Part 1 Ichigo and Rukia

It was 3 days before Christmas. Ichigo and his friends were going on their last Christmas shopping trip before going home and wrapping them. Ichigo had an idea what he wanted to give Grimmjow. He noticed while he and Grimmjow were walking around Karakura. It was a silver necklace with a panther symbol. The panther had blue diamond eyes and was looking like it was on the hunt for prey. Ichigo thought it was silly how Grimmjow was reacting toward the necklace. Either way, he wanted to get something for his best friends since 3rd grade. So, when he and his friends make it to the Christmas store; Renji and Rukia were both thinking what to get each other, Uryu was starting to think what to get his father but thought otherwise, Orihime wanted to get Ulquiorra a new sweater to keep him warm, and Grimmjow was trying to figure out what he could get for Ichigo. Everyone split up with another person with them.

Ichigo was with Rukia, Renji was with Grimmjow, and Uryu was with Orihime. After everyone split up in the store, Ichigo and Rukia made it to the jewelry counter. Rukia looking up at him wondering, "What are you getting from here and who is it for?" Ichigo just looks at her as if she already knew the answer. "It's for Grimmjow, stupid" he answers rolling his eyes. She looks at him a little angry but refrains from hitting him. "I figured that, I was just wondering what you are giving him." "Well I thought he could get that panther necklace." Pointing at it proudly, "He has been looking at it for a long while so why not." Rukia looks at the necklace and gasps. "That does look good but it seems really expensive." "I think it doesn't cost that much, right?" He takes a look at the price and drops his jaw. It cost $600 and the last time he checked, he didn't have enough. He was 100 dollars short due to buying presents for his family and a few friends. Rukia saw this look and patted him on the back. "Look, maybe you can try and negotiate with the cashier about the price." He looks up at her and smiles. "Thanks Rukia." He calls the cashier and both were surprised to see their friend Hisagi behind the counter.

"HISAGI!" "Hey Ichigo, Rukia how is your Christmas shopping." Ichigo and Rukia only stare at their friend because they both were thinking how something like this could happen. Ichigo decides to speak first. "Hey Hisagi, my shopping is going fine. I just didn't know you work here, you caught me off guard." "Oh really, sorry about that. Is there anything I can do for you two?" Rukia finally regained composure. "We were wondering if you could lower the price of the panther necklace." Hisagi looked at the necklace and frowned a little. "Sorry guys that as low as it can go; that necklace is really rare and is very expensive. If it's the other jewelry; then that's fine." Ichigo looked disappointed. He really wanted to get Grimmjow that necklace. Rukia saw that look and turned to Hisagi. "Look Hisagi, there has to be something we can give or do something for that necklace." Hisagi looked at her and thought real hard. He had been friends with them for a while so he looked at both of them and said he would right back. Ichigo and Rukia look at each other with a questionable look. They were both thinking what that was all about.

After 10 min, Hisagi came back with a smile on his face. "I have good news." Rukia and Ichigo hearing this both look at each then at Hisagi and and smiled. "What?" Just full of wonder in their voice. "Well…I talked to my boss and he said he can lower it." With a smile on his face; Ichigo and Rukia nearly screamed for joy. They never believed in a miracle to be there. When they were about to ask about the new price, Hisagi beat them to it and said it was now $400. Ichigo happily told him he would pay for it and took out the money. Hisagi took the the money and gave him the panther necklace. With that, they all said their goodbyes. But before Ichigo and Rukia left the jewelry place, Rukia screams, "Crap! I forgot to get something for Renji!"