched his hands with worry, "Is it really that dire sir?" The sound of scraping rubber squeaked throughout the room.

"For now, it isn't, but if we don't do something quickly- I don't want to think about it!" Koenma moaned and clutched his head.

George was stunned. Koenma hadn't looked this worried since the Sensui ordeal! Koenma suddenly paused in his severe teething and glared at the blue demon with fiery eyes. He began to yell madly .

"You imbecile! What are you waiting for, an invitation?"

"Oh! Right, sorry sir!" and Ogre stumbled out the door.


Hiei had been lounging on a tree when he heard the familiar annoying voices approaching. They were hard to forget- believe him, he's tried- the ferry girl's , Botan, and the moron Kuwabara. He wasn't about to go greet them of course; he didn't even like them. Especially Kuwabara.

With effort, he forced himself to try and doze off, but despite his best attempts their voices were just too loud and obnoxious, and after a long while he conceded that he would never be able to get rest anywhere near them.

Growling under his breath, he prepared to relocate himself until a new voice suddenly joined the chorus- Yusuke. Hiei hesitated. There must've been a reason for the small gathering. Against his preferred judgment, his curiosity took over and he settled back down. Why would the three of them be out in the middle of the night and -unfortunately- here?

"Hey guys, sorry I'm late," Yusuke casually greeted the duo until Hiei was graced with sudden shrieking.

"Thirty minutes Yusuke! Thirty minutes! I never said anything about being two hours late!" She barreled for him, her wooden oar raised threateningly. Yusuke held up his hands in a meek defense.

"Wait Botan! Don't get mad. On my way I walked by Keiko's and I dropped in to say hi." He grinned cockily. Botan gazed at him suspiciously, but her weapon drooped.

"A likely story," she sniffed sourly. Kuwabara on the other hand was wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

"Oh ho! Urameshi, that's just like you- sneaking into a girl's room this late at night." He inched close to Yusuke's ear, "So how much fun did you have?"

Hiei watched in amusement as Kuwabara went sailing through the air via Yusuke and landed at the base of his tree. Botan ran up to Yusuke and began to wildly beat him, the oar attacking his head.

"How dare you Yusuke!" she squawked, "You're such a pig- and to Keiko no less!"

Yusuke was finally able to escape her assault, confiscating her weapon in the process and his face was twisted in anger and embarrassment.

"What are you saying? I'd never do something to Keiko! You guys are out of your minds," he yelled defensively. Botan only glared more fiercely.

Hiei watched as Kuwabara, seemingly ok despite the purple welt that was quickly swelling on his face, strolled back up to Yusuke, cheerfully slinging an arm around his shoulders. He chuckled.

"Don't worry Urameshi. We all know you wouldn't do it anyways. I mean you were just getting beat up by a girl too-" It was a one way to the tree again and Hiei sighed at the sheer stupidity of the situation. Yusuke was seething enough not to notice that this time Kuwabara was out cold. Botan went to snatch her oar back.

"Keiko's to good for him." she muttered darkly.

Yusuke's eyes crossed and he began shaking his fists at her, "Hey if you've got something to say, say it to my face."

Botan ignored him, and she shifted gears. She became completely serious.

"Stop fooling around. We need to get to the Spirit World. We're already so late thanks to someone..."

Yusuke glared, but she continued as she went to fish Kuwabara out of his funk, "Kurama and Hiei must be there already."

Hiei didn't blink. Now that he thought about it, he had receive a summons but he was in no mood to be bothered for some more troubling business in the human world and he was not a slave of that toddler. The whole reason he'd come back to the human world was to get away from Mukuro's unrelenting personality for only a little while for a breather, planning to return in a few days. Certainly not to aid Koenma in another mission to save the humans.

Yusuke looked innocently confused, "What are you talking about? Hiei's up there," and he pointed directly at Hiei although he was still concealed by leaves and branches. Hiei sighed inaudibly. Damn that detective. He jumped and landed gracefully beside them. He'd forgotten how far Yusuke had come in terms of progress of adjusting to his demon life. Botan was completely taken aback.

