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Naruto Namikaze

Chapter 6

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Nights in Konoha where always memorable and tonight was no exception as two of Konoha's greatest ninjas would confess their love for each other

Kurenai was left speechless as Naruto placed his lips on her own, her eyes widened when she felt him grab her waist and pull her closer, after several seconds her brain began to act on it's own and immediately kissed back. She threw her arms around his neck deepening the kiss.

Kurenai eyes widened when she felt him lick her lip asking for entrance to which she was more than happy to oblige to allowing his tongue to enter her mouth, she moaned as she felt him feel every part of her mouth with his tongue and instead of sending her tongue back to gain dominance she used it to massage Naruto's making him moan in pleasure.

The two Jounin's carried on kissing for what seemed a lifetime, the two of them didn't care if anyone saw them all they wanted was show each other the love they had for one another, however as they continued to make out under the stars, the sexual tension was beginning to rise. Naruto took his hands of Kurenai's waist and placed it on the lower section of her back while the other rubbed circles in the middle of her back making the red eye Jounin moan at into his mouth at his movements.

Kurenai's hands where also starting to move more as her body began to heat up her hands where rubbing Naruto's arms and chest, however when Kurenai felt the bottom part of her body become moist she knew she had to pull away. Slowly Kurenai pulled away from the kiss tugging his bottom lip slightly as she parted her lips from his.

"Naruto-kun?" Kurenai said as she rested her forehead on Naruto's staring into his eyes lovingly. "Yes Kurenai-chan" Naruto said looking into Kurenai's beautiful red eyes and rubbing his nose against hers.

She moaned even more at his actions, Naruto seemed to know just how to set her off and she loved it, however putting those feelings aside Kurenai gazed into Naruto's eyes and asked a question that had been plaguing both their minds.

"W-what if things don't work out Naruto-kun?" Kurenai asked as she relaxed her body leaning it onto Naruto's, their lips where inches apart as their foreheads where still connected to one another.

"Kurenai-chan you have no idea how many nights I would think about that question however the mission to wave opened my eyes, we are shinobi, our lives are to short too wonder what I'm not going to promise you that everything will be alright as the future is to uncertain to predict however there is always one thing I will be certain off...and that is I will always love you Kurenai-chan" Naruto finished giving her a soft peck on the lips.

"I love you to Naruto-kun and as long as your with me I know everything will be alright" Kurenai said catching Naruto into another kiss and letting her hands roam through his golden hair. After several more minutes of kissing both Naruto and Kurenai pulled back both panting from the lack of oxygen.

Kurenai frowned as she remembered that she had to train her Genin team for the Chunin exam, god she hated her job sometimes, all she wanted to do was to spend the whole night with Naruto just to be in his arms.

"Ahhh I'm sorry Naruto-kun I have to get up early in the morning to train my Genin team so they are ready for the Chunin exams" Kurenai said slowly removing herself from Naruto.

"That's alright Kurenai-chan besides I have to find someone who is willing to train my team since apparently I'm a proctor for the exam now" Naruto said as he let go of Kurenai. She frowned as she remembered Naruto being picked for the role as a proctor for the third part of the exams, she would of helped him if it wasn't for the fact she had her own team to think about she cursed the council they seriously needed to be put in their place.

"Well..goodnight Naruto-kun" Kurenai said as she gave him another quick peck on the lips. "Goodnight Kurenai-chan" Naruto said as they both turned around ready to leave both sharing huge smiles on their faces, just as Naruto was about to jump off Kurenai's voice made him turn around.

"Just so you know Naruto-kun this means where dating now, but I think we should keep it just between me and you, just until the Chunin exams are over" Kurenai said giving him a smile before shunshinning, Naruto understood why she wanted to keep their relationship secret with the Chunin exams coming up it would mean Iwa ninja turning up and if they suddenly found Naruto having a girlfriend he could only imagine what they would do to try harm her.

Naruto smiled as he stared at her last position, 'well after six years we finally got together at least I got some very good news tonight..still not being able to train Takashi, Sasuke and Sakura is going to be a pain I'll ask Aniki if he will train them even if it is just for a little while' Naruto thought as he vanished in a yellow flash.

Next day

Naruto stood in the middle of training ground three waiting for his Genin team, next to him stood a very annoyed Kakashi, Naruto sighed as he remembered asking Kakashi for help.


Naruto loudly knocked on Kakashi's door he knew the lazy bastard would just ignore him if he knocked normally. After several minutes of knocking a very annoyed looking Kakashi answered the door.

"What Otouto?" Kakashi asked as lazily while only wearing a plain white vest and black sweatpants. Naruto sighed last night was probably the best night of his life so far Kurenai's confession, the kissing yet somehow he had found himself in this position.

"Aniki I need to ask you a favor" Naruto said seriously, Kakashi nodded and walked back into his apartment leaving the door open for Naruto to walk in.

As Naruto walked into the apartment he noticed that even though Kakashi was probably the laziest person he had ever seen his apartment would definitely say other wise, the whole place was completely clean as he walked into the front room and sat down.

Kakashi sighed as he also sat down and looked at Naruto with his one uncovered eye. "So?" Kakashi said yawning straight after. Naruto sighed.

"I need your help training my Genin team as you know I've been selected as one of the proctors for the upcoming Chunin exams however it means I won't be able to train any of them due to it being classed as unfair however we both know why I was chosen" Naruto said getting a slight nod from Kakashi.

"Can you believe how powerful the council have gotten since Tou-sans death especially the civilian sector all they care about his status and power, they believe by only training Sasuke it will make him standout more granting him Chunin rank straight away" Naruto said as he felt himself getting angrier and angrier, not only at the council but at the Hokage even though he loved the old man like a grandfather he was to soft and to old for the Hokage position the council had also been pushing for Naruto to take the position as the Godaime Naruto always politely refused saying he was to young for that type of position.

"I know but as shinobi we must follow orders giving by the Hokage and he is just to old and tired to fight back" Kakashi said sadly "Hmm now about your Genin team what do I get out of it Otouto?" Kakashi asked getting a sweatdrop from Naruto.

