Important Information

Ok first things first, this story is about Naruto being respected around the village and will not be the Jinchuriki also Naruto will be 3 years older than than the rest of the rookie 9.

I am going to make it so everyone knows who Narutos parents are, the Kyuubi attack will happen like it did in the original show, leading to Narutos dad dying while sealing it into a new born, who will be treated like Naruto was when he was the Jinchuriki and will also act the same a ramen loving, knucklehead.

At first they will be a lot of timeskips but I promise it will only be for one chapter.

Naruto's character: Naruto will have all the Uzumaki and Namikaze scrolls and will have Kakashi and Jiraiya helping him out so naturally he will be strong, I will not make Naruto stupid I have decided to make him intelligent and calm, he will not be a genin when the rookie 9 are but I'll leave it there.

Asuma, Sakura not much but don't worry Asuma won't be bashed throught the whole story, either will Sakura. , and for you AsumaXKurenai fans sorry but there is a high chance you will not like this story.


This story will be rated M for violence, language, violence and possible lemon scenes later




That's the only pairings I will be willing to let out for now but don't worry I have some ideas.

Jounin Naruto - .com/2008/09/19/naruto-416-the-legend-of-the-gutsy-ninja/ the first two pictures Naruto will not have whiskers as Kushina does not hold the Kyuubi.


everyone one else will look the same I will add a link to a picture of the new Jinchuriki when I introduce him.

Any way thanks and have fun reading.