"Hiei? But...didn't you," she stuttered, "weren't you called by Koenma?"

Hiei eyed her in disdain, "I didn't feel like going."

Botan grimaced and snapped, "Listen here Mr. Ego-"

"Spare me." the coldness in his voice froze her," I don't have the patience to listen to your whining right now anyways. So if you don't mind,"

And with a rustle of leaves, he vanished. After a moment, Botan growled, her pride wounded.

"The nerve."

Yusuke chuckled, "Come on, that's Hiei for you. Can't ever figure that guy out. Let's go, I bet he's already there."


In no time at all, Hiei arrived in Koenma's office where he was immediately greeted by Kurama who smiled gently, twisting a red rose absentmindedly in his fingers.

"You took your time. But I suppose that goes for everyone else as well." Kurama chuckled.

"Hn. So what does Koenma want us to dirty our hands with now?" said Hiei.

Kurama shook his head, "I have not been informed, but it sounds like we're about to be."

A troupe of voices could be heard approaching Koenma's double doors and they slid open smoothly, revealing four squabbling figures. Looking exasperated beyond relief, Botan dragged herself in followed by a now conscious Kuwabara, covered in the rear by a bickering Yusuke and Koenma. Koenma was hopping angrily next to Yusuke, ranting non-stop, but Hiei only tuned them out.

In mid hop, Yusuke caught Koenma from the side of his head, giving him a hard noogie.

"How do you like that!" Yusuke cackled evilly as Koenma struggled with tears in his eyes, wriggling furiously. A familiar konk resounded through the room and Koenma was dropped. Yusuke wobbled in a daze, a fresh lump forming on his head, Botan standing grimly next to him. She harrumphed.

Koenma scurried to his desk and bounced on his large chair, pressing a small blue button on the right. A thin, transparent sheet appeared around Yusuke's torso and arms and appeared to tighten. Hiei raised an eyebrow.

Yusuke glared at the mini-ruler, "What the hell is this?"

Koenma fixed his hands behind his back ignoring the throbbing in his head, "That, Yusuke, is what I call a spirit bond. I created it myself: spirit energy is packed into a thin, sold elastic-like membrane and can be used to contain even the strongest demons for a set amount of time. For now, it's virtually impossible for you to break the bond, even with your Raizen blood. Now if you will sit quietly like a good boy, and turn to the screen, I'll inform you all of your assignment."

The group watched as the monitor flickered to life and they were looking at a picture of the city. Koenma climbed to the top of his desk, picking up a small remote.

"Now to business, recognize this fellow here?" he pushed a button- the screen flashed to another image, one of a mild sized bug that had a strange green texture to it. Kuwabara bumped his hand in realization.

"Oh I know. Aren't those the bugs that made people into zombie things and when we had to defeat the Four Saint Beasts?"

Koenma nodded, "Precisely, it's the Makai insect, but now look at this," The screen changed again. It was another insect but different. It was smaller and instead of mossy green it was a glimmering violet.

Hiei gazed at the bug, "I've never seen a demon insect like that before. What exactly is it?"

Uneasily, Koenma said, "This isn't the same Makai insect, but they do share a similar root. However, this particular bug works differently and is an entirely different problem. We've started calling them 'Energy Suckers' or ES because of their ability to suck out spirit energy be it human, demon, or other being with life. "

Kurama frowned, "That can be quite a problem."

Hiei looked over the tiny bug, "They don't look like they're too powerful. This is more pest control if anything."

Koenma sighed in dismay, "It's true that individually the ES are not very powerful, but it's their ability to regenerate and multiply when cut. And that's not even the main problem. Up until now, these ES have been an incredibly rare species, almost non-existent if you will. But ever since yesterday, their numbers have shot up dramatically and without warning! The only thing that I can think of is that some is breeding them. But we've only pin-pointed this large mass of ES in the city and around high schools no less. Based on these statistics, we're ranging their prey directed at adolescents from 9 to 21. Of course, they can drain anybody but for some reason they've only been targeting this specific range."