"Seriously...ok how about this when Jiraiya-sensei comes back I will get you three brand new Icha Icha sets...signed" Naruto said smirking when he saw Kakashi go on his knees.

"Yes I'll do anything" Kakashi said happily Naruto smiled 'All to easy Aniki' Naruto thought.

End of flashback

"That was really cruel of you to exploit my weaknesses like that Otouto" Kakashi said as he read one of his Icha Icha books. "Will you stop complaining, after everything I've done for you at least help me out on this or if you would like I could always tell Gai that you want to be his only eternal rival" Naruto said smiling when he saw Kakashi close his book.

"I said I was going to help you so let's not take it that far I don't think I could take Gai only asking me for challenges" Kakashi said as he saw Sasuke turn up.

Sasuke looked looked up he was suprised when he saw both Naruto and Kakashi waiting together shaking his suspicions off Sasuke nodded to both of them and sat under a tree waiting for his teammates.

A couple of minutes both Takashi and Sakura showed up Sakura appeared to have several scrolls in her hands causing everyone to raise their eyebrows Naruto however smiled it seemed the girl had actually taking his words to heart.

Takashi was wearing his usual bright orange clothes and looked extremely excited for his training to start however when he saw Kakashi he raised his eyebrows.

"Naruto-sensei what is Inu-san doing here?" Takashi asked making both Naruto and Kakashi go wide eyed.

"T-Takashi how do you know that Kakashi is Inu-san" Naruto asked completely surprised that Takashi would remember Kakashi.

"Well I remember his smell and his weird hair plus he was always the lazy one" Takashi said making Naruto snicker.

"Well now that your all here I have some really important information to tell you" Naruto started getting confused looks from the three Genin. "Kakashi here will be taking your training for awhile as I have been picked for the position of proctor for the upcoming Chunin exams and yes you three can apply only if you want to" Naruto finished pulling out three slips of paper and handing them to Genin.

Both Takashi and Sasuke looked at each other with a competitive grin while Sakura still seemed a little unsure both Naruto and Kakashi saw her uncertainty but decided to keep quiet as they watched them sign the forms.

"So what do you plan on doing with them" Naruto asked not taking his eyes away from the three as they signed, Kakashi lazily looked up from his book and stared at Naruto for a few seconds.

"Worried about them Otouto?" Kakashi said as he began to read his book again Naruto smiled a little at Kakashi.

"They've grown so much, they won't need me soon all I can teach them now is Jutsus, perhaps you could show them how to act like a proper team" Naruto suggested getting a nod from the one eyed Jounin.

"Ahh so you've all agreed you want to take the Chunin exams, their extremely tough you know" Naruto said as he collected the three slips of paper from Takashi, Sasuke and Sakura.

"The Chunin exams don't scare me, I'm going to become Hokage believe it!" Takashi shouted giving Naruto a thumbs up pose, Sasuke and Sakura sighed at their teammates enthusiasm.

"Well I guess I'll see you three soon be good for Kakashi and after the exams I'll start your Ninjutsu training ok" Naruto said putting a hand and ruffling Takashi's hair before walking off.

Kakashi turned to three and smiled. "So, where going to have a little test today" Kakashi said while pulling out two bells, confusing the three."Today you three have to retrieve both bells and the person who doesn't get the bell will not be allowed to participate in the Chunin exams" Kakashi said while going back to his book. "Oh by the way if you want to have any chance of retrieving the bells you'll have to come at me with the intent to can start now by the way"

Immediately Takashi, Sasuke and Sakura jumped into the trees, Kakashi sighed this was definitely going to be a long day. 'They've hidden themselves pretty good but knowing Takashi and Sasuke they will be to stubborn to work with one another and Sakura will just follow Sasuke' Kakashi thought as he went looking for the three unaware of how wrong he was.

Takashi slowly walked around hiding behind the trees every now and then. 'This is insane I've seen Naruto-sensei battle and I know for a fact I can't beat him but Kakashi-sensei is also a Jounin, maybe I should ask Sasuke and Sakura-chan for help at least this way we'll be able to team up on him' Takashi thought as he went looking for his teammates.

Sasuke was also thinking along the same lines as Takashi as he hid on a branch. 'Kakashi is extremely powerful when I've sparred with him he beats me without even trying so why would he set up a test knowing we couldn't win, maybe I should team up with the dobe he's not that useless' Sasuke thought also setting off looking for the brown haired Jinchuriki.

Sakura nervously walked around the forest surrounding the training ground she stopped however when she heard rustling come from a nearby bush, her eyes widened when she saw an injured Sasuke who had multiple kunai sticking out of him.

"Sakura help me" Sasuke said as the pool of blood underneath him increased.

Sakura felt tears come to her eyes she was about to scream however a memory of Naruto talking to her about a certain subject.


Naruto and Sakura where sat crosslegged across from each other next to the river surrounding training ground three Naruto had taken his time to give all three of his students one on one time since the mission to wave, it was much easier this way since their would be no arguing and bickering.

"Sakura as I have already told you, your chakra control is exceptional for someone your age it reminds me of Tsunade-sama herself however you have along way to go before you reach her level but your high chakra control is not only good for Medical Ninjutsu but also Genjutsu I am not the best person however to talk to about Genjutsu since I am not that good at them however I believe you also know what Genjutsu's can do right?" Naruto asked looking at his pink haired student, she nodded thinking of her time in the academy.

"Well Genjutsu's are an illusional attack allowing the user to create hallucinations to affect their opponent right Naruto-sensei" Sakura asked getting a smile and a nod from the blonde haired Jounin.

"Hai Genjutsu's are amazing and I believe you have the ability to become an excellent Genjutsu user however you also have to be able to cancel a Genjutsu" Naruto said getting a slightly confused look from Sakura.

"Their are several ways to cancel a Genjutsu one is stop the flow of chakra in your body and then apply an even stronger flow to disrupt the casters chakra, the other option is to have another unaffected person to touch you and use their chakra to stop the flow of the user, another and probably the most painful method is to affect your own body this can be done by biting or stabbing one's self" Naruto said getting a serious nod, Naruto smiled and stood up.

