This is an AU. People are going to be OC just for the sake of lulz.

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1. Duct Tape, simple as that.

"Are you sure this'll work?" Percy asked Leo.

"Duct tape can do anything, just watch," Leo replied as he pulled out a strip. He handed a roll to Jason, one to Annabeth, a roll to Piper and lastly one to Percy.

"Leo are you sure this is a good Idea?" Piper asked looking at the sleeping person in front or them.

Leo shrugged, "Why not? He's asleep; he'll never know it was us," he placed the strip over Octavian's mouth, just in case he did wake up.

"I have a great idea guys!" Percy whispered. "Let's tape him to the wall!"

Jason laughed, "Surprisingly, Percy, that's a genius idea."

Percy lifted Octavian, who was still asleep, over his shoulder and held him up against the wall. His feet were a few feet off the ground so if did come undone he would fall a bit first.

"Hurry up and tape him; he's pretty heavy for a stick," Percy muttered, which caused Annabeth to laughed.

"Are you going wimpy on me Seaweed Brain?" Annabeth teased, she pulled off a long strip and placed it over Octavian's shoulders.

The other half-bloods placed duct tape all over him until he could stay stuck to the wall without Percy holding him.

"It's weird how he hasn't woken up," Piper noticed while placing another piece over his hand.

"We might have bribed Morpheus kids…" Leo said mysteriously. "Or we could have drugged him."

"If he wakes up we're in trouble," Jason said, though he was admiring their work.

"Meh," Leo said, standing back to admire it too, "it's worth it."

"This is going to take forever to get off!" Percy laughed.

"Since when did you enjoy pranks so much?" Annabeth asked with an eyebrow raised.

Percy grinned, "It's probably a side effect of spending a lot of time with the Stolls."

Leo started shoving what was left of the duct tape in a bag. He pretended to clap invisible dust off of his hands. "See, I told you guys. Duct tape can do anything."

Everyone stepped back and took a look at their work; Octavian was covered head to toe in silver tape. His head was hanging limply, and he was still asleep.

"I guess duct tape can do anything."

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