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Summary: A different take on Season 13. All you need to know is that Elliot quit SVU after Jenna's shooting, he stayed out of touch with squad for several months showing up the night of Olivia's promotion. Elliot is now divorced. This story takes place several months later in the late spring early summer.

Slow Build...

Olivia raced up the two cement steps outside her apartment building. She inserted her key while jogging in place before placing her hand on the glass door to push it open. She stepped into the foyer, pulling her ear buds out and walking briskly to the stairs instead of the elevator. She made her way up all seven flights feeling the burn in her thighs and her lungs. It was a short walk to her door. She stepped into her apartment entrance way kicking off her sneakers and setting her ipod down on the hall way table. She walked into the kitchen moving immediately to the refrigerator and pulling out a bottle of water. She guzzled it down as her eyes landed on the clock directly across from her. She had exactly an hour before Elliot picked her up for Fin's new Friday night ritual, movie night. It was funny ever since Elliot left and her promotion, the crew from the 1-6 seemed to be spending even more time together.

Olivia made her way down the hall humming happily as she stepped into her bedroom pulling her tee shirt up and over her head. She pushed her shorts down her legs before making her way to her bathroom. She reached into the shower turning the water on hot. She stood in front of her now fog covered mirror and reached around to undo her bra. She shimmied her panties off kicking them into the corner where her bra had landed just prior. She let the water run hot and steady over her aching muscles. Her run had been good. Quick but good. She smiled as she deposited her shampoo into her hand. Quicker than her normal runs with Elliot. She and Elliot had started to run together on the weekends just shortly after he had showed up that night at her apartment, the night of her promotion. Sometimes his daughter Kathleen joined them. Sometimes Calvin joined them as well when he was visiting Olivia. Olivia loved those times when the four of them would run and then go have breakfast at the diner by the precinct. Olivia smiled happily at the thought. She was happy. She had her best friend back in her life. Elliot and her had been spending as much time together now as they did working together. Her new job was interesting and enjoyable. Calvin was able to visit more often and without his grandparents every time. She was happy.

As Olivia turned off the water, she frowned slightly. Yes, things were going great which usually meant the other shoe was about to drop. Olivia shivered wrapping a big towel around herself. She wiped the foggy haze from the mirror, sighing. Do not look for trouble, she gently chastised herself. Olivia heard her cell ringing. She walked into her bedroom grabbing her cell off the night stand. "Hello,"


"El," Liv said smiling into the phone. "What's up?" she looked over at her clock. "You supposed to be here in a half an hour,"

"Yeah," Elliot said. "I might be a little earlier,"

"How early?" Olivia asked opening her dresser drawer and pulling out fresh underwear.

"Like ten minutes," Elliot said.

"Okay, I'll be ready or close to it,"

"I'll wait," Elliot said smiling.

"You bet your ass you will," Olivia said clicking the phone off. She tossed the cell onto the nightstand.

Olivia hurriedly pulled items from her dresser and closet haphazardly tossing them on her bed.

Elliot arrived at Olivia's about ten minutes later. He took the elevator upstairs and walking down to her door. He knocked and waited. He heard Olivia's breathy yell something about just one more minute before the door swung open. Elliot's eyes raked over Olivia. He couldn't help the once over. She was beautiful. Sexy as hell. She stood in front of him her hair still damp, in jeans and an ivory lace cami covered by an equally lacey ivory sweater. Elliot smiled at her bare feet watching as her pink manicure d toes curled into the hard wood.

"Hey, El," Olivia said leaning causally against the door frame. "I am almost ready,"

Elliot nodded stepping into her apartment. "No problem,"

"You want a beer?" Olivia asked over her shoulder as she proceeded down the hall. "Help yourself,"

Elliot watched her saunter down the hall and turn into the bedroom his eyes glued to the sway of her ass before he walked into kitchen to grab his beer. He reached into her refrigerator grabbing a Corona and twisting off the top. He leaned against the counter.

Olivia entered the kitchen a couple of minutes later with her boots on. She smiled as Elliot handed her his drink. She took a quick sip, smiling at him. "I like that shirt," she teased.

"You should. You bought it for me three years ago," Elliot smirked.

Olivia bit her lower lip. She placed her hand on Elliot's chest lightly. "It is nice. It matches your eyes," Olivia's eyes drifted upward meeting Elliot's. She shivered a little as Elliot's eyes locked on hers for several seconds then drifted lower. Olivia's own eyes moved lower instinctually drifting to Elliot's full mouth. They both swayed slightly forward. Olivia pulled her hand away and stepped backward feeling heat creeping into her cheeks. That had been happening a lot lately. Between her and Elliot. She wasn't exactly sure what it was but it left her with a jittery, unsure feeling. An out of control feeling and Olivia hated feeling out of control. She swallowed hard. "We should get going,"

Elliot nodded softly. He hated when she pulled back like that. He felt like things between them were changing, like they were on the cusp of something really important, really good. He couldn't yet define what was happening between him and Olivia but he knew he didn't want to stop it. He took the final swig from the beer bottle tossing it into the trash underneath her sink. "I'm ready,"

Olivia nodded smiling softly at him. "Let's go,"

They arrived at Fin's apartment about twenty minutes later. The group was already there when Fin answered the door letting them inside. Alex tossed a hello over her shoulder from her seat on the sofa next to Trevor and Munch. Casey leaned across the open counter that separated the kitchen from the living room. Amanda was in the kitchen laying out the Chinese food. Nick was walking in and out of the living room talking on his cell. He acknowledged Olivia and Elliot's arrival with a nod of his head.

Fin made his way back to the kitchen continuing to help Amanda set out the food. Elliot started putting out the drinks. Olivia leaned against the counter bumping her hip against Casey's. "Hey," she smiled.

Casey grinned back at her. "Hey yourself,"

Olivia looked up and met Elliot's smiling gaze. She smiled back at him.

Casey sighed.

Olivia looked back at her. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," Casey said forcing a smile.

"Case," Olivia said looking at her friend.

"I don't know. I guess I just feel like I am in middle of coupleville," Casey complained softly.

"What?" Olivia asked looking confused.

"Alex and Trevor," Casey said looking over her shoulder.

Olivia laughed. "I know you don't want to be dating Trevor,"

"That's true," Casey admitted. "Fin and Amanda,"

Olivia looked over at Fin who was laughing at something Rollins had said. "They are not dating,"

Casey raised any eyebrow. "They are just fucking then?"

Olivia's eyebrows rose. "Fin and Rollins?"

Casey nodded.

"Really?" Olivia asked surprised even though she herself had picked up a little vibe between them before leaving the unit.

Casey laughed. "At least, they are not as obvious as some,"

"Who?" Olivia asked curiously.

"You and El," Casey said smiling at her.

Olivia's face flooded with color and she stumbled over her words. "El and I are not. We are not. I mean..." Olivia bit her lower lip. "We are friends, Case. You know that,"

Casey looked at her nodding. "You do realize your face is blood red, you are biting your lower lip, and I am a lawyer trained to recognize denial,"

Olivia opened her mouth then closed it, shaking her head. "Have you been drinking?"

Casey laughed. "No,"

"That Casey, is crazy. Not gonna happen," Olivia said suddenly reminded of another situation where someone had implied a similar notion.

"Strange," Casey said lifting herself off the counter. "You didn't say you didn't want it to happen," she smiled wickedly at Olivia. "Hey Elliot," Casey nodded at Elliot reached them and he slid a beer across the counter to Olivia. Casey winked at Olivia before walking back into the living room.

"What was that about?" Elliot asked curiously.

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