"Good now where going to do some laps I want you to run around the whole training ground five times ok" Naruto said still smiling while Sakura groaned and started running.

End of Flashback

'Thank you Naruto-sensei' Sakura thought as she used her chakra to disrupt the flow of chakra around her immediately the bleeding Sasuke vanished leaving an empty walkway Sakura ran off to find her two teammates unaware the a certain copy ninja smiled.

Takashi was hopping from branches to branches he was desperately trying to find either Sasuke or Sakura he was certain if he could find even one of them, then he would have a chance of being able to get one of the bells.

"Hey dobe over here " Takashi heard a voice making him spin around he smiled slightly when he saw Sasuke sitting on a tree branch.

"Sasuke we need to come up with a plan if Kakashi-sensei is anything like Naruto-sensei where going to have to work together to take him down" Takashi said.

"Hn" Sasuke grunted as he nodded his head in acceptance.

"Lets go find Sakura-chan" Takashi said leaping towards another branch closely followed by Sasuke.

After several minutes of searching both Takashi and Sasuke came across Sakura they had told her that they would need to work together in order to beat Kakashi she agreed knowing that defeating a Jounin was no easy task.

"Ok so here's the plan" Takashi said whispering into Sasuke and Sakura's ears with a giant grin.

Kakashi strolled into the middle of the training ground the test had not gone like he had thought it would they had showed some extreme improvement since their academy days.

The sound of trees rustling made Kakashi turned around he looked up from his book only to see Takashi stood on a branch grinning, Kakashi gulped he had seen that grin before as had many of the anbu it was a grin that Takashi would always show just before he pulled a prank.

"Kakashi-sensei prepare to be defeated" Takashi said jumping down running towards Kakashi while going through hand signs, Kakashi looked up in intrest as Takashi stopped several meters in front of him.

"Oiroke no Jutsu - Sexy Technique" Takashi shouted disappearing in a cloud of smoke and being replaced by a tall brown haired women with three whisker marks on each cheek, however what Kakashi noticed first was that the girl was naked with only a few clouds of smoke covering her breasts and lower regions.

Kakashi struggled to keep himself from blowing back he did however have small trail of blood going down his nose he was grateful he had his mask on so no one could see.

"Goukakyuu no Jutsu - Great Fireball Technique" Sasuke shouted as he jumped out of the trees and released a giant fireball towards Kakashi.

Kakashi's eyes widened when he saw the fireball coming towards him, he was cursing the fact Takashi had distracted him long enough for Sasuke to do the required hand signs for the fire jutsu, despite the giant fireball coming towards him he smiled it seemed they knew how to work like a team after all.

Jumping out of the way of the jutsu his eyes widened yet again when he saw the naked brown haired women disappear in a cloud of smoke.

'Shadow clone..but when?' Kakashi thought impressed at Takashi's ability, he turned his head around as he felt a presence to the left side of him he gasped slightly when he saw Sakura dive towards him, he quickly snapped his head to the right only to see a grinning Takashi diving towards him as well.

'They've definitely passed my test to think these three would work together maybe your not as bad of a teacher as you think Naruto' Kakashi thought while quickly channeling chakra to his feet and launching in the air.

Takashi's eyes widened when he saw Kakashi jump in the air however he was unable to knock himself of course looking up he saw Sakura had also noticed this doing the only thing he could Takashi closed his eyes and waited for the impact, however has the two where about to collide Sasuke stopped them by kicking Takashi of course leaving him skidding across the floor while Sakura landed perfectly.

"What was that for teme!" Takashi shouted at Sasuke as he rubbed the back of his head, Sasuke smirked a little.

"You two where going to collide into each other and I'm certain you'd rather have me hit you than Sakura right" Sasuke said smirking when he saw Takashi pale and nod.

Kakashi jumped out of the tree and smiled at the three Genin the three of them where a perfect mixture Takashi was hardheaded and strong, Sasuke was smart and strong as well even Sakura though not as strong as Takashi or Sasuke was really showing her worth.

"Come on your going to have to do better than that" Kakashi said looking up from his book for a second before continuing to read his porn leaving three incredibly angry Genin yep it was going to be a long couple of weeks.

Naruto yawned as he walked around the village without the three Genin to teach there was nothing really to do he smiled at most of the villagers that greeted him, however his eyes quickly locked on to the sight of team 8 walking around, smiling Naruto leaped onto the roof tops and decided to follow the team to see what they where up to.

Kurenai smiled as she walked around the village with her team they had just finished another D rank mission however despite the boring missions all she could think about was Naruto her secret blonde boyfriend she was looking forward for the Chunin exams to finish then she could happily walk around with Naruto go on dates and kiss in public the last thought made her blush slightly as her thoughts drifted to the events of last night, she enjoyed kissing Naruto her body felt like it was on fire when his hand touched her waist and back she could only imagine what he could do when he got his hand on all of her, she had promised herself she wouldn't just jump into sex with Naruto she wanted to take it slow she knew he felt the same since it was their first real relationship and they didn't want to screw anything up by moving to fast.

Kiba, Hinata and Shino had also noticed their sensei's attitude usually she would barely ever smile when they walked around the village, it was unusual to find their sensei this happy she had always put on a cold exterior for everyone to see however at the moment she was showing the exact opposite.

Hinata smiled at Kurenai she had known her older sister figure had a crush on Naruto, he was one of the only topics that would make Kurenai smile seeing this side of Kurenai could only mean something good had happened between the two however she knew if they had wanted to tell people they would have so for now she would stay quiet, as she looked over to her teammates she saw Shino slightly nod indicating he had also came up with the same conclusion as her but as she looked over to Kiba she sighed as she saw him look confused at Kurenai's attitude.

"Kurenai-sensei how can you just smile these missions are boring, I want to do something cooler like another C rank that was awesome it had everything a country in need of saving bad guys and missing nins, why do we have to do these lame missions" Kiba asked getting a frown from Kurenai.

