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Chapter 1 =3

A long long time ago Vampires, Werewolf's, Humans & Assassins lived together. Vampires & Werewolf's were incredibly strong creatures who could only use their powers at night. Humans & Assassins were strong at day. Assassins were born with heaps and heaps of power. They used legendary powers. They were able to kill a weakened vampire or wolf with 1 hit , they were incredible. Vampires suck blood from assassins or humans for power, when they do power flows through their veins. Then they would be able to kill anything in their way including assassins and priests. Werewolves were the same, but they ate flesh not blood. Humans had powers given by legendary priests, their powers were holy so they used it to protect the country from irresistible blood sucking creatures. Or from the deadly werewolf's who kill to survive. This rarely happened, the assassins hunt down animals for their blood and flesh, so they were able to feed the vampires and werewolves. But having animal blood wouldn't be enough, so all of them were weakened vampires and werewolves. Humans and Assassins would make fun of them they would call them stuff like creatures, stupid killers and other insulting words. One day the assassins decided to pull a prank, so they didn't give them any flesh nor blood. They got out of control and broke out of the cage they were put in. The humans couldn't protect them selfs, they were way to strong. Cause what they didn't know was that the vampires and werewolfs had secretly been killing humans and assassins. Their worlds god locked the out of control creatures in a cage and sent them far far away. From then on they hated each other. Humans and Assassins lived in the main land. And Werewolves and Vampires live on their own island. The creatures were never allowed on the main land again, so they all weakened only allowing to feed off animals. So the legend says…..

Lucys pov

Hi its Lucy, im a vampire. Right now the population on our island is 1000. Which is 50/50 vampires and werewolves. I hate the holy's, which is Assassins and Humans. They all worshiped god, and made us suffer… Humans just call us creatures, we're actually fine with that. Us creatures are dying, we don't have enough animals to feed off from. One day I'd like to visit the main land, even though im a vampire. It's still ok for me to have a dream, right? I guess it would be silly, huh?

I stopped writing. What am I thinking, i wont ever be able to go to the main land. "Hah im stupid" I mumbled and face palmed myself.

"Hey Lucy!" shouted Loke and Cana

"writing again?" Loke said

"Yea.." I mumbled

"you know you won't get anywhere. It's impossible for us to go to the main land" Cana Argued

"Well it is alright for me to have a dream" I sadly said

"Hey Lucy don't be sad, it may be impossible but who said we can't try" Loke said

Me and Cana stared at each other and laughed, Loke always says stupid things.

Grays pov

"Ahhhh, GOD ITS 8:30 already" I shouted as I got dressed. "Yoho" shouted Natsu, o shit its him again I thought. We both ran to school, if we're late Mr Dreyar would kill us. "Morning" greeted Mira, we both nodded and ran to the Assassin section. "YOU WEAKLINGS ARE LATE" shouted someone. "O god" I chocked as our teacher kicked us into detention.


I rolled my eyes, wow he's so obsessed with Lisanna

"Kyaa3" screamed some girls. "Omg its Natsu and Gray, its really them. Their hotter in person" a girl shrieked. I rolled my eyes, man I wonder if schools like this for creatures.

Lucy's pov

Our island has a small beach then a huge mountain which takes up the whole island. A couple of months ago me and my friend found a small river there. We go there daily now, it's the only place where we feel free. Cana, loke and juvia are Werewolves, so they spend most of the time swimming. Guess wolves do like water ehh. Me, Levy and a creep names Gajeel are vampires. We prefer climbing trees.

"HOLY CRAP!" Loke shouted

"Hmmm?" I calmly said

"uhm its 10:00" Loke said while shaking

Our eyes widened.

"OMG, school" we yelled.

Loke, Cana and Juvia turned into wolves and ran off, while we jumped from tree to tree.

At school~

"OW we're sorry" we cried as our teacher hit us

"you got some nerve ditching 2 hours of school. Where'd you guys go" She evilly grinned

Awkward silence…

Our teacher grabbed levy by her hair and pulled her up. She put her face close to Levy's, about 10 cm away. Levy cried in agony, how could our teacher do that to her student. "Anyone wanna tell me now hmm?" she laughed. We stood there in horror, I looked at Levy she shook her head. "um we went to the mall" I mumbled. "LIES" she shouted and threw Levy down a cliff, "she deserved that" our teacher grinned.

I fell to my knees, tears were pouring out of my eyes, Loke hit the tree. "even though Levy would have survived that, its cruel to do that" he shouted

Grays pov

I saw a girl with blonde hair. She had beautiful chocolate brown eyes. DING DING DING, she turned aroung and saw me. "the midnight chimes are lovely aren't they" I whispered. Her eyes turned red, and she pulled out a dagger. " I hate you, you locked us away, now you make us suffer" she cried. She's a vampire, she started crying. "Why couldn't you just accept us" she whispered and stabbed me.

Huff huff huff, "that dream again" I mumbled and walked outside. I grabbed a ninja star, and started throwing them towards a tree. Who is that girl… and what does she want.

End of chapter =D

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