Kuwabara groaned, "But how are we supposed to kill them if we can't cut them?"

Hiei grunted, "Isn't it obvious?" he raised a hand and it began to crackle with fire, "we burn them. This job will be easy."

Koenma nodded, "Precisely, so this is your mission: there are three high schools in this area. Yusuke and Kuwabara are in one, Kurama is attending the second, but we don't have anyone in the third."

Hiei's jagan tingled. He'd just been singled out, which wasn't a good sign. He narrowed his eyes.

Koenma eyed him nervously and Hiei saw a light sweat form on his brow. Koenma's fingers played on the surface by the small blue button. Hiei's eyes twitched. Was he planning to restrain him?

"You will be sent back to your schools like normal, except you are now in charge of subduing the ES, all the while searching for the source. Hiei," Koenma began, but Hiei only stared back at him in absolute loathing; Koenma shivered.

"You'll need to be enrolled in the third school-"

"I refuse." Hiei's face was blank, unreadable, but Koenma could easily guess what he was thinking.

Koenma sighed, pinching his nose and retaliated bravely, "I figured as much." he looked at Hiei in the eye, although it took a lot of courage on his part.

"Please Hiei, I'm practically begging. Whatever is going on is seriously important."

Hiei scoffed, "That doesn't look like begging to me. Do it properly, and maybe I'll consider it."

Botan cried out in indignation, "Don't be ridiculous! Koenma will not beg for you." She stared hard at Koenma, making sure he was not about to acknowledge Hiei's request.

Yusuke sniggered on the floor, "You should bow Koenma, it'd sure make my day!"

Koenma was looking a bit peaky but took a deep breath, "...If you did this Hiei, I swear that I'll never summon for your help again."

Hiei growled. What kind of proposition was that? It's not like Hiei was in Koenma's domain to order anymore. But then again... it did seem that whether Koenma was in control or not, Hiei always came to serve him anyways. The realization made him angry and Hiei unconsciously bared his fangs.

"Fine, I'll go along with your plan" he hissed, "But once this is over, you are never to call on me again."

Koenma closed his eyes in defeat, "Yes..."

Looking utterly spent, Koenma deflated, " Right... Well let's get on with it." He tapped a dial on his remote.

"George, can you bring Hiei's things?" He turned back to face Hiei.

"We've already enrolled you and this mission is to commence immediately."

George paraded into the room with a large bundle, handed it Koenma and fled quickly. Koenma ruffled through it, muttering under his breath. He pulled out three communication mirrors and tossed one to Kurama, one to Hiei, and threw the last one to Yusuke, forgetting a second to late that his hands were still bound to their sides. There was a loud comical smack on his face and Yusuke groaned, cursing. Hiei grinned to himself while the other laughed.

"All right, that should do it. Hiei, catch," the rest of the bundle flew through the air and Hiei caught it with his other hand, peering inside it: some papers and a pile of clothes.

He fished for the clothes and examined them with great distaste. It was a uniform: dark blue pants with a collared light blue button up.

"You must be joking."

"Sorry Hiei, that's the require uniform. You might as well go try it on. I tried to find a small size." the last comment did nothing, but make Hiei feel fouler. Normally, he'd probably have burned the clothes from where he stood, but he figured that he'd only have to stay in the damn human world longer the necessary. He grudgingly strode out the door. So much for returning to Mukuro in a few days.


Hiei felt ridiculous. He probably looked it too. But his mouth tightened in a grim line. At least he didn't have to wear anything as ghastly as the others, Yusuke and Kuwabara in their blue jump suits, and Kurama in his pink.

When he re-entered the room, several eyebrows and grins arched up in amusement. Kuwabara guffawed and Yusuke rolled around on the floor.

"Ha! You look like an elementary kid-" Kuwabara began but was never able to finish.

For the third time that night, Kuwabara was thrown to the other side of the room and Hiei rotated evilly towards Koenma.

Koenma, avoiding eye contact, coughed into his hand to muffle his giggles.