"Kiba you do realise the mission to wave should not have been classed as a C rank so even if we did go for another it wouldn't be the same and besides you three have to train for the Chunin exams coming up" Kurenai said getting a nod from Kiba, like her Genins she did not like doing D rank missions they where boring and Kiba was to inpatient to wait for better missions she could only feel sorry for Naruto as Takashi and Sasuke where exactly the same, she smiled at the thought of Naruto as she continued to walk to a training ground unaware said blonde was watching them with a smile.

As Kurenai watched Hinata, Kiba and Shino catch their breath she smiled inwardly. She had trained them for most of the day it was getting close to six and she was ready to go home and she was certain they where to.

"Alright that's enough for today I don't want you three to overwork yourselves, so we'll continue tomorrow" Kurenai said, she saw that all three of them looked slightly nervous. "What's the matter?" Kurenai asked.

"Kurenai-sensei, Kaa-san is going to begin my training for the Chunin exams she wants me to learn some clan techniques so I don't think I'll be able to train like this until she's finished" Kiba said getting a frown from Kurenai.

Said women looked towards Hinata and Shino, Hinata had the same face Kiba was showing while Shino looked slightly tenser.

"Is it the same with you two?" Kurenai asked getting nods from both of them sighing Kurenai pinched her nose. "Well I want you to know if you need any help with training you know where I live so until then goodluck I know you'll make me proud" Kurenai said getting smiles from the three.

As her Genin all left to their houses Kurenai found herself walking back home, she jumped slightly when she felt someone start walking next to her, she smiled when she saw Naruto casually walk beside her.

"Hello Kurenai-san" Naruto said trying not to smirk. Kurenai raised her eyebrows however she soon smiled as she caught on to Naruto's game.

"Oh good evening Naruto-san what can I do for you?" Kurenai asked playing along.

"I don't know I was just wondering if maybe you would want to go out and get some drinks to celebrate the fact you are now free of your Genin for awhile" Naruto said smiling as the two walked down the streets of Konoha.

"Hmm I don't know perhaps if you where paying then maybe" Kurenai said with a teasing voice which Naruto knew all to well.

Leaning in Naruto whispered into Kurenai ear making her jump slightly. "Well if I'm paying does this mean that where going out on a date..a secret date" Naruto whispered getting a small blush from Kurenai and a slight nod which only Naruto saw.

He smiled knowing that even though they wouldn't be able to show affection to one another in front of everybody they could play little games like this to hide the knowledge from everyone.

The two of them continued to walk down the streets of Konoha, they had both noticed the place was getting more and more busy due to foreign ninjas showing up for the Chunin exam even though there was still a couple of weeks left before they even started.

'Must be getting used to the scenery' Naruto mused as he looked around he frowned when he saw a few Iwa ninjas glaring at him from across the other side of the street he knew they wouldn't attack him here as it would mean war to attack someone like Naruto right in the middle of Konoha with this many witnesses around putting these thoughts away both Naruto and Kurenai entered the dango store.

Both Naruto and Kurenai made there way to one of the tables at the back of the dango store in Naruto's hand he had a plate of different flavoured dango and in Kurenai's hand she had a bottle of sake.

Naruto and Kurenai sat down at a table that was right in the corner. Picking up some Dango and pouring herself some sake Kurenai decided to ask a question that had been bugging her for awhile.

"Naruto-kun how did you know my Genin wouldn't need my help in training in the next couple of weeks..where you following me?" Kurenai asked with a smirk.

"Why of course not I was observing you there's a difference" Naruto said as he drank some sake, Kurenai glared at Naruto slightly.

"Observing..that sounds extremely close to something Jiraiya-sama would say Naruto-kun I would hate for you to turn into a pervert" Kurenai said as a menacing aura appeared around her making Naruto gulp.

"N-n-no of course not Kurenai-chan I was observing your...teaching skills that's all" Naruto said sweating in fact he had been observing Kurenai she was an enigma to him it was strange how one minute she could be Konoha's Ice Queen and the next the shy and sweet Kurenai he knew it was one of the reason he had fell for Kurenai she was extremely puzzling and he liked it, it showed she was not plain and boring.

"Good because if you did turn into a pervert Naruto-kun, I would have to kill you" Kurenai said chuckling evily to herself making Naruto sweat even more.

"Sooo Kurenai-chan what do you plan to do with your schedule free now?" Naruto asked, causing Kurenai to frown.

"I don't know I guess I'll just see what happens and who knows I may let you take me out on one of our secret dates again" Kurenai said teasingly making Naruto groan.

"So your definition of a secret date is to shroud us with a Genjutsu a very impressive one if I say so myself" Naruto said catching Kurenai off guard he was not offended that she had placed a Genjutsu over them since it helped conceal their relationship.

"You knew how" Kurenai asked stunned she knew Naruto was not very good at Genjutsu however this was one of her best ones it would take another Genjutsu user to notice them yet Naruto was able to pick it out.

"Well as soon as you put it on, I may not be very good at using Genjutsu but it doesn't mean I can't detect them and besides when your sparring partner was a very talented Uchiha who could place Genjutsu's on you with just a single look you kind of have to be good at detecting them" Naruto said smiling at the women who looked like completely stunned.

"Naruto-kun what do you plan to do now that you are not allowed to train any Genins that are competing in the exam also what do you plan on doing for your task in the third round" Kurenai asked she knew her friend Anko had constantly made the Genin run around the forest of death and find scrolls for her task, she also knew Naruto would get to pick what the third exam rules would be.

Naruto struck a thinking pose before as he pondered the thought.

"Well I dunno I was just going to make them fight one on one and put them in a situation where they would have to think for themselves and prove themselves" Naruto answered causing Kurenai to sigh.

She smiled however as she thought over Naruto's thinking he had really thought things out the exam was to test teamwork however there would also be part in a shinobi's life when they would have to rely on themselves like Naruto did with Zabuza.

The two of them sat there for hours talking and laughing about the events the both talked about, as the end of the night came both Naruto and Kurenai sighed.

"We should go Naruto-kun before Anko and Kakashi start asking questions" Kurenai said standing up Naruto stood up as well.

"You know I don't think them two would spread our status around" Naruto said as the two walked out of the dango store.

"I know but I don't think I'd be able to take Anko's teasing" Kurenai said making Naruto chuckle and walked to Kurenai's place.

