The next day Bruce walked out the front door of his hotel to find Ted Grant leaning up against the biggest looking street bike he'd ever seen in his life. As mean as it looked, it suited the Wildcat perfectly.

"Hey kid," Ted called to him. "You didn't stick around last night."

"Thought it seemed like more of a family moment," Bruce replied.

"You put your neck on the line when you didn't have to. You saved my life and kept my niece alive," Ted countered, standing up and putting a fatherly hand on Bruce's shoulder. "I'd say that pretty much makes you family."

"Thanks Mister Grant," Bruce answered. "But I just helped out. I did what anyone would do."

"Right, because anyone would take on an army of killer assassins with ray guns," Ted laughed. "Now come on kid, you paid good money to train with the Champ and I've got a few moves to show you that you won't find in any old man's dojo."

"Okay," Bruce grinned. Maybe having the right friends wasn't such a bad idea.

"Now about my niece…"

Then again…