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"And we talked for practically the entire night and stuff. We never did finish tidying Snape's room. He was pretty pissed. It was rather funny. Anyways, so we met up in secret for a while and then after a while we began dating. Officially, we've been together for about 2 months, but we've been meeting up for about 4 and talking and stuff. And err, it's been great, I've never felt this way before about someone." Harry said blushing. He looked cautiously at the to friends who sat across from him.

His frizzy haired friend was smiling widely. He always thought she would be the more understanding of the two. Maybe it was because she was a girl and liked all of this lovey-dovey stuff, but maybe because she knew how it felt to love someone who could possibly not love her back.

He glanced towards the broad shouldered man who sat besides her. To be honest, he never thought the ginger would be all to accepting of Draco. After being tormented for a good part of their school life, he wouldn't have expected the blonde to be welcomed with open arms. The other man's brow was furrowed, as if deep in thought. The petite girl look towards him scowling.

"We think its great Harry, we really do." She said enthusiastically. She hit the man who sat besides her, twisting her head at him, urging him to speak.

"Err yeah. But why Malfoy? Of all people..." he said rather confused.

"He's... a lot more different than you would think. He eats a pack of sugar quills a day, has a little stuffed dragon called smoky and wriggles in his sleep. He doesn't smile much, but when he does it reaches his eyes and when he laughs a lot he nearly cries. He has a little scar above his left eye from when he fell off of his broom as a kid and he has ticklish feet. "Harry looked down at his hands smiling widely, "His favourite colour is purple and writes to his old nanny at least 3 times a week, they were really close, and she practically raised him. He loves the rain and snow, but hates the sun and hotness. He's scared of the dark and sleeps with a light and can't sleep with the curtains open. He err, there's a lot more to him than people think. And I guess I just..." Harry smiled more widely and tilted his head up slightly to look at his friends. They looked... confused.

"Then what was with all that happened and the grand hall and the three broomsticks? I mean, you didn't stand up for him or anything. If as you say he meant so much, why did you let it happen. And at the 3 Broomsticks?" Hermione questioned.

Harry looked down at his hands once more, guilt heavy upon him, "I guess I just wasn't ready to tell everyone about us and..." Harry scrunched up his face, "I didn't want everyone to do to me what they did to him."

Ron leaned forward, "Then why was he with that Zabini guy?"

"We got into an argument."

"And he went running off with that guy?" Harry nodded. "What a douche."

"It was my fault." His two friends looked upon him with pity.

"You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to." The brown haired girl said gently.

"Blaise seduced Draco and then he told me about it and said that he had fucked Draco. And, we hadn't been there yet," the ginger winced, he would consider Harry to be his best friend, but didn't need THAT much information, "and I guess I snapped. And we had a fight and then I overheard Pansy and Blaise talking saying they were gonna hurt him like this and I guess because of what he did I wanted him to get hurt. But I didn't know it was gonna be that public, I never would've if..." His face scrunched up as tears dropped down his face., "And I know that it makes me a god awful person, but..." he trailed off as he began sobbing into his hands.

His two friends sat stunned in silence. Both had known him for years and had never seen him act like this before.

"H-harry, I don't know what to say." Said the girl, stunned.

"And the-en h-he found ou-out tha-t I knew-ew and ..." Harry chocked out as he sobbed.

After what had been an emotion few hours, Hermione was glad to be back in her own room. She threw her cloak on the chair besides her bed and threw herself down on the bed. Of course she was happy that Harry was happy, but she was stunned to learn about what he had done. In all of the time they had spent together, she had never imagined he would do something like that; it was very uncharacteristic of him. She lay there for a while in the silence absorbing all of what had happened. She looked up when she heard the door to the room she shared click open and to have two girls scuttle in talking and giggling.

They both sat down on the bed opposite to hers and began whispering, stealing glances at the frizzy haired girl as they giggled. The brunette frowned as she heard the mention of Harry's name and Malfoy's. The two giddy girls looked at her, whispered under their breath to each other and then looked towards Hermione.

"Is it true then?" Lavender asked excitedly.

"What?" Hermione questioned cautiously.

"About Harry, and Draco. Like That they were together and then Malfoy started sleeping around and coming on to like everyone. And he like coming on to Blaise for like ages and stuff but Blaise didn't know and that like why everything happened in the 3 broomsticks." Said an equally as excited Pavarti at such a speed Hermione had to take a minute to comprehend what had just been said.

Hermione frowned, at the amount someone could say like in a sentence and also at the blatant lies that were being forced down her throat.

"No it's not." She said bluntly, picking up the large textbook on her bedside table. She opened the book and started reading when she was interrupted.

"Then what happened?" one of the girls questioned. The brunette closed her book, and began telling the two girls the story...