When the two arrived both Naruto and Kurenai smiled as they faced each other.

"I guess this is goodnight Naruto-kun" Kurenai said as she looked at Naruto who seemed a little confused.

"Is the Genjutsu still on Kurenai-chan?" Naruto asked getting a nod from Kurenai. "Good" Naruto said as he placed his lips on to Kurenai's.

Kurenai melted into the kiss, she never expected that Naruto would be so daring even though there was Genjutsu up they where still kissing in public she loved it. She felt Naruto's tongue begging for entrance as it licked her lips to which she happily obliged to however instead of massaging his tongue like she had done last time she sent it out and dualed with Naruto's battling for dominance, eventually Kurenai won and explored every part of Naruto's mouth making him moan.

After several minutes of kissing both Naruto and Kurenai pulled back they where showing small blushes.

"I love you" Kurenai said as she rested her forehead on his, Naruto smiled.

"I love you too Kurenai-chan" Naruto said kissing her nose making Kurenai giggle.

As the two let go of each other both of them decided to head home and get some sleep.

The next day Naruto woke up to the sound of knocking on his door, slowly Naruto got out of his bed to see who was knocking on his door this early in the morning. Since he was given the job of proctor Naruto had been able to sleep in later than usual since he wasn't aloud to train his Genin he had more time to laze around and train.

"Yes?" Naruto asked not looking at who was at the door.

"Naruto-sensei?" Naruto looked up tiredly and saw Takashi grinning at him.

"Yes Takashi" Naruto said looking more interested. Takashi began to look nervous to Naruto it was weird seeing the young boy like this.

"Can you help me with my training Naruto-sensei" Takashi asked, Naruto sighed he wanted to however he couldn't but he remembered telling Takashi that he would always help him no matter what in wave.

"Takashi I can't help you train, however I can push you in the right direction" Naruto said causing Takashi to frown.

"I don't understand" Takashi answered honestly.

"I thought so, anyway come on in" Naruto said as he walked back into his house.

The house was relatively large his father had specifically built it behind the Hokage monument so he could have privacy from the village and somewhere he could train. It had three floors the house was far to big for Naruto he did sometimes feel lonely.

Naruto walked through the sitting room it had two large couches, the wooden floors where extremely clean the small fur like mats on the floor made it comfortable to walk bare footed.

As they made it past the sitting room Takashi could only gasp in awe as he saw the next room it was a giant library getting the ladder Naruto moved it to the bookcase and picked out a scroll, happy that it was the right one Naruto passed it to Takashi confusing the boy.

"What is this Naruto-sensei" Takashi asked examining the scroll in his hands, Naruto smiled.

"That Takashi is a Kenjutsu scroll" since training him in Ninjutsu with his current chakra control would be irresponsible of him, Genjutsu was out of the picture as he had far to much Chakra and Taijutsu well he was getting better and better at that so he had decided it was time to show Takashi something else perhaps he could introduce the young Jinchuriki to Yuugao or Hayate.

"Kenjutsu..but I don't have a sword and I wouldn't know where to begin" Takashi answered truthfully it wasn't that he wasn't happy Naruto was trying to help him it was just he wasn't as smart as Naruto so picking something up like Kenjutsu straight away, Naruto smiled noticing the boys fear.

"Well I guess I could give you a sword but you shouldn't be scared Kenjutsu can be tough to pick up but then again, Takashi Kazama never gives up right" Naruto smirking when he saw the fire in Takashi's eyes return.

"Of course I'm going to be Hokage you know" Takashi said giving Naruto a thumbs up.

Naruto smiled as he watched Takashi walk away from his house with a new blade wrapped around his back even though he wasn't allowed to train Takashi he was glad he could find little loop holes like this he could only hope the old man would step up and regain power over the council.

'Time to get back to my own training I'm so close to completing sage mode" Naruto mused as he walked back into his house.

Day of the Chunin exams

Takashi walked towards the academy smiling, ever since Naruto had given him the Kenjutsu scroll and his sword his clothing had barely changed he still wore orange colored clothing (A/N Imagine a smaller version of Naruto's Shippuden clothing) as the young Jinchuriki approached the academy he smiled when he saw the presence of his two teammates.

"Sasuke...Sakura-chan" Takashi waved at them as he made his way towards them Sasuke nodded at him while Sakura offered him a small smile the three then begun to walk into the academy.

As the trio walked through the academy they noticed a pair of Chunin's blocking the stairs and beating up a bowl haired kid.

The trio then noticed the Genjutsu that was causing the others to go to the wrong floor. Sasuke feeling the need to show a little of his new skills smirked.

"let us pass and while your at it, Drop the Genjutsu your not fooling anyone" Sasuke said alerting everyone in the room.

The Chunin smirked."So you noticed" Sasuke nodded however he was suprised when the other Chunin launched at him trying to land a kick however the incoming attack was stopped as the bowl haired boy blocked it.

'What how did this weakling block that' Sasuke thought seething inwardly at the thought of being saved by this loser.

"What happened to the plan, your the one that said we shouldn't draw attention to ourselves" A paled eyed boy said he was ignored however as the spandex wearing boy began to walk over to Sakura.

"Hi, lets go out together, I'll protect you till I die" He said giving her a thumbs up pose.

"No way, your lame" Sakura said making the boys head drop Takashi laughed a little he felt bad for him as well he had also been on the end of Sakura's insults.

"Hey, you what's your name" The pale eyed boy said looking towards Sasuke.

"Hn..when you want to learn someone else's name you should give yours first" Sasuke finished walking off.

As the scene was going on they where unaware that they where being watched by the Chunins.

"Hehe so those are Naruto and Gai's prized pupils" One of them said as he used a release seal going up in a poof of smoke.

"Yeah..I hear your girlfriend has been training Takashi" The other one said also going up in a poof of smoke revealing a spiky haired man with bandages running across his face, the other man just sighed slightly a shunshinned away.

Takashi, Sasuke and Sakura continued walking the sound of a voice above them stopped them from moving however.

"Hey you" The three looked up to see the same bowl haired spandex wearing kid from before.

