"We won" Carlos shouted.

"Party at my place everyone" Kendall yelled

Everyone got into there cars and drove to Kendall's house. It was a huge party.

"Hey mom"

"Hey son"

"This is James Maslow; he's new to the team"

"Well hello James it is nice to meet you" she said while shaking his hand.

"Nice to meet you too"

"Well i'm off Kendall, please let the house be in one piece when I get back tomorrow"

"I will mom" Kendall said walking his mom out of the house.

Kendall and James then grabbed something to snack on.

"Hey you want to see my room James?"

"Sure" James said smiling

They Went down to the basement which was were Kendall's room was

"Wow its huge…your room I mean"

"Yeah I told my mom that I wanted the basement room even though we have 3 room upstairs…and I have a lot of huge things" Kendall said winking at James.

"Oh really?" James said smiling

"Yeah now come here" Kendall said grabbing James closer and kissing him but then James interrupted him.

"Are you sure we should be doing this with a party going on upstairs, your party?"

"Yes James its fine no one will come down here and if they do we will be in my room which has a door and a lock on it and i'm proud to be gay and i'm proud of you." Kendall said happy.

They started kissing and it was getting real passionate so they went into the bedroom while kissing and locked the door. On the way into the bedroom they were taking off each others clothes and by the time they got into the bedroom they were only in there boxers.

"Kendall I don't know if i'm ready for this" James said

"Its ok ill go first…i'm totally ready for this" Kendall said

So Kendall removed James Boxers and Started to move his tonuge around his very erect member.

"Mmmmm Kendall"

"You like that?"

"Y-yes don't stop"

So Kendall got it nice and wet and then took his boxers off and layed down on the bed. James got on top of Kendall and started stroking him and Kissing his neck.

"James I want you"
"You want me?"

"Yes I want you NOW"

So James put 3 of his fingers inside of Kendall's mouth and told him to suck them. Kendall did as he was told and it was turning James on. Then James pulled up Kendall's legs and entered one finger into his very tight hole.

"Do you like that"
"Yeah" Kendall said so James entered a second finger and Kendall screamed in pain.


"Are you ok, do you want me to stop?"

"No I just want you inside me"

"I don't want to hurt you"

So James then got himself positioned with Kendall's legs on his shoulders and started to enter.


"Kendall are you ok?"
"Yeah, Ohh James that's ohhh"

"Oh Kendall your so tight"
"Harder James Harder" So James did as he was told trying not to hurt Kendall.

"Kendall i'm s-so c-close"

"Don't stop, It…It feels so g-good"

"Kennn-dalll, sorry" James let his load go inside of Kendall

"Its ok, ohhh James that was amazing"

"Kendall id like to try"

So Kendall flipped Kendall over and did the same thing for James.

"Owww it hurts"

"Do you want me to stop?"

"Ummm N-Nooo"

"James this fells so-so g-good"

"Ohh Kendall, Kendall Ohhhh keep going"
"I'm s-so close"

"Oh my god Kendall"

"I love hearing you scream my name"
"Kendall, Kendall, Kendall"
"Ohhhhh Jammmessss" Kendall said letting go inside of James.

"Oh my god Kendall that was so good I love you"
"I love you to James, you are amazing"

Kendall and James layed on the bed for a few minutes to get there breathing back to normal and then they got up and got there boxers back on and when they walked out of the bedroom Kissing not letting up at all and that's when they seen Carlos and Logan were standing there.

"Sex, at your own party seriously dude?" Logan said

"Actually made love, it's totally different…and he is amazing" Kendall said smiling over at James

"Oh my god I seriously don't want to here this" Logan said

"What you don't like that fact that were together or the fact that we fucked each others brains out" Kendall said

"I don't want to here about your kinky sex life and I can do without knowing your top and bottom fetishes" Logan said looking disgusted.

"Oh really…well were both top and bottom, oh and he's huge how about that"

"If he's so big didn't it hurt" Carlos asked

"Yeah at first but I got over it and it was awesome" Kendall said putting his arm around James
"Gross Kendall I don't tell you about my sex life so please don't tell me about yours."

"Fine…But James you are amazing and I love you"
"I love you to Kendall…and ill have sex with you anytime Sweetie" James said then kissed Kendall on the lips.

Logan got grosses out and walked upstairs.

"I'm glad you found someone Kendall even if it is gross to here about your sex life…i'm happy for you buddy" Carlos said and then followed Logan upstairs.

Kendall and James kissed for a few minutes and then went back up to the party.

"Kendall this is a great party" Scott said

"Thank you"
"Where have you been?"

"Ohh I was down in my room…just…doing something"

"Or someone" James whispered so only Kendall could here. Kendall laughed.

"What's so funny?" Scott asked

"Ohh nothing" Kendall said grabbing James hand and holding it as they walked around the party. They seen Logan and Carlos and a couple of other people on the hockey team and stood there but they got bored so they just stood in the kitchen kissing.

"Hey Kendall" Camille said she was standing with her friend Jo.

"Hey Camille, Jo"

"Hey Kendall ummm would you like to dance?" Jo asked

Kendall looked over at James and he said "Sure go ahead ill be right here when you get back" Then Kendall kisses James and then went to the living room to dance with Jo.

"Hey James, Camille" Logan and Carlos both said as they walked up to talk

"Hey where's Kendall" Logan asked

"Yeah you two are always together." Carlos joked

"He's over there dancing with Jo" James said

"Noooo" Logan and Carlos both said

"What's wrong with that?" James asked confused

"Ohhh nothing, she's just been in love with Kendall since Middle School and…ohhh no don't look" Carlos said

Kendall and Jo were over on the dance floor kissing when James looked over to the living room. James looked over there and when Kendall looked up and saw James he ran out of the house crying. Kendall then ran after him. Kendall found James at the park.

"James" Kendall said and he heard James crying.

"G-go away" James said stuttering from crying

"James it isn't what is looked like"

"Kendall you were kissing a girl…that's worse then seeing you kiss another guy"

"James i'm not into her or any girl for that matter, James you know i'm gay and I love you"

"If your gay then why were you kissing a girl…I told you not to hurt me and you did…I knew I was wrong for trusting you"

"James SHE kissed me I didn't kiss her and I am gay I don't like girls"

"How do I know that…I mean I seen you guys kissing with my own eyes"

"If I weren't gay I wouldn't have come after you and if I weren't gay I wouldn't have had sex with you and it WAS the first time that I had sex with ANYONE"

"But I seen you"
"NO what you seen was HER kissing me and me trying to stop her"
"Kendall I love you…so i'm going to trust you"
"You should trust me…i'm your boyfriend and I love you too James…I told you I will never hurt you, you should know that I wouldn't":

"I know and i'm sorry I reacted that way"
"Its ok…plus if I was going to cheat I wouldn't do it with you there that's dumb"

"I'm just kidding, I would never hurt you…now let's go make everyone leave my house and then snuggle up together in my bed and watch a movie just the two of us"

"Ok that sounds great…but I have one thing I want to do first"
"What is that?"

"You will see when we get back to the house."

So James and Kendall kissed and then walked back to the Kendall's house to end the party early"

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