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Chapter 1: Armageddon?

"Ugh… what happened?" A voice said in the darkness of the Room.

The man in the room then proceeded to the lit bathroom. As he closed the door, he went to take a short warm shower and get dressed. He was about to leave the bathroom until he wanted to see that everything was in order on him. His Reflection showed a man with jagged, purple hair. He then looked at his emerald eyes that show a dark green. He also saw his Burgundy shirt, blue pants and topping it all off his Lab coat that had his nametag on it. It read " Professor. Arturo Cypress.

Arturo entered the darkened room that he awoke in and turned on the lights. It was a living room that had bee recently used for a party. There was a banner on the top that had the words "100% Complete" on it. Arturo found this funny because just recently he had finished his Pokémon journey through all the regions, Beaten all the Pokémon leagues, grew all the type of plants and finally caught four of each non-legendary (two males, two females, including four copies of the genderless Pokémon) of the six-hundred and forty-nine Pokémon in the world. He also bought a large piece of land and built his new laboratory.

The professor sighed when he finished cleaning up his house. He had gathered data on most all the Pokémon species that are known. So he decided to get some Unknown readings of Pokémon to past the time since he was only eighteen. He thought maybe after he can be a gym leader or Champion. Arturo walked to his greenhouse that was in the room past the living room, past the bathroom, but before his bedroom. It was an extension of the main laboratory.

The smells of the berries were the first thing to hit Arturo when he went in the greenhouse. They were all blooming this hour. Arturo had created a self watering system to water them at the right times of day. After he passed through the last berry bush, He grabbed a watering pail and started to tend to his Apricorns. They on the other hand were more demanding than berries.

It was at this time when Arturo heard his doorbell ringing that he finished his tending the last Apricorn. He rushed to the door and opened it. No one was out there and then he looked down. It was a package. A small Package.

"I didn't order anything" Arturo thought with curiosity while picking up the box.

As the professor opened the box, he gave a strange look at it. It was a flute. The box said it was an Azure Flute. It had a red top and the hole in such a way, it almost look Coral. He picked up in his hand and then realized what it was. It was The "Azure Flute". The same one that could call a certain Alpha Pokémon. Arturo then went outside and looked around his green, grassy fields

"I know this usually only works in Mt. Coronet but…." Arturo said to himself and he blew the flute which released a loud high pitch tune. "That was way louder than I expected

-Meanwhile at Spear Pillar-

The Halls of Origin is a place for "The One" to rest in peace until his time was needed. He should have awakened sooner, but thanks to an evil crime syndicate leader of Team Galactic, Cyrus, "The One's' awakening was postponed. Somehow though, the sound of the Azure flute became loud enough to reach "The One's' ears. He then, slowly but surely, moved out onto the plateau of Spear Pillar. He sensed for the day and time and realized that. He had a small window of opportunity left. He started to fly and call out to all legendary Pokémon, even the one he banished, and headed to where the flute's song was heard from. Soon after "The One's' departure other Pokémon of legend came to follow his wake…..

-Back at Arturo's lab-

"Ouch." Arturo said still paining on the loud noise that the flute made.

When he was about re-enter his laboratory when he heard something "thump" Behind him. He wondered what it could be. Little did he realize when turning around that thump came from the Alpha Pokémon that he releases a short while ago. Soon the flied was field with these legendary Pokémon from the look of them.

"Whoa!... This is one heck of a flute." Arturo said to himself

He counted and it was true. Every single Legendary Pokémon was here. Arturo started to point and name them.

"Zapdos , Articuno , Moltres, Mewtwo, Mew, Entei, Raikou, Suicune, Ho-oh, Lugia, Celebi, Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Latias, Latios, Groudon, Kyorge, Rayquaza, Jirachi, Deoxys, Azelf, Mesprit, Uxie, Darkrai, Cresselia, Regigigas, Heatran, Shaymin, Manphy, Phoine, Victini, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virzion, Kaldeo, Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus, Zekrom, Reshiram, Kyruem, Melotta and Genesect. Oh wait I forgot some…"

The four Pokémon that came up to wards were the ones that he was missing. There was Dialga, Palkia, Giratina and The Alpha Pokémon, Acreus. Arturo was a little speechless to this event and Acreus stared at him

"Human," Acreus spoke using telepathy, "I thank you for releasing me in this dark time. I giving you the power to understand our language" Arceus raised one of its legs and touched Arturo's forehead. At first it felt like a pinch, then it was throbbing, but soon after Arceus put down it's foot, He was fine.

Arceus turned to Giratina, Diagla, Palkia and motioned the Weather Trio (Groundon, Kyorge and Rayquaza) to come to where he was.

"Giratina, to release thou from your punishment, you will let Dialga, Palkia and the weather Trio into Distortion world." Acreus said

"….Fine" bellowed Giratina as he opened a door to Distortion World.

"Next, Dialga and Palkia I want to keep the world stable enough for the Weather"

"That's it?" Dialga said before he went through " This will be a cinch" Palkia followed right behind him.

"Finally I need you three to make a sustainable land and water in there while Rayquaza watchs that you two won't misbehave.

Kyorge and Groudon looked at each other and pouted. They understood what needed to be done and so, they and Rayquaza went into the portal. Arturo was a bit dumfounded on what was going on but what ever it was, it wasn't good. Arturo then saw orbs of light coming to the area at a increased pace and were entering the portal. Each orb had a wild Pokémon in it from what Arturo saw and that's when it hit him.

"This seems this has a reference to Noah's Ark" Arturo said aloud

"That's because it is," Acreus said solemnly.

"What!" Arturo said.

Suddenly, the entire Area started to sway back and forth. Arturo saw the sun disappear before his very eyes the only light left was the one's in his house.

"Quickly, everyone make a barrier around The Human's House. Now!" Acreus ordered

All the legendary Pokémon appeared around his house and created a thick wall barrier as the last wild Pokémon came into the portal. And in a flash everything, except for them and Arturo, was gone. An empty blackness wall all around them.

Arturo was panicking " What the Hell happened!"

"This Universe has ended." Acreus said.

Arturo fell to his knees when he realized that everyone he ever knew was gone. The stars, Sky, His parents, He is friends, all gone. He felt sadness at first and now he feels.

"Why did this happen." He asks, while trying to pick up his pieces.

Arceus said nothing and soon there was a bit of sleep powder on him by mew. Arturo was now in a state of sleep.

Lugia walked up to Arceus who was in deep thought, "Excuse me, but what are we going to do for a new home?"

Arceus opened a Large Dimensional Rift. "We have to make a new home. I had finished talking to the superior beings of another realm. They said if we can make a continent for us, we can be there."

Lugia eyed on the human. "What about him?"

"They said he and his laboratory can live near Earthland City of Magnolia. I also plan to have the Weather Trio Station there with him just to keep his lab out of harms way. He has potential. I have a feeling."

Lugia said nothing else. Everything started to enter the Portal that Arceus created. As soon as that last speck of the old world Vanished, It became complete darkness.


Arturo Awoke in front of his Lab. He thought everything that happened before was a dream before he realized he was still holding the Azure Flute. He then jumped as he heard a cannonball like sound and when he turned around he saw a large little city with a building that seems to be under attack that it's roof was smoking out of. He quickly ran into his house to grab a pokéball and stopped himself.

"This is not my world is it? Then why is my body so active, it feels like nothing ever happened, but I want to help it's my duty as human." Arturo said. "I will cry about it, later". Arturo ran out of the Laboratory and went to the town.

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