"What?" Sasuke answered he was curious to see how strong the other boy was.

"Will you fight me right here?" The other boy replied while jumping down to there level. "My name is Rock Lee" Lee said getting raised eyebrows from the three.

"Uchiha Sasuke" Sasuke said smirking.

"Good I want to test myself against the offspring of a genius clan" Lee said getting into a fighting stance.

"Challenging me knowing the Uchiha name your a fool" Sasuke said getting into a fighting stance.

"Wait" Both Sasuke and lee looked to where the voice came from they where surprised however when they saw Takashi standing there removing his sword from his back.

"I'll take care of thickbrows" Takashi said getting into a fighting stance.

"It's Uchiha who I wish to fight not you" Lee said.

"Yeah I heard but I wish to fight you" Takashi said while leaping towards Lee surprising everyone by his increase in speed.

While suprised Lee was still easily able to see Takashi and moved out of the way he was surprised however when he turned his eyes widened when he saw Takashi pulling his leg back hoping to land a kick on Lee's chin.

Quickly backflipping away from the kick Lee landed into a fighting stance he smiled however when he noticed Takashi getting into a fighting stance.

Watching the battle both Sasuke and Sakura watched in awe Sasuke himself could barely catch Takashi's speed.

'What how did Takashi get so fast he's just a dobe and he's holding back with the sword he'd be even more lethal..who trained you?' Sasuke thought impressed but also a little jealous of his rivals increase in strength he smirked however at the thought of demanding the council of further training.

'Naruto-sensei was right Takashi has improved a lot he even acted calmer when Lee said he wasn't interested in him' Sakura though both happy and saddened over the fact Takashi had surpassed her.

"I'm impressed your Taijutsu is quite impressive what is your name?" Lee asked.

"Takashi Kazama" Takashi said smirking he was about to jump forward again he was blocked however as Sasuke had made his way in front of him.

"Sasuke?" Takashi asked uncertain of his rivals intentions.

"Hn..your taking to long let me show you how a real Shinobi fights" Sasuke said Takashi clenched his knuckles he was about to yell back but the words of his Sensei's stopped him

"Takashi you need to control your anger it stops you from thinking straight and it also helps the Kyuubi influence you" Naruto's voice echoed through his mind.

"Takashi showing anger in battle makes you look weaker and shows your weakness" Yugao voice also echoing through his mind.

Takashi scoffed slightly and walked back to where his sword was and attached to his back again.

(A/N I'm not going to retype Sasuke's fight with Lee as it happened exactly like it did in the manga)

"That's enough Lee" A Giant turtle said stopping Lee from finishing his move. "You know that technique is forbidden" Lee bowed his head in shame as a cloud of smoke appeared on the turtles head.

"What is all this youthfulness" A bowl haired man said.

"Gai-sensei" Lee said still bowing but as he finished his words he was suddenly knocked back by Gai who sent a punch right to his face.

"Gai-sensei..I.I" Lee started with anime style tears streaming down his face.

"That's enough Lee you don't have to say anything" Gai said embracing the younger copy into a hug.

While this was happening Takashi, Sasuke and Sakura stared at the scene in disbelief.

'I lost to him!' Sasuke thought while clenching his fists.

'What how did Sasuke-kun lose..wait the other boy must of tricked Sasuke-kun' Sakura thought in denial over the fact her crush was so horribly beaten.

'Well that was fun I'm glad Sasuke stepped in or I would of had to reveal a lot of my secrets to fight on even level with thick brows' Takashi thought while slightly smirking at his rivals state.

As Gai finished his rant on youth and what not he turned his head towards the three Genin.

'These must be Naruto and Kakashi's Genin' Gai thought.

"Hey how are Naruto and Kakashi doing?" He asked the three Genin.

"You know them?" Sasuke asked however as he finished his eyes widened when he felt Gai behind him.

"Know them. I'm there eternal rival" Gai said.

'What speed' The three thought as the spandex wearing sensei pushed them along to the next room.

As the the three made it to the exam room the sudden appearance of Naruto and Kakashi.

"Ahh good Sakura showed up I can let you in now" Naruto said.

Naruto was wearing his usual Jounin outfit he looked slightly more muscular and his hair had grown slightly longer while Kakashi on the other hand had not changed at all.

"What do you mean" Sakura asked getting a lazy smile from both Naruto and Kakashi.

"The truth is this test can only be taken in group of three's if one of you had not shown up you would not of been aloud into the next room" Kakashi explained.

"Now run along, you don't want to be late" Naruto said getting nods from the three.

As soon as the Genin's disappeared into the room Naruto looked over to Kakashi as he leaned against the wall he smirked when he saw Kakashi's worried face.

"You know you shouldn't look so worried it'll make your hair grey" Naruto said grinning Kakashi glared slightly before sighing.

"They remind me of my team" Kakashi said lazily however Naruto could hear the sadness behind the words.

"Jeez Aniki always killing the mood" Naruto said as he placed his ear on the wall.

Takashi, Sasuke and Sakura entered the exam room they where surprised at first by the number of particepents.

"Holy shit" Takashi muttered quietly as they made it to the front of the room even though Takashi had been training to keep his emotions together he was still the loud idiot he always was, both Sasuke and Sakura silently agreed with Takashi the numbers where extremely intimidating.

However they where interrupted as sudden figure appeared on Sasuke's back.

"Sasuke-kun your late" Ino shouted happily as she suffocated him in a choke hold.

"Get away from Sasuke-kun, Ino-pig" Sakura shouted pointing towards Ino.

"Are you guys taking this stupid test as well" Takashi turned to the voice and was surprised when he saw Shikamaru, the lazy genius was walking towards the group with his best friend Choji.

"So you guys are here as well" The group turned towards the voice their eyes widened when team 8 came into view.

"I see all nine of this years rookie Genin are taking the exam and we did loads of training so we won't be losing" Kiba said standing in front of Shino and a slightly blushing Hinata.

"We'll see but I bet your all bark and no bite" Takashi said surprising everyone at his calmness, Kiba smirked slightly he had come to see Takashi as a rival of some what and being the hot headed person he is he was going to come back with an insult.

