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Chapter 8: Rainy Days

Arturo's Laboratory

Kevin, Sarah, Miki and the newest members, Ryou and Kyoko were in the main room of house. They were just getting to know each other for the time being since it was still early in the morning. Arturo and Shelgon won't be back for a little while due to strict training with Giratina. Sarah pour tea it everyone's cups while Ryou found some biscuits for them to enjoy. It wasn't until Miki looked outside that someone's changed the topic

"Hey, shouldn't we go to the guild." Sarah said while drinking a bit of the tea.

"Maybe later..." Ryou said with a yawn

"I'm game. Nothing like a bit of fresh air to start the day." Kevin said eager to go.

"I don't mind, but I think I'll go a little later..." Kyoko said.

"Hello, there is something more important than that right now we need to do!" Miki said with a tone.

What Miki meant was that the food that everyone in the laboratory was running slim on provisions like food and such had been running out for to months now and Arturo had left them mooch off him. Miki didn't want to burden him, even though the others don't seem to care that much.

"We have to see how much we have first." Miki said taking out a couple coins.

"We have nothing" The rest of the group said.

"What did you do with it all!" Miki said, shouting at them

"Training..." Kevin said

"Books" Sarah said.

"We had no money to begin with..." Ryou and Kyoko said in unison.

Miki sighed as she walked to the door and used her hand to beckon the rest of the to come with her so that they could do some jobs in-town so that by the end of the day the pantry would be full again. The group sighed, but eventually, the left the room.

Magnolia Town

Later that same evening, everyone was working in any shape, way or form to get a sizable profit from it so that their exploits would later turn to provisions. At around 3:00 the met up in front of bridge that lead to Lucy's house from what they gathered they seemed to have enough to re-buy the stock. In the end, they had finished up what they wanted to do and started to chat a bit.

"Well I think it's a good thing that we are done to day." Kevin said with his arms crossed.

"Why's that?" Sarah asked.

It seems like it's going to rain soon."

"Alright, let's get going... Ah..." Miki said as a large rain drop went on her.

Not soon after there were other large drops that were going down. They were the size of mice as they fell and then it came and like a torrent of water, it fell down rapidly. The gang started running towards the nearest shop with a canopy. As they all entered each shop, the rain suddenly disappeared. Confused at this, Miki stepped out just a little out of her hiding area, the rain appeared almost like...

"I think this is a test." Miki said bluntly.

"What?! a test?" Ryou said, hesitant of the word

"We have to get to the lab and in order to do that we have to fight the rain"

"Erm Miki... fight the rain" Kevin said.

"Yes, Sarah do you have any books on lillypads? If you do, can you conjure up at least 5 of them? Miki said

"Sure just let me find a page I was on and... There we go." Sarah said as she started the incantation.

A few seconds later, five very large lillypads appeared. Miki told everyone that they will use these to make it to Arturo s' laboratory before the food gets horrible wet. Each person had a pad on their heads and started to dash. The sky became clouded with gray and rain pelted the streets. The townsfolk saw it strange that the group had the lillypads as they were the only ones to see it. They ran as fast as they can so that they could make it towards the main road quicker but Ryou had slipped and was beginning to fall, but Kevin grasped him and stood him straight. The water started to rise in level so they all went faster and faster towards the Laboratory Road and you could say in a split second moment They ran at Jet's Speed and broke the door to the lab.

Arturo's Laboratory, 1 hour later.

Arturo and Shelgon walked towards the rear of the house and opened the door. They made their way to the kitchen to see that the pantry was fill. Arturo scratched his head, He knew he was running low on food but, he was sure he needed to get some. He started some up the stove and made five cups of tea.

"Hey guys. I have some-" He said looking at the group sleeping. "Thank you for buying the food. Good night he said as he placed the cups in his Microwave oven.

He gave a sigh and got blankets and decided to let them sleep in the living room. He placed the blankets on each of them and went of to the his room when he saw all the wet laundry. He wonder what had caused it he shrugged and went to bed.

Bay behind Fairy Tail Guild

A Xatu was standing on a blue rock in the middle of the bay. As the rock surfaced it was reaveal to be not a rock but Kyorge. He laughed has he used his drizzle to create the rain that made The five food fetchers ran for their lives earlier that while Xatu help Kyorge to see where they were with his foresight. The slowly moved away from the shore towards the Continent of Acrea.

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