"Anyways, yes, as I was saying, your mission. Go out and destroy as many ES as possible before they become life threatening to the youth. We already have several students streaming into hospitals. The humans haven't noticed the connection yet, so I'd prefer if we worked fast and get this situation under control as fast as possible. Oh and Botan, you'll be attending school with Kurama."

"Oh, um, ok sir." Botan looked baffled, but nodded anyways.

"Wait!" from Yusuke's seat on the ground he gazed up at the rest of them, "But what about who's breeding the ES?"

"For now, just focus on getting rid of them, but be aware of sources as well. I'll be looking for information on this side too. You all should have your communication mirrors at hand too."

Kurama nodded, "Right. Well then, we should be off." Botan bent to pick up Yusuke by the ear despite his screeching protests of pain.

"Hey I forgot! Take this damn bond thing off of me Koenma, you bastard!"

Koenma remained where he was, "Don't worry it should fade. Eventually." And he waved a hand in farewell.

Hiei rolled his eyes, "Tch, they're all fools."


Hiei stared at the building. It was still early in the morning. Before coming, he'd already discussed the details of his enrollment with Kurama. He was in class "2-B" and was to fall under the temporary alias of Hiei Sukisho. Students were just beginning to fill the courtyard.

A group of students strolled by in a pack and Hiei could see them pointing and snickering at him. Hiding a sneer, he honed his senses on them.

"Who's the little runt over there by the entrance? He's a funny little thing- he's just been staring at the school all morning!"

"He's kind of creeping me out."

"Ooh, I kind of want to meet him. Come with me!"

"Eh? No way!"

"Careful! He might bight your head off."

Usually, insignificant human remarks such as those didn't bother him, for he never even bothered to listen, but already being on the edge, he felt a nerve snap.

He reached for his sword, only to realize it was absent and cursed colorfully; he enjoyed the fearful glances several young girls flashed at him then.

He began walking towards the group, filled with rage and he took pleasure in the fact that they all ran away squealing.

I should control myself, Hiei scolded himself humorously, I'll just get stuck in this place longer. But, he added menacingly to his thought pool, If I had my way, those human's mental states would be so damaged that their mothers would have to teach them how to walk again.

So absorbed in the retreating teenagers and his thoughts, he wasn't able to register the sudden hard collision and he fell back, landing with a quiet thud.

"Oh! I'm sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going. Are you alright?"
Hiei looked up to see a human girl standing over him, her face apologetic and filled with concern. Her hand was stretched out towards him, as if she were expecting him to take it. Slapping her hand away, he picked himself up.

"I don't need your help." and he walked away. The girl was stricken.

"I really didn't mean to run into him, and I said sorry. What's his problem?" She muttered to herself. She gazed at his back sourly, but just as she was about to turn, she felt her foot tap on something soft.

"Oh-what's this?" It was a small bundle. Rummaging inside it, she pulled out a manila folder. Flipping through several pages, she noted that they were some kind of enrollment forms.

"Hiei..." she whispered quietly, reading the name. That must've been the guy I just ran into. He must've dropped his things.

Although frowning at the idea of having to talk to him again, she tucked the papers under her arm and proceeded walking, "Hopefully he'll at least thank me."


Hiei had lost the damn papers. But he really didn't care one way or another- he couldn't last in this place anyways. Human scent clogged his nose, which reeked, and he didn't even know where his classroom was located. He was perfectly content to roam the hallways, but even then they still weren't completely quiet. All he wanted to do was find a quiet place where no one would interrupt him, his mind far from any 'ES.' Coming to a stair case, he made his way up and was soon at the top, stopping at a door. Curiously, he turned the knob and pushed it open.

A cool breeze touched his face and he saw blue skies. Stepping out onto the roof, he casually shut the door behind him and walked to the edge of the building to peer down. He could see the courtyard and around the other side and an assortment of dirt patches and gates. There were several stray students hustling for the building.

Bored, Hiei strolled to an open space and lie down, enjoying the peace. He stared hard at the clouds.

"What the hell am I doing here?"


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