"I'm sorry Takashi-kun, Kiba-kun did not mean it in that way" Hinata said cutting Kiba off before he could say anything the Inuzuka looked back and scoffed he couldn't understand why Hinata held such feelings for the dobe when he was there.

It was no secret that Kiba bared feelings towards Hinata but it seemed all her affection was aimed at Takashi and the idiot didn't even pick up on it while everyone else did he clenched his fist a little he wasn't worthy.

"You guys should be more quiet" Everyone turned around once again to see a tall spectacle wearing man. "You guys are rookies straight out of the academy right? screaming like school girls..geez"

"Just who do you think you are?" Sasuke asked with narrowed eyes.

"I'm Kabuto, but instead of that look behind you" Kabuto said. Slowly the rookie Genins turned there heads and gasped at the killing intent that the other participents where letting out. "You remind me of how I used to be" Kabuto finished with a sigh.

"Kabuto-san right? so this your second time competing right?" Sakura asked making Kabuto shake his head.

"No this is my seventh time" The Genin's eyes widened was the exam that difficult.

"So Kabuto-san you must know a lot about this exam?" Sakura asked getting a nod.

"That's right I have information of everyone in this room all I have to do is channel chakra ro these cards" Kabuto finished by pulling out a stack of cards.

"Do you have cards on certain individuals" Sasuke asked curiously as he walked up to the man. Kabuto chuckled "Someone that worries you huh?" Kabuto asked.

"Garra from the hidden sand, Takashi Kazama and Rock Lee from leaf" Takashi's eyes widened when he heard his name however.

"Oh you know there names should be easy then" Kabuto said channeling chakra to the cards and pulled three out.

"Ok first Garra of the sand, since he's a new comer from another country I don't have much info but it seems he's returned from each mission without a scratch completed 8 C rank missions and one B ranks..impressive" Kabuto ignored their stunned faces and continued

"Next Rock Lee of the leaf, he's a year older the you guys and he has completed 20 D rank and 12 C ranks missions his sensei is Gai and is talented in Taijutsu". Kabuto pulled out another card Takashi's eyes narrowed.

'Just how much information will be on my card' Takashi thought while thinking perhaps stealing the card would of been the best choice.

"Takashi Kazama of the leaf deadlast of his graduation class and has completed 25 D rank, 1 C rank and 1 B rank, he is above average in Taijutsu and Ninjutsu and is talented in Kenjutsu however his Genjutsu is non existent" The Genins where extremely surprised that the dead last of their class had completed a B rank mission both Sakura and Sasuke stared at Takashi with surprise since neither of them had completed a B rank.

"Your quite knowledgeable Kabuto-san" Shikamaru said while narrowing his eyes, Takashi, Sasuke and Shino did as well.

"I need to be so I can tell who the elites are" Kabuto said with a smile Shikamaru and Takashi scoffed while Sasuke smirked thinking that Kabuto must know him since he was the elite of the elite right?

Outside Naruto was leaning on the wall he could hear everything that was being said he was worried no matter how much he denied it, he couldn't help but slightly doubt himself he was of course a new Jounin sensei and his team had only been out of the academy six months it had helped that Kakashi, Anko and Kurenai had supported his decision, thinking back Naruto couldn't help but smile when he had asked Kurenai about it.


Both Naruto and Kurenai where laying on the couch together in her apartment it had been a week since their first secret date they had found time for each other weather it was going out on secret dates, laying down together someplace quiet or even just training together.

"Kurenai-chan?" Naruto asked as he kissed the top of the red eyed Jounin's head, Kurenai sighed happily as she snuggled into Naruto's chest.

"Hmm?" She half moaned as Naruto planted kisses on the top of her head she loved the way he touched her and even though they hadn't gone any further than kissing and light touches it was exciting seeing and hearing each other moan in pleasure.

"Do you think I'm making the right choice allowing my Genin to enter the Chunin exams" Naruto said as he laid his head back on the chair and tightening his embrace around Kurenai.

Kurenai looked up from her position so she could see her lovers face, she could tell he was worried for his Genin, if she was honest she was worried about her own Genin as well since she was a Jounin sensei for the first time.

"I believe only you know the answer to that you have trained them, your a better Jounin sensei that you think Naruto-kun" Kurenai said with a smile, Naruto looked down his bangs swaying ever so slightly.

"You think so?" Naruto asked putting his head on her shoulder.

"I know so" Kurenai said as she leaned in and kissed Naruto again, they both moaned at each other Kurenai played with Naruto's hair while Naruto cupped her cheeks after what seemed like hours both Naruto and Kurenai parted with smiles on their faces.

"I love you" They both said before settling down again on the couch just enjoying the time they had with each other before Anko came.

Flashback End

'I wonder if it is to early for them' Naruto thought as he looked up with a worried expression, Kakashi noticed Naruto's expression and sighed he knew Naruto was doubting his own teaching abilities.

"We should go everyone is probably waiting for us" Kakashi said putting a hand on Naruto's shoulder, Naruto gave a small smile and pushed himself off the wall.

"I wonder how they will cope with all the competition" Naruto said mostly to himself, Kakashi shrugged he knew that both Takashi and Sasuke would relish in the competition he wasn't as sure about Sakura but he knew the other two would protect her.

"Who knows, let's go to the Jounins lounge and wait for the results, besides I'm sure Asuma will be flirting with your girlfriend by now" Kakashi said with an evil glint in his eyes.

Kakashi smiled when he felt the increase in killing intent coming from Naruto, of course he knew that both Naruto and Kurenai had started a relationship with each other he knew what it was going to happen the moment he saw Naruto rush out the window after Kurenai, he also knew that the the two of them wanted to keep it between themsleves.

"Why should I care, Kurenai will just ignore him anyway" Naruto said through gritted teeth in truth now that he was in a relationship with Kurenai he found it difficult to control himself when Asuma flirted with Kurenai.

"That's funny I don't remember mentioning Kurenai's name" Kakashi said with a smirk, Naruto froze while trying to think of something to say, after a couple of seconds he sighed realizing he had been caught out.

