Chapter 1: The Girl in the Bag

"Fwaah! We sure pigged out, eh? I love chowing down after a job! It adds to the flavor, I swear!"

Distorted voices floated through the rough burlap surrounding her. Male. Two of them.

"Heheheh, yeah. And we bagged ourselves a great big catch, too. Boss'll be sure to fix us up good with big rewards, too."

She tried to clear her head. So many questions floated in her head. What had hit her? What on earth had happened? Why was it so hard to remember? How had she ended up in a sack with tape over her mouth and her hands and feet tied together behind her back?

That seems like a good one to start with she thought.

There was the slamming of two doors and the turn of a key.

"Heheheh, it doesn't get any better than this!"

Best to start from the beginning. My name is Rui Noel. I live in the Kanto region with my cousin, Misty.

"Come on, come on you engine. Start!"

I came to Orre to see my grandparents, Eagun and Beluh. They live in Agate Village and are probably worried sick about me.

There was the roar of an engine and the metal floor she was lying on (a truck bed, if she had to guess) began to vibrate.

I got lost. I should have gone north but I went east instead. Curse that faulty GPS!

It sounded like they were moving, though it was kind of hard to tell. She couldn't see, couldn't speak, couldn't move. This was going to get unbearable pretty soon.

"Hey, Trudley! I just got a message from the boss!"

I ended up in Pyrite Town. I saw these two creeps. One had a weird hat, the other had yellow hair with red streaks.

"What's it say, man?"

They had a pokémon... a fighting-type, I think. There was something... odd about it.

"He wants to know, and I quote-"where on the shiny disco ball that is this movin', groovin' party house of a planet"-end quote, are we."

That pokémon wasn't just fighting regular trainer battles against other pokémon... it was attacking people!

"Blast it! He noticed we're late!"

I could also see something else about it. It's aura was… black.

The bumping increased as the truck picked up speed.

"Of course he noticed we're late! We were supposed to go back to Pyrite, not halfway across Orre!"

I've seen a lot of pokémon auras of course, ever since I was little, and the ability's been in my family for generations, but… While each aura is slightly different, I've never seen black before. It felt as though its heart was cold and empty. It scared me.

"Well, it's not my fault that girl's GPS couldn't find sand in a desert! Why did we ever use that thing?"

I went to that policeman... Officer… Johnson, I think?

"Fine. From now on, we won't use free electronics people we're kidnapping just happen to be carrying around. Happy?"

He didn't believe me, but his shouting alerted those two and they ran off.

A strange musical and very rhythmic beat began, even cutting through the sound of the air rushing around the moving truck.

"Drat! He's calling! What do I say, what do I say!"

I felt like I needed to get out of Pyrite right then. I got back on that rental scooter and just drove.

"Uh, hi, boss. How's it going?"

I guess they followed me. It seems like whatever is wrong with that pokémon, no one is supposed to know about it.

"'How's it going?' You idiot! You'll get us fired! Give me that!"

There was what sounded like a brief struggle and what may or may not have been a slap fight.

"Uh, yeah, boss, we got that girl. Just like you told us. She, uh... made it further than we anticipated. But we got her now and we're heading back to the hideout. Uh, yeah. We're actually out south of Eclo Canyon, as it turns out. Like I said, she is really fast..."

That little rental scooter couldn't possibly outrun their truck. They bumped me off the road not long after the chase started.

"Uh, no, boss! We didn't get lost! What possibly gave you that idea?"

I think my scooter went off a cliff after I fell off. I guess I could say I'm lucky that I didn't follow itbut I sure don't feel that way, tied up in a sack and all.

"Uh, yeah. We'll meet you there. Bye!"

I guess they grabbed me while I was out, and really don't want me escaping.

"Okay, it sounds like we aren't fired. Yet."

There was another bump. Harder now.

I need to find a way out of here. I don't think these guys are planning to invite me to tea.

"No thanks to you, genius. So we need to get this girl to Oasisville, huh?"

What did they do to that pokémon! And why is it so secret that no one can know about it? What is going on here?

"Yeah. Miror said he'll have some guys meet us there."

Let's face it. They're going to kill me, aren't they? They're going to kill me and there's nothing I can do about it.

"Well, Folly, buddy, let's go! Step on it!"

No! Rui, get a hold of yourself! She was practically shouting inside her head, using an authoritative tone like what her mom used to use. Don't give up! You aren't dead yet, and until you are, you can escape!

"I am stepping on it, you idiot!"

You have to escape, and tell someone about this! Help stop whatever's going on here! And you better do it while it's just these two idiots and not their boss as well!

"Well, step on it harder! Go!"

Okay, okay. Escaping. Just like they do all the time in the movies. I really should have watched more of those movies. Let's see here. First, I guess I'll need to get out of this sack…

"Well, I guess it's not like it's our truck or anything. Stepping even harder!"

Aw, let's face it, I have no idea how to untie myself and get out of this sack. Great.

The truck accelerated and began hitting rocks again and again, creating a bumpy environment not optimal for thinking in dangerous situations.

Well, one step at a time. Being able to feel my arms would be nice.

But they were tied together at the wrists with pretty thick rope. She would never be able to break that.

Unless, if the knots aren't perfectly tight…

She began twisting and pulling her arms, trying to find any weakness in the knots, which by the sound of it, her captors would be dumb enough to leave. And, as it turned out, there was a little slack that felt like it could be manipulated. Yay.

Well, I guess this is as good of a plan as I'm going to get. I hope it works before we get wherever it is we're going and I learn what these guys have planned for me…

As it turned out, it wouldn't be that long of a wait.

Hey there, just the beginning of my first pokémon fanfic, For Want of a Knight. This is based on the game Pokémon Colosseum, and asks that eternal question: What would have happened to Rui if Wes hadn't come along at the perfect moment to rescue her?

I'll probably update this fairly frequently, but the first few chapters will probably be pretty short.

I hope you enjoy. Please let me know if there are any typos or other things that need fixing.