"Damn you Aniki, I guess there's no point in lying now" Naruto said with a scowl. "Just keep it to yourelf until the Chunin exams are over you know the problems Iwa will cause" Naruto said seriously getting a nod from Kakashi.

"let's go then Kurenai will kill me If I turn up too late" Naruto said walking away with Kakashi.

"I'M KAZAMA TAKASHI FUTURE HOKAGE AND I'M GOING TO DEFEAT YOU ALL" Both Naruto and Kakashi facepalmed at the boys declaration.

"And to think you where worried about him not coping" Kakashi said as he regained his posture.

"Idiot, he probably just made himself the biggest target in that room" Naruto said sighing and Shunshinning away closely followed by Kakashi.

"Takashi you moron you just made us enemy number one" Sakura said in a scolding tone, Takashi sighed he had really only shouted because the pressure was getting to him and everyone else.

"Sorry Sakura-chan" Takashi said while scratching his head, Sasuke shook his head however he did find this a good opportunity since he could fight more people.

"You should give up now, none of you deserve to be in this exam" A cold voice said, the rookie nine turned around to see a boy of the same age with white spiky hair but what they noticed about him was the headband.

"Iwagakure" Shikamaru mumbled the boy, the white haired boy looked at Shikamaru and smirked.

"Perhaps there are worthy Genin in here afterall" The boy said turning his back.

"Wait, what's your name?" Sasuke asked sizing up the competiton, the boy turned around and gave a cold stare.

"Ikari Misushi" Ikari said walking away once again Sasuke was about to demand his name however the sound of the door opening made almost everybody pale.

"All right sit down and shut up maggots" Ibiki Morino said entering the room with numerous Chunin. "Everyone settle down and prepare for the written exam".

Most of the people in the room sighed and sat down however Takashi was sweating, a written exam oh god this was not going to be fun.

Both Naurto and Kakashi appeared in the Jounin lounge they looked around at the faces that where already there, Gai was smiling brightly, Anko was grinning at the sight of Kakashi, however when Naruto saw Asuma his Killing intent began to rise he was next to Kurenai trying to whisper things to her of course she ignored him and turned away.

Kurenai finally let a smile grace her face when she saw Naruto, her blonde lover she could tell he was annoyed at Asuma, standing up she walked over to Naruto.

"Hello Naruto-kun, wishing your Genin good luck?" Kurenai asked Naruto, the blonde gave a smile and pushed his hand through his spiky hair.

"Yeah, just making sure they are prepared" Naruto said making Kurenai smile he was so caring to his Genin she could tell that Takashi, Sasuke and Sakura respected Naruto immensely

"Sounds to me, you where just babysitting you do realize you have to take the diaper off eventually" Asuma said he was angry he had been trying to get Kurenai's attention the moment he had entered the room however she had just given him her famous Ice Queen look and she had just ignored him however the moment Naruto came she practicly leaped out of her chair to greet him.

'Why can't she see that I'm better for her she's closer to my age for godsake" Asuma thought seething that someone ten years his junior had the attention of the most beautiful woman in the village.

Naruto quickly stared coldly at Asuma the man had been testing his patience either when he was just hanging around with Kurenai or just drinking with Kakashi and the rest of the Jounins the man was set on trying to make him look bad.

"Actually I was just making sure All my Genin where ready unlike some I know" Naruto said making Anko and Kakashi snicker, Kurenai and Gai gave Asuma dissaproving glances it was true Asuma had really only prepared one of his Genin for the exam.

Shikamaru was his favorite he was the only one of his Genin that he would spend time with outside of training and missions he had pretty much left Ino and Choji to fend for themselves.

"I don't know what your talking about" Asuma said through gritted teeth, he knew he was playing favorites he couldn't help it though Ino was an annoying fangirl who didn't take training seriously and only had time for Sasuke while Choji always wanted to eat.

With Shikamaru the boy was smart and skillful he also had the ability to become Chunin why shouldn't he help the Nara more however truthfully he knew he was pushing Shikamaru to make Naruto look bad and hopefully he could possibly make Kurenai fall for him.

"Sure you don't" Naruto said walking past him sitting at down and sighing, Kurenai sat down right next to him, when she looked over to Anko she saw the women smirk while Kakashi whispered something in her ear, when she looked towards Naruto she saw him give her nod siganlling that Kakashi knew.

However at the moment she wasn't bothered reaching out behind their bodies Kurenai intertwinded their fingers and squeezed slightly luckily know one could see behind them.

Naruto's eyes widened when he felt Kurenai hold his hand however the sudden warmth in his hand made him smile and squeeze back.

"Man I hope Ibiki doesn't scare all of them away" Anko said getting breaking the silence and getting a look of confusion from Kurenai

"What do you mean Ko-chan" Kurenai asked Naruto smiled at her slightly he knew she didn't know many Jounin other than there crowd and Ibiki was a person who generally stuck to himself.

"Ibiki Morino, a mastermind in torture however the torture he prefers is mental or if you like he prefers messing with people's minds, he's really good" Naruto explained making Kurenai frown how where Genin's meant to deal with someone like him.

"Don't worry his tricks won't work on everyone trust me" Naruto said offering a small smile Kurenai nodded biting her lip slightly fighting off the urge to kiss Naruto.

"We must believe in our students and hope they are youthful enough to see past his tricks" Gai said striking a thumbs up pose, the group continued to talk for a while however everyone turned to Anko as she stood up.

"Well it's time..I wonder how many kids I'll be able to scare" Anko said giggling to herself, Kakashi sighed she was definitively physcotic but hey he loved her.

Both Naruto and Kurenai glanced at each other wondering who would win the bet Kurenai was still curious to what Naruto would ask if he won, Naruto on the other hand didn't really care about teaching Kurenai one of his moves however he did want his team to pass.

Silently they stood up and also vanished via shunshin leaving an angry Asuma and a giggling Kakashi while Gai shouted something about being youthful.

Takashi sighed happily the proctor Ibiki had just told everyone the last question was a trick and that people only passed if they stuck around to take the question.

At that moment a ball like shaped crashed through the window and a banner hung from the ceiling reading 'Anko Mitarashi the sexy